Airline Boss Snubs Political Correctness, Tells The Brutal Truth About Who Poses A Real Threat To Air Travel

(Right Country) – The thing about political correctness is that it’s supposedly immoral to tell the truth about large groups of people if they adhere to an ideology that’s associated with a race or a religion.

No matter how often we see people who adhere to this religion openly declare, and act upon, their desire to kill people in the name of their god.

It doesn’t matter who gets offended by it: the cold, hard truth about Islam is that many of its adherents want to kill you.

And anyone with even the slightest understanding of recent history knows they often seek out airplanes to do it.

In fact, we’re all subject to much more stringent airport security measures because of the greatest Islamic attack in the modern history of the religion: September 11, 2001.

Airline boss Michael O’Leary is being slammed by the usual crowd for suggesting that airport security checks should pay more attention to male Muslim passengers traveling alone as opposed to families with children “because that is where the threat is coming from”.

“Who are the bombers? They are going to be single males travelling on their own,” O’Leary, CEO of Ryaniar, said in an interview with The Times of the UK.

“If you are travelling with a family of kids, on you go; the chances you are going to blow them all up is zero,” he suggested.

“You can’t say stuff, because it’s racism, but it will generally be males of a Muslim persuasion. Thirty years ago it was the Irish. If that is where the threat is coming from, deal with the threat.”

This caused heads to explode, of course.

“He openly advocates discrimination against ‘males of a Muslim persuasion’, which presumably is not based on specific intelligence but solely whether someone ‘looks or acts like a Muslim’,” declared a Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Council of Britain spokesman.

“This is the very definition of Islamophobia,” the spokesman added.

No, it’s the very definition of sensible and realistic.

British Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood, who Breitbart notes “gained a certain notoriety during the expenses scandal when he was revealed to have claimed £1,350 for a stay in a five-star hotel with his then-girlfriend” also criticized O’Leary’s comments.

“Security at airports is not an easy process but these comments do not contribute to the debate and are not the way to deal with it,” he said.

“He’s effectively saying ‘everyone is game — if they look like a Muslim then they must be a terrorist’. It doesn’t improve community relations; it gives succour to people of a fascist mindset… Should we profile white people to see if they’re fascists?” he declared.

“[O’Leary is] being very blinkered and is actually encouraging racism.”


  1. Sadly, when it comes to acts of Terrorism, it is brought about by Islamists.
    How can that be denied? These attacks were unheard of prior to the uprising of the Islamic State, but have become a frighteningly real fact of life we all have to live with these days. Is it no wonder we are wary of anyone who is Muslim. They have destroyed their own cities, towns and homeland, making them unlivable and then came, en-masse to force their way into our peaceful countries, turning them into rubbish tips, and terrorising the population as they move like a plague of locusts across every country.

  2. Common sense I’d say, Mr. O’Leary is quite right, but then I guess common sense is no longer an attribute of one’s character. I don’t know why Muslims are a pet group or even whose pets they are. I could theorize on that, but I imagine that would be politically incorrect.

  3. Facts and truth DO coincide in relation to radical Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately the peaceful Islamics also pay a price. Perhaps they should help stop this obscene aspect of their own religion.

    • Even Muslims know not to disparage the Islam radical murderers among them. These bloodthirsty zealots will dispatch a fellow Muslim as easily as a Kaffir in their quest for world domination. So they say nothing, giving their tacit approval.

  4. The truth always hurts when it hits home. The dems love the terrorists; after all they still have not recovered from the death of the Iranian General Soleimani. I hear they want his statue placed in Central Park!

  5. Hey British Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood, go ahead and profile whites to see if they’re “fascist!” What will your criteria be…whether they blew up 3000 innocent Muslims going about their business one sunny September morning?? Or whether they invaded Parisian nightclubs and slaughtered young people because they’re white? Or whether they rape German white girls on New Years? Or whether they drove vehicles into crowds of whiteys in European city streets? Or whether…I could go on and on.

    Good luck with your ‘fascist’ witch hunt, my man!

  6. The term “Islamophobia” is a form of taquiyya;(Islamic,sacred deception). A phobia is an unrealistic fear of something that isn’t in itself dangerous. Being wary of something that is VERY dangerous is just plain common sense. Warning others about homicidal maniacs and how they act and dress should be considered a civic duty,not something to be criticized.

  7. Islamaphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, on and on…. so where is the friggin crime. Remove the threat!!
    Freedom Rules.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. This has been so obvious for years to the 3 million people per day who are highly inconvenienced at airports. The Muslims bleat that we claim they are all terrorists but they lie, which is acceptable in their religion. What we all know & believe is every terrorist incident or threat for 20 years has been from Muslims. It makes no sense to treat an 80 year-old White woman in a wheelchair the same as a clearly identifiable Muslim male.

  9. Ted Bundy was not a Muslim. Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim. Ratko Mladic was not a Muslim. Stalin was not a Muslim. Walter Ulbricht was not a Muslim. Charlie Starkweather was not a Muslim. Lee Harvey Oswald was not a Muslim. Charles Manson was not a Muslim. Jeffrey Dahmer was not a Muslim.

    • All of the above named people are either dead or in prison, so they are no longer a factor. Deal with today’s threats not yesterday’s

    • Yes this is true. But they didnt commit violent death on thousands of innocents, children . Ratco perhaps, but these pieces of human trash didnt do their crimes in the name of religion, or stated that the world will be islamic, or state ‘you convert to islam or get killed.’

  10. I did several years in the middle east in special operations. The few ‘bad guys’ we took prisoner all told us through turps,(interpreters) was ‘we have nothing in common with the west. We don’t want to talk to you, your women are whores and prostitutes, we convert you to islam or kill you’. PERIOD..

  11. Why are sooooo many of the immigrants flooding European nations military age males w/o women or children???? Why are the violent crime rates skyrocketing in these invaded countries??? Mr. O’Leary is 100% correct. Listen to people running the air travel industry not representatives of the problem group!!! The reason liberal governments cowtow to Muslims is thT they fear the VIOLENCE that this so called “Religion of Peace” promises if we don’t conform to “their” customs, culture, and religious laws!!! They invade our countries and then demand that we “integrate to their ways. This is backwards!!! Our liberal governments are selling out the very people that they were elected to represent!!!

    • Hi Michael,
      What you say is true. However, I believe the real reason liberals cowtow to Islam is because Islamic violence is helpful for their cause to destabilize Western nations. That is also why the media will bend over backwards to do whatever they can to prevent Islamic violence or jihad from being exposed. —
      Big government is the goal of every “progressive”. The biggest government possible is the UN world government. The fact is that Americans have no interest in becoming assimilated underneath a UN government. However, if the USA can be weakened enough, the liberal hope is that Americans would be willing to be subject under the UN “in order to save us”. All Democratic policies are ultimately designed to weaken the USA. The reason that they hate Trump so much is because his America first/ free enterprise ideology stands directly in the way of their globalist/socialist viewpoint for our country. They have done & are continuing to do all they can to further Obama’s efforts to bring more Muslims into our country & hinder Trump’s efforts to control it.

      Not all Muslims are terrorists BUT the Islamic religion can never be assimilated into our nation, or under our legal system; being as our country & laws are based on our Christian culture. Therefore the potential violence of Islamic adherents is actually helpful for the liberal cause in weakening the USA to “radically re-make our society” into their globalist , socialist vision of our nation, eventually assimilated under the UN.

  12. I’m sorry to say but we have no way to differentiate an Islamic terrorist from the Good standing Muslims. To help resolve that the Good need to get on board and help the threatened West locate those who are the terrorists so that the Good can then feel free of doubt that they may be looked at as a terrorist. The Good Muslims could then also return to the peaceful life prior to the take over of Islamic rule in 1979.

  13. Statistics prove the truth. We all know which group of people commit the majority of crime in the US. FBI stats prove it. It isn’t racist or anything. It is the truth. Instead of lip service, we as a country are smart enough to solve the problem. And it isn’t gun control. It involves common sense and hard choices. And an end to political corruption and theft of the American tax dollar. At some point, if they don’t figure it out, a good number of the American people will. Just like before.


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