Alert: How Twitter Is Trying To Erase Obamagate… This Is Insane

(Right Country) – You’d hardly know it unless you’ve been paying attention (which we know our readers do), but we are in the midst of the greatest political scandal in our history.

All the evidence has come out, and probably more on the way.

Hillary Clinton, it has been fully confirmed by declassified documents, thought up the Russia hoax to use against candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

The DNC and Clinton campaign funded the Steele dossier, which was then used by the Obama FBI to spy on Trump.

These were the seeds of the Russia investigation.

This is not hyperbole and conjecture–it’s all come out through official intelligence community documents, much of which has been released over the last three years by FOIA requests, and now following a massive declassification on the part of Director of National Intelligence.

The leftist mainstream media complex is obviously ignoring all of this.

And so are you, hopes Twitter, who it appears is CENSORING the hashtags #Obamagate and #Spygate.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

More electioneering by Twitter …

Twitter is the latest tech giant caught playing defense for Joe Biden and Kamala and censoring President Trump.

Obviously, Twitter does not want you to know the truth.

In a Gateway Pundit exclusive Twitter was caught censoring #Obamagate and #Russiagate after new documents released this week show President Obama was briefed on the Russia Collusion spying scandal and approved of the unprecedented spying on the Trump campaign while knowing Hillary Clinton was behind the preposterous scandal.

Who honestly believes this?! How on earth could there be no tweets with the #Obamagate hashtag on Twitter, especially with the election coming up and it coming up during the vice presidential debates?

To say nothing of Trump’s announcement that he had declassified all documents relating to the Russia investigation and Hillary Clinton emails?!

This isn’t the first time it’s been made abundantly obvious that Big Tech is actively suppressing content that doesn’t fit a political narrative, but it’s never been more outrageous.


  1. Hillary and Obama could be caught eating screaming babies on live TV and the media would praise cannibalism and recommend it for all.

  2. That’s not all SM is blocking! They also won’t allow me to follow anymore great #maga ppl. They won’t allow me to add followers!


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