Antifa-BLM Activists Bragging About Involvement In Capitol Riot On Social Media Ignored By FBI And Media

(Right Country) – The left’s response to the Capitol riot has been dishonest at best. While they have spent the last nearly two months singularly focused on criminalizing President Trump and all of his supporters, they’ve been completely ignoring actual facts and evidence.

There is more than enough evidence implicating radical left groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter being involved in the Capitol riot yet the FBI refuses to follow those leads. They refuse to go after anyone who isn’t a Trump supporter.

The FBI has made it very clear they’re only purpose is to serve at the behest of the radical left Democrats who want nothing more than to silence their political opposition at all costs.

They aren’t just focused on Trump and his allies, either. They want to come after every single one of us. Every single one of the 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump pose a direct threat to the Democrats and their deranged, Marxist agenda.

After Biden stole the 2020 election, Democrats have been hell-bent to send the message that they will never allow the American people to have their way in US elections ever again.

America is no longer a country governed by we, the people.

If it were, the FBI would be doing their job and going after violent and dangerous radical leftists who were not only involved in the Capitol riot but also in the violent riots that rocked American cities for the better part of 2020 and continue to even now.

These actual criminals and domestic terrorists are permitted to run free and brag about their involvement in the Capitol incident on social media without consequence.

We all know that Antifa member and Insurgence-USA leader John Sullivan was involved in the riot but he’s been selling his video footage for massive chunks of money and now has a book deal.

Meanwhile, the FBI is hunting down Trump supporters like they’re murderous terrorists. Their social media posts are being used as evidence against them while radical leftists are free to say whatever they like online without the fear of persecution.

Just take a look at some of these social media posts:

The Gateway Pundit recently discussed the FBI’s response to the Capitol riots as being the final catalyst that is pushing the few remaining patriots left in the Bureau over the edge.

They wrote that these patriots still “within the ranks of the FBI” are “beyond distraught over the gross politicization of their once proud, respected organization.”

TGP noted there are men and women serving in the FBI who have been there for 20 or more years who are just counting down the days until they can retire and wash their hands of this now corrupt establishment entity run by the Deep State.

TGP says the “dishonest response” to the Capitol incident is the “final straw” for these brave patriots still serving. The FBI had information that Antifa was planning to infiltrate the crowds of Trump supporters with the goal of inciting violence yet did nothing about it and continue to do nothing about it.

The FBI is moving the left closer to their goal of silencing political opponents and they’re using the Capitol riot as their vessel to do it.

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  1. It’s time to storm Washington DC with a 10,000,000 man March and shut that cesspool full of deep state mobsters down. It’s time for BLM and Antifa to go to the homes of Nancy and Chuck and Mitch And Mitt and burn and pillage their homes. These mobsters in Washington hate every American, not just the Trumpers. The overlooking of the Antifa and BLM riots is a way to make those 2 groups think the deep state is sympathetic to their cause. Hey Antifa and BLM, the deep state is just using you

  2. Ignored by the FBI, the LIBERAL Main Stream News AND, CONGRESS, because CONGRESS would rather use the RIOT to falsely convict former President Donald J. Trump of crimes etc.

    Never mind the TRUTH . . . we don’t need no stinkin truth . . . Lets just steal the election and destroy Trump! Yea folks, that’s the Democrat message!

    • Gary – not only are they literally trying to destroy DJT but also anyone that they ‘feel’ is remotely supportive of him or any aspect of conservatism as well.
      Now they have gotten to the point that they are admitting their culpability for the ‘riots’ on 06 Jan they are getting to the point of demanding that they receive ‘credit’ for that as well as how they rigged the election. And yet all of those groups you cited continue to insist that there was no cheating. Ya just can’t make this level of insanity up.

  3. Welcome to 1984. The ministry of truth, slavery is freedom, war is peace, and there is no history but what the elites want. Time to split the country into two.


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