AG Nominee Merrick Garland Refuses To Say That Illegal Border Crossings Should Remain A Crime… Open Borders USA Is Here

(Right Country) – In case you still had any doubt about the Democrats’ ambitions to fundamentally change and ultimately destroy America, Biden’s pick for attorney general, Merrick Garland, made the left’s intentions pretty clear during his confirmation hearing Monday.

Democrats want open borders. Open borders will inevitably mean Democrats will win elections in perpetuity. If there is a massive in-flux of immigrants, the very fabric of the US will be irreversibly altered, especially if Biden and his cronies succeed in making them all full-fledged citizens.

This is a major issue for Americans. The majority of sane, rational, freedom-loving Americans support border security and are against opening the floodgates on immigration.

In contrast, “inclusive” and “loving” bleeding-heart liberals want to have no borders at all. They think everyone in the world should be permitted to come to America, which, ironically, they also believe is one of the worst, most “oppressive” countries in the world.

Then, there’s Merrick Garland and, well, he just doesn’t know.

The man Biden has tapped to lead the US Justice Department just hasn’t “thought” about his stance on whether or not illegal border crossings should remain a crime.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Of course Garland knows what his stance is on illegal border crossings and immigration but he certainly wasn’t about to broadcast his radical beliefs during his public confirmation hearing.

Democrats are snakes. They hate America and want to destroy it. Everything they do is to that end yet they love pretending that they’re pro-American and that they’re “defending” the Constitution. Democrats are never up-front about their stances and beliefs because they know that most Americans will reject them.

After Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked Garland, “Just a fundamental question: Do you believe that illegal entry at America’s borders should remain a crime?”

Garland gave a bumbling, mostly incoherent response, which in the end proves he’s just as radical as the entire Democratic Party, whose bidding he will do.

“Well, I haven’t thought about that question. Uh, I just haven’t thought about that question. I think, you know, uh, the president has made clear that we are a country with borders and with a concern about national security. Um, I don’t know of a proposal to, uh, decriminalize but still make it unlawful to enter. I just don’t know the answer to that question. I haven’t thought about it.”

Hawley pressed him further asking if would still continue to prosecute illegal border crossings and Garland doubled down on his nonanswer.

“Well, this is again, uh, a question of allocation of resources. Um, we will, uh, the department will, you know, prevent unlawful crossing. Um, I don’t know, you know, uh, I have to admit I just don’t know exactly what the conditions are and how this is done. I think if, um, um, I don’t know what the current program even is with respect to this. Um, so, I, I assume that the answer would be yes but I don’t know what [the conditions are],” Garland said.

He just doesn’t know. How reassuring.

While Garland has made it clear that he plans to crack-down and harass so-called “domestic terrorists,” aka Trump supporters, he appears to have no intention of holding accountable those who enter our country illegally and break our immigration laws.

Garland is an essential piece in Biden’s “America last” agenda which will target and criminalize United States’ citizens while giving special privilege and exalted status to those who come here illegally.

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