CNN’s Liberal Talking Heads Cuomo And Lemon Go Off On This Vile Racist, Hypocritical Tirade

(Right Country) – Professional windbags Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon proved, once again, just how out of touch with reality they really are during a recent exchange on CNN in which the two went off on a hypocrisy-laden, racist tirade aimed at denigrating white people, men, and Christians saying poor white people are “doing it wrong” by not utilizing their “white privilege.”

The exchange took place during the handoff between their CNN shows on Tuesday with Lemon responding to comments by Pennsylvania GOP Senator Rick Santorum, in which he dismissed the accusations of systemic racism, by making the outlandish claim that America has a “problem with race” that is similar to being “addicted.” The deranged duo went on to disparage white people, slam President Trump, and “Christian privilege” during the segment.

“They don’t know. When has anyone ever admitted that they had a problem? Have you ever known, have you ever had a family member or friend that has an issue whether it’s addiction, or whatever it is, who admitted to it?” The “CNN Tonight” host asked Cuomo.

“People don’t like to admit they have problems,” Cuomo agreed.

“So, America has a problem with race,” Lemon continued, citing Santorum’s remarks. “Yes! It’s in pretty much everything. Look at how the country was founded. Look at what’s happening on the streets of American cities and not just playing out in America. Look at what’s happening with monuments and statues. Look at what’s happening – look at the President and his priorities—.”

As they called out those being frightened by a “boogeyman,” Cuomo declared that “scaring white people works.”

This is the point Lemon really took things too far. He basically asserted that any white person who is not wealthy and successful is simply “not doing it right” when it comes to utilizing their white privilege.

“If you’re a white person and you have not taken advantage of being able to always get loans, always get an education, always vote, always vote, always have every priority, even if you’re poor, if you haven’t been able to take advantage of that, then maybe you are doing it wrong,” the 54-year-old gay host who is engaged to a white man, said.

When have white people “always” been able to “get loans?” Banks don’t seem to care that someone is white if their credit score is in the pits. Apparently, Lemon just doesn’t know how the real, actual world works.

“But you should not be blaming the people who don’t have agency in society along with you. There’s another blame for it. But it’s not those people. You’re Just being pitted against those people because someone is taking advantage of you. You’re the mark. You’re the person that keeping the other people rich, keeping the other people in power,” he continued on his rant.

“They’re playing for a sucker,” Cuomo chimed in, as his colleague agreed, adding that the “idea about there is no privilege in society for white people” is simply “bullsh–.”

“If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in the society because we prioritize Christianity even though we’re supposed to be a country that believes in freedom of religion,” he claimed without acknowledging the fact that America was founded on Christian principles and that’s the main reason why America grew so quickly to become the greatest country in the world.

These two liberal mouthpieces could never be expected to make it through a segment without taking aim at President Trump and this was no exception. Lemon declared that Trump supporters are afraid of losing their white privilege which would explain why Trump is supported by the country’s most wealthy and elite. Oh, wait a minute, no that’s Biden. Trump supporters are Middle America. They’re the blue-collared workers who keep this country going. They work for what they have. There is no “white privilege” in the trenches of America where most of us reside.

If you’re white and you’re broke just know that it’s because you aren’t taking advantage of your white privilege correctly and once you do, you’ll be wealthy and successful. Though, we doubt anyone, not even the liberal CNN mouthpieces, could explain exactly how you go about taking advantage of white privilege the right way, so good luck in that endeavor. Moving on…

“They’re not afraid of Trump being replaced by Biden. They’re afraid of what may replace them as the preeminent voice. Or maybe the voice that is not is not so strong and doesn’t have the advantage that it does in society,” Lemon declared.

Cuomo blindly agreed and declared it is a “powerful fear,” before he slammed Trump supporters who “overlooked” the president’s “obvious failings.”

To which Lemon responded, “They’re not overlooking it. They agree with it. There is no overlooking. You cannot overlook Trump. He is in our faces every day saying what he’s saying. There’s no way of overlooking.”

“You no longer have the advantage or the privilege that you have once had in this society. That’s what the fear is. The fear is not Joe Biden. It’s not Kamala Harris. It is what the fear is the inevitable no matter how much they fight it. It is the inevitable,” he carried on.

The liberal hosts continued to speak for everyone else from inside their privileged bubble as Lemon concluded his ranting with this, “The more people who, like me and you, who will talk. The people who are in mixed interracial relationships. The more people who will overlook that BS as this country, as the world continues to grow, this is not going to be the same society where the same people have a preeminent voice,” he said. “It just is what is. You’re just prolonging the inevitable.”

The disgusting exchange was not popular as Twitter users pointed out just how tone deaf and out of touch the two truly are:


  1. There is not an ounce of wisdom between these two clowns. Jeffrey Zuckerberg has elevated two pinheads into positions whereby they can confuse already confused people. They need to turn off CNN permanently and binge-watch Dennis Prager’s “Fireside Chats” on YouTube. There you will find wisdom in spades.

  2. I’m beyond caring whatever comes out of CNN… CNN is irrelevant with today’s news access. Frankly, I’m surprised they remain solvent and are still “broadcast/streamed” given their viewership numbers. The bean counters, both internal CNN and the sponsors’ accountants, apparently haven’t been doing their job.

  3. These people are what is wrong with this country. Can you imagine this conversation between say, president Trump and an aide? Everything they accuse the right of is exactly what they themselves are doing.


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