Amidst Coronavirus Crisis In NYC, Private Institutions Warning Medical Professionals Not To Speak To Media

(Right Country) – Almost the entire US is currently under stay-at-home orders with over 6 million people suddenly out of work. We’re being told relentlessly by the mainstream media that the coronavirus has overtaken NYC and it’s only a matter of time before it does the same to our own communities and neighborhoods. Only problem is, we don’t really know what the truth is and there is good reason for that.

Medical professionals in NYC are being told they must seek permission to speak to news outlets otherwise they could be fired. While we enjoy freedom of speech in the US, private institutions such as New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine and its Langone Health Medical Center are not subject to these power restraints. It would appear they are taking full advantage of this fact by effectively muzzling their faculty and preventing them from candidly talking to the media.

WND reports:

…the non-profit Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, contends that’s a really bad idea, especially when those experts are being sought out by media to talk about the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is precisely in times of crisis that it is most important that lines of communication to the public be open,” said Robert Shibley, the executive director of FIRE. “These faculty members are there because they’re the experts. Inhibiting their ability to communicate important information about COVID-19 presents enormous risks.”

He was refering to the university’s rule that all communications be cleared ahead of time, which means “a comment to the press may mean termination.”

Faculty physicians cannot speak with reporters about COVID-19 without “express approval from the office of communications and marketing.”

“NYU has muzzled its faculty,” FIRE said in a letter to Steven Abramson, the vice dean for education, faculty and academic affairs as Grossman.

“These policies bar NYU faculty from speaking to journalists without institutional permission and thus function as a prior restraint on faculty speech.”

FIRE said: “Though the NYU Grossman School of Medicine is a private institution, and is not bound by the First Amendment, requiring faculty to obtain permission before speaking to the press is antithetical to the values of our free society. This is especially true when the threat of punishment appears intended to chill speech of intense public concern involving matters of life and death amidst a global pandemic.”

No wonder so many Americans are fearful and worried during these unprecedented times. If healthcare professionals are being hushed by private institutions in areas that are supposedly being ravaged by the coronavirus, we have to wonder why that would be.

Is there some greater evil going on here? Is the health crisis being blown way out of proportion so that Americans willingly surrender our rights and stay home, ushering in some kind of police state?

If the coronavirus outbreak is as bad and overwhelming as the mainstream media paints it to be, then why would any institution, private or otherwise, be concerned about medical professionals speaking out about it?

Just more reason not to trust anything you see on the mainstream media. Something very real is going on here but whether or not it’s the coronavirus alone has yet to be determined.


  1. This is so ludicrous I don’t even know why I’m bothering to respond. Each day on the TV there are healthcare workers speaking out, picketing, seeing within hospitals the overwhelming problems these people are dealing with-and watching refrigerator trucks backing up to their doors. Hearing how even funeral parlors are dealing with so many bodies, they too, need refrigeration trucks to store and NY was thinking to actually move people who’ve passed, to Rikers Island and keep them there to deal with at a later time. If there’s any cover up it’s Trump trying to play a happy tune and keep telling everyone lies and misinformation and when questioned with facts he yells and calls names-stupid, nasty-or talks over them as he did when they asked how come the website of the Strategic National Stockpile after Kushner, another insipid feckless liar, misspoke and said “Stockpile is OURS, not the States” which, of course, it isn’t! Health workers are in full view crying to media to be heard in a Federal response and anyone who thinks they’re told to cover up is not paying attention or watching FOX, There is only one person doing that, and it’s unfortunately, this incompetent President.

    • Susan, just keep listening to the wonderful lying clinton network. You’ll be well informed. While you at it, why don’t you move to china or Venezuela, you’ll be much happier there. It will fit your ignorant lifestyle and free up the oxygen you waste in this country.

  2. Actually, steering clear of the press unless you know the reporter you’re dealing with very well and have developed trust in him or her is a princely idea.

    If the media outlet distorts your words as they do with members of the Trump family, whom do you seek relief from? You can’t sue without proving malice.

    Think about a subject you’re expert in. Now try to remember media stories that home in on that subject. How many were accurate? If you’re the typical person, none achieved total accuracy, and anything short of that standard is damaging.

    Maybe private health companies and non-profits are trying to keep damning information from the press. And maybe they’re just fed up with being misquoted and misrepresented.

    • Agreed. Exactly what I wanted to say. As for Susan up there, she fits well with the reason the news media should not be talked to. She believes their lies.


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