Anti-Gun Hollywood Steps Up Armed Protection For Golden Globes

(Breitbart) – Actors and actresses in anti-gun Hollywood will be surrounded by armed security on Sunday as they attend the 77th annual Golden Globes.

New York Daily News reports Beverly Hill Police Department Capt. Michael Hill saying, “We have a robust security plan that includes assistance from our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners. Additionally, we will be using the most contemporary technologies in an attempt to ensure the ceremony is held without incident.”

Variety quotes Beverly Hills Police Lt. Robert Maycott noting that the US strike against Iran has not altered the security plan. Rather, he noted that “security is similar to what it was last year.”

Breitbart News reported that 2019 security included barricades, bomb-sniffing dogs, armed guards, LAPD officers, and numerous security checkpoints for attendees as they arrived for the Golden Globes.

Golden Globes security has been high level for many years. Breitbart News noted that the January 8, 2017, Golden Globes were surrounded by good guys with guns and body armor. There were also security dogs, SWAT, and special FBI teams taking part in security.

Breitbart noted that Matt Damon was at the 2017 awards, the very Matt Damon who made millions of dollars using guns in the Bourne film series, yet called for an Australia-like gun ban for the rest of America. Other gun controllers, including Jessica Chastain and Ryan Reynolds, were also in attendance, enjoying the benefits of good guys with guns while fighting off-screen to limit those benefits for average Americans.

The 2016 Golden Globes featured security personnel wearing tactical gear and carrying handguns and AR-15s with “high capacity” magazines, weapons that looked very similar to civilian guns so many Hollywood actors and actresses want to bar law-abiding citizens from owning.

Throughout 2019, Hollywood celebrities have reacted to criminal use of firearms by calling for more gun controls across the board. For example, following the July 28, Garlic Festival attack in Gilroy, California, actors John Leguizamo, Billy Baldwin, and Bradley Whitford all voiced gun control rhetoric.

Following a November 14, 2019, shooting at Saugus High School, in San Clarita, California, actress Debra Messing tweeted for gun control and made sure to include a shout-out to Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action.

Little Mermaid’s Lin-Manuel Miranda made a general call for more “gun control now,” while Piper Perabo used the shooting to push for universal background checks in particular.

None of the celebrities noted that California already has every gun control the Democrats are pushing at the federal level, including an “assault weapons” ban, a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, firearm registration requirements, confiscation laws, and universal background checks. The celebrities also failed to mention that the Garlic Festival and Saugus High School were both gun-free zones.


  1. These people make their living off of violence. Every movie has someone getting killed, raped or beaten to a pulp. What hypocrisy!! You really want to stand up for something tell your producers no violence. Tell them you refuse to be in a gun scene or knife stabbing or beating or rape scene. You Hollywood people are the cowards, telling everyone else how to live, most of you have an IQ of about 2 and have no idea how the other 99% of us live. The more violence in your movies the more money you make. This is simple don’t make movies with guns and killing, now that’s making a statement until then you are part of the problem and your phony words at your crappy awards show mean nothing and are not the solution to anything. You glorify gun use.

  2. What was as
    I’d is right. You a
    lol need to shut up as you are the problem. You all think you have a right to tell us how to live but your lives are awFul. Stop making movies that do nothing but crime and nothing else. Also hire All police to protect you but alway cry gun control. You also want no borders but all your homes have big borders around them. How do you think you have more rights then we true Americans? We love our country as it was before you all became DEMOCRATS. The weird people.

  3. These Hollywood elitists calling for gun disarmament are just as bad as the politicians. They submit legislation for gun disarmament. But starting with the law-abiding citizens is the wrong way to do it. We don’t have armed bodyguards, high tech security cameras with alarms and walls to protect us. Start with all the criminals. Collect ALL their guns. Then disarm the Secret Service and ALL other private bodyguards that protect political elitists and the other politicians. Add to the list bodyguards to the Hollywood elitists and wealthy elitists. Then you might stand a better chance of disarming WE THE PEOPLE. NEVER, never start with the law-abiding citizens, then turn around and claim you have a right to protection.

  4. What makes them think they are any more vulnerable than any other American????? Their violent movies over the last 20 or more years have generated the violence so prevalent in young people today. Stuck Up Cowards!!!!!

  5. I guess that no matter what they say to the rest of us they believe in the truth that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”! How hypocritical!!! But, at least they paid OT for the police that had to pull an extra shift to cover their hypocritical ass’

  6. They arrived from their gas guzzling limos and flew in on private jet. They wasted most of their good food and ignored the homeless–indeed, support the corrupt Demo leadership that permits the filth on the street.


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