Amazing Video! Iranian Protesters Refuse To Step On US And Israel Flags At Protest — Walk Around Giant US Flag On The Ground!

(Gateway Pundit) – THOUSANDS of democratic protesters took to the streets of Iran on Sunday for the second day of mass protests.

There was an AMAZING display at Besheshti University– Protesters REFUSED to step on the US and Israeli flags!

Via Heshmat Alavi.

This video from Besheshti University is truly AMAZING!

Protesters refuse to disrespect US flag and when they do step on giant US flag they are booed!!


The protesters are chanting, “Death to dictator!” and “Basijis, IRGC, you are our ISIS!”

Protesters chant against the Khameneist regime.

Protesters: “I’ll kill those who killed my brother!”

On Sunday President Trump warned the regime DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS!


  1. Those Iranians could teach Americans about respect for OUR FLAG!!! Perhaps some of you don’t know this, but the protesters were fired upon by Iran. Many were shot.

  2. Trump and Republicans appear to be leading the support for the Iranian protestors. Can’t say I have heard support from the other side. Hmm!!!

  3. The mainstream media and the Democratic Party are staying quiet on this. The Iranians are know laughing at the Obama supporting foreign butt kissers to there Dictators. Obama didn’t stand up against the Dictators. He showed his support by giving the billions of taxpayers dollars to support there tyranny supporting there nuclear program and terrorism. I have no doubt that Obama got a sizable financial kickback from that deal. I wonder who is actually purchasing there homes and financing his shadow government.

  4. These people obviously are showing their desire to be free of their tyrannical government and their support for Israel and the USA !!! We should be supporting them in every way possible !!!

  5. It was never the ordinary people of Iran who were a problem, it was the Ayatollah and his cohorts who did the deal with the Devil and sold their people out. The people are not the blind fools they thought they were, and shooting innocent people for simply saying what they feel will have them in the International Court in the Hague, facing charges of Murder…of their own people…that is, if they survive to end up there.
    Treated with a modicum of respect, the vast majority of people will respond in kind.


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