Alert: Trump Campaign Swings A Big Left Hook At Media For Reports Of Changed PA Case

(Right Country) – President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has taken a big swing at reports put out by The Washington Post and several other media outlets that said they had dropped a substantial part of its case challenging the election results in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

The mainstream media is absolutely desperate to do anything possible to help the Democratic Party get away with what might be the most massive voter fraud scandal in our nation’s history. All with the goal in mind of putting Joe Biden in the White House.

Folks, we’ve got to be careful where we get our news from, because most of the outlets that exist, especially those with large reader bases like WaPo, are nothing more than propaganda machines that are doing the bidding of their liberal overlords.

It’s all about brainwashing people into believing that the one man who was actually standing up to defend their rights is actually a villain, all the while pushing fear to make citizens surrender liberty.

According to Breitbart, a piece written for WaPo by Jon Swaine and Elise Viebeck said that the president’s reelection campaign was ditching a claim that election authorities had invalidated a staggering 600,000 votes by preventing Trump election observers from being able to watch the count.

Without this particular claim, the smaller side of the case, namely that Democratic-run counties allowed voters to “cure” problems they experienced with mail-in ballots, while GOP counties, following the rules handed down by the state government, did not.

However, Jenna Ellis, the Trump campaign’s legal adviser, stated on Breitbart News Sunday that this wasn’t the case.

A few other officials from the campaign also piled on the report:

Radical left-wing media is begging for Trump to concede without looking into all of these accusations of voter fraud, and the reason why has implications for the future of this country.

What they want is to see the Democratic Party get away with voter fraud. Doing so will mean that no election from this point forward will be free of folks attempting to influence matters through some kind of fraudulent activity.

Our election system will be destroyed, and the foundations of our republic along with it. This means the left will ensure they always win, no matter what, and that our nation is forever under the control of liberals who want to see socialism become the system through which our government rules the people.

This must be discouraged at all costs. And that starts with these lawsuits filed by the president.

Copyright 2020.


  1. The Democrats didn’t use any caution with their false impeachment claims, which incidentally could have interfered with Corona virus response, just so the lawful timing to validate or debunk election fraud claims should be given.

  2. F all democrats! Now called communists socialist party! The amazing thing is there are that many people that are looking for free sneakers! They all can’t loot stores so the second best thing is to vote for anyone that says they will give them free anything. Drugs play a big part in the communists socialist party followers, look at Oregon which just approved hard drugs! This state protects antifa and will now become America’s narco State! Hello drug cartels in Mexico, Oregon is open for business. Although approving hard drugs in Oregon might cause many overdoses which will help get rid of the Antifa scum. Anyone notice almost all antifa are white kids dreesing up like Star Wars and causing destruction because they are lazy on drugs and want everything free. Who are these kids parents? Amazing how they all landed in Oregon which now has become the shit hole state of America.


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