Anti-Cop BLM Thug Assaults Elderly Counter-Protester. Guess Who He Runs To When The Crowd Comes For Him…

(Right Country) – Liberals are hypocrites. There’s no other way to put it. Everything they do is riddled with double standards and hypocrisy. The most entertaining example of this was Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP in which leftist anarchists took over a section of the city and promptly set up physical borders (you know, like a wall) and put armed “revolutionaries” along it to keep unwanted people out (you know, like police/ICE).

The radical left has become defiantly anti-police and anti-law and order except, of course, when it benefits them. These extremists have been going around destroying American history by damaging, tearing down, and otherwise vandalizing statues and monuments across the country.

When Black Lives Matter decided to descend on Washington DC to destroy every statue and monument in sight, they were met with counter-protesting patriots who showed up to protect America’s heritage. When one man associated with Black Lives Matter assaulted an older man with the counter-protesters, where do you think the assailant ran when the heat from the crowd turned on him?

You guessed it. The police.

Here’s the story from Newswars:

Video footage shows a monument vandal associated with the Black Lives Matter movement running and seeking refuge behind police officers moments after shoving a senior citizens to the ground.

Black Lives Matter has achieved notoriety for its association with various anti-police sentiments and slogans, such as “Defund/Abolish The Police,” “Kill All Cops,” and “Pigs In A Blanket, Fry Em Like Bacon,” as well as its supporters’ penchant for participating in violence, rioting, and the desecration of monuments.

An interesting scene unfolded earlier this week at what is reportedly Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of vandals arrived with plans to destroy the statue of President Andrew Jackson.

In one video, a vandal can be seen running through a group of senior citizen counter-protesters who showed up to defend the monument, shoving and pulling one man to the ground.

The assailant then turns tail and runs away, chased by the group of senior citizens, including one man using a cane. One counter protester closes the distance and shoves the BLM activist, who momentarily assumes a fighting stance before fleeing into a group of fellow activists and hiding behind a police officer.

From his new protected position, the assailant screams at one of the counter-protesters, “You gonna hurt me? You gonna hurt me? Huh!”

“Get the f**k out of here,” a counter protester yells.

As more police officers arrive on the scene and the assailant starts talking to them and gesturing towards the counter-protesters, a man yells, “Oh, now you want the cops, huh? Now you want the cops, huh? Now you want the cops.”

The video can be seen below.

The left shouldn’t be allowed to hate on the police but then also call upon them when they need them. Then again, that is the beautiful thing about America. The police are they to protect and serve everybody. If the police were truly racist they never would have protected this thug in the first place.


  1. We are in a tragic situation here in our beautiful America “ Land of the free”! Just can’t realize it has gotten this bad in a little over 3 short months ! Things will never go back to the same as it was before The home grown terrorists are destroying us from the inside out! We must pray without ceasing every day!

    • Truth is, Mary, this started many years ago. There are millions in this country that have heavily armed themselves in the event it would play out this way. People have been arming themselves for at least 40 years. Bad times are coming.


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