AOC Gushes Her Support For “Awesome, Incredible, Beautiful And Wonderful” Trans Kids

(Right Country) – Progressive princess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is lashing out at Republicans concerned about religious liberty and the psychological well-being of our nation’s children for their “bigotry,” strangely using the hashtag #LetKidsPlay to promote trans kids living out their “gender identity.”

This really doesn’t help her kids much—even if you believe that children should be given gender hormones and undergo surgery to mimic the appearance of a member of the opposite sex, isn’t their lifestyle a bit more than playing?

What does this even mean?

“Trans kids are awesome, incredible, beautiful, and wonderful. Bigotry is not,” the perpetually sanctimonious AOC wrote in one of her finger-wagging and ignorant tweets, for which she has become notorious among conservatives.

“Republicans need to stop obsessing over other people’s gender identity bc frankly it’s very weird and they’re doing a lot of harm to children who are just trying to be themselves,” she added, before concluding her point with the hashtag #LetThemPlay.

No one is saying kids can’t play dress-up, princess.

And if Democrats are simply encouraging kids to dress up in drag, that would actually be a lot weirder than sounding the alarm about the dangers of irreversible hormone therapy and surgery for children not yet gone through puberty who are struggling with gender dysphoria.

This is all highly disturbing at best.

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  1. AOC should know about weirdness, she’s the poster child for liberal weirdness. How in heavens name is she still in congress!

  2. She’s still in office because enough imbecilic retards RE-VOTED HER ARROGANT IMBECILIC BEHIND BACK IN OFFICE!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


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