Alert: Former FBI GC James Baker’s Notes Reveal Major Bombshell About General Flynn

(Right Country) – Notes from former General Counsel for the FBI James Baker were released for the first time on Thursday, and while there was a whole lot of shocking material contained within the documents, a lot of the information within them points to the fact that Baker might have flipped on the Deep State and is working with John Durham to expose those involved in the Russia Hoax.

And the documents also seem to indicate that General Michael Flynn, who served as a national security adviser for President Trump, is innocent.

James Baker made an appearance on Capitol Hill back in October of 2018, for the second time, to deliver testimony about Rod Rosenstein’s plot to sport a wire and the use of FISA warrants to boot Trump from the Oval Office.

When Rep. Meadows came out from the testimony, he immediately demanded that Rosenstein resign from his position.

“Based on additional information we’ve learned over the last week, it is clear Rod Rosenstein should resign immediately,” Meadows told the media.

Via Gateway Pundit:

James Baker told Congressional investigators that Rosenstein’s plot to wear a wire and oust Trump from office was not a joke as the DAG claimed.

In late April this year in a weekly radio interview with Howie Carr, former US Attorney Joe DiGenova reported on notes that were released that show the government was actively working to frame General Flynn:

DiGenova: You know Baker is now working with Durham. James Baker the former General Counsel.

Carr: He’s flipped?

DiGenova: Who was a target, is now understandably cooperating because he was looking at a boat load of criminal charges. Once these notes were discovered, and by the way, these were the notes that [FBI Director] Chris Wray and Dana Boente did not want turned over.

Yesterday, Baker’s notes related to a meeting with top FBI Obama holdovers were released. Baker asked in his notes, how can you assess a false statement charge on General Flynn when there was no underlying crime?

Baker also wrote that they never allowed Flynn to clarify himself, but instead they just charged him with lying.

Of course General Flynn never lied. Of course he was spied on. Of course he was set up. The judge in the case won’t throw out his case because the judge is very corrupt. The judge should be impeached and indicted for sedition, if nothing else. What he is doing to Flynn now is more than an injustice, it’s a crime.

The release of documents yesterday, provide more evidence that General Flynn is innocent but they also indicate former GC of the FBI, James Baker, may indeed be working with Durham, slow as it may be, as was reported in April by Joe DiGenova.

We’re living in an unprecedented time. Actual documentation has emerged over the last year that clearly proves there is a body of individuals known as the Deep State working against President Trump to undermine both his agenda and his administration. These individuals have broken numerous laws in order to try and create false narratives designed to oust Trump from office.

This is alarming for many different reasons. It proves that people in our own government are actively working to undermine the will of the American people by trying to overturn elections and cancel out the votes of millions of Americans.

Nothing like this has happened before, and if we’re good stewards of liberty, we must assure it never happens again.


    • I’ve been asking THAT very question for at least a year. Are you getting as tired of this ‘never ending soap opera’ as I am? Why isn’t the FISA Court Judge, who was lied to, not willing to step forward and file ‘charges’ against the people who, as evidence showed months ago, lied in order to procure orders for surveilance against President Trump and his team?

      • How can the attempted kidnapping of a Governor lead to arrests in days and life imprisonment for the perpetrators buta the fact that a coordinating cou was perpetrated with a trail of evidence not have one arrested or prosecuted. Where is the justice

  1. In my opinion the paper castle will crumble at the moment formal charges are made public against any one of the major perpetrators, namely Hillary Clinton, Brennon, Clapper, et al. Justice shall be served and will should be swift, once the castle crumbles. It has been said that the rats always abandon the sinking ship. So be it!

  2. The first thing President Trump needs 8 more years to get this all out of America . Because the justice system is so slow this should have been done 2 years ago and these same people are still out making money on books how f— up is that. If you need to know if it is a two-tiered justice system you watching it up close now if don`t believe it watches what the democrat will do now. they seem to have a license to steal .all the top democrat need to be in jail than not to bad its only about 50 of them Trump 20/20 if joe 30330 win all this shi- just go back into the same shit hole that it came out of

  3. All I can say is what does it matter who is working with John Durham. No one will be charged in the end plus I think it is ridiculous to cut deals with these corrupt people anyway. We have such a corrupt dishonest judicial system in our country that is certainly in the same league with the corrupt lying news media. Our country will never recover from all of the corruption, section and treason that is allowed to continue unabated by Wray, Barr as well as Durham and everyone else involved including Congress men & women, both parties.

  4. The kommiecrats and the Deep State and the Obama Clinton Cabal know that Bush Boy Barr will protect them. But they also know that if Trump wins, he will appoint a new Attorney General, a loyal American, and then they all will worry.

  5. I saw communists made sneaker company Nike is laying off Americans but not communists Chinese. I never have and never will buy anything made by Nike. Boycott nike! Buy American!

  6. The only way the general public will know about this is if someone makes a movie / documentary. Gen pop won’t here it from the msm that’s for sure


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