Appalling: Oprah Says That When Done “Right” Child Molestation Should Feel “Good” To Children

(Right Country) – Oprah is part of this country’s elite and this country’s elite are full of pedophiles and perverts. She is no exception. The famous talk show host said that if a child molester is “any good” their victims won’t even know they’re being molested. It will “feel good” to children, Oprah claimed in a segment of one of her special’s on sexual abuse in 2017.

This is a downright disgusting thing to assert about child molestation. It’s doubtful that any victims of childhood molestation look back and think about how “good” it felt. Since Oprah made the comments in 2017 there was backlash and Oprah was forced to acknowledge such.

Here’s what Oprah’s website says in reference to the disturbing comments and one viewers perspective:

One comment Oprah made during her interview with four child predators touched a nerve with some viewers. During the discussion, Oprah said if an abuser does his or her job well, the abuse feels good. This can add to a victim’s feelings of shame and confusion.

A survivor of sexual abuse, Diane, calls in to share a differing viewpoint, based on her own violent childhood. “I just wanted to make people aware that it’s not always that you’re going to feel good or get pleasure from [sexual abuse]. A lot of times, it’s fear and intimidation. It’s abuse,” she says. “It’s the fear of being beat again. It’s the abuser using abuse to get you to do what they want.”

Diane says it never felt good from the first time she was raped at 9 years old until the abuse stopped just before her 13th birthday. “There was violence throughout my childhood,” she says. “He abused us enough that, when he said he was going to do something, we believed it.”

Diane says she and her sister, who was abused by the same man, were intimidated into keeping their terrible secret. “When he said he would kill us, we believed him,” she says.

Oprah says she understands where survivors like Diane are coming from. “There are many situations where that happens,” she says. “And as I’ve said before on this show, I’m speaking broadly and in, of course, general terms.”

Maybe Diane’s abuser was simply just not doing it “right.” Child molestation is supposed to “feel good” to children, apparently, not intimidate them or scare them. Diane just had a really lousy abuser.

Asserting that sexual abuse “feels good” to young children is just another attempt at normalizing it. How can it be that harmful, after all, if it feels good. Convincing young children that sexual abuse, when done “right,” should feel good is an appalling and disgusting way to desensitize children to abuse.

Since Oprah launched the series meant to bring awareness to sexual abuse she has spoken with numerous victims and even convicted child molesters. One of these child molesters explained when he was 10 or 11 he was groomed and subsequently molested and then grew up to then follow in those same footsteps.

Grooming is a psychologically damaging process to any child and it’s the very reason why so many victims of child sexual abuse end up abusing children when they grow up. That’s exactly why it’s so dangerous to put out ideas like when child molesting is done “right” it “feels good.”


  1. First time I have heard this and I am sick to my stomach. This witch should never be permitted to be seen or heard from again. Any so called good she has supposedly accomplished is totally eradicated. Let God deal with her sick mind.

    • Oprah is a pedophile and likes little girls. That is why she never married. She was a pimp for her buddy Harvey Weinstein. She is very sick!

      • I hope you have proof of that statement because I’d like to see her prosecuted. If you don’t, you shouldn’t say it.

    • Taken out of context? How do you take; “when it’s done right, it should feel good” out of context? There’s only ONE WAY TO TAKE THAT STATEMENT!! There’s also a reason why child molestation is ILLEGAL!!! You cannot, no matter how hard you try, begin to convince me or many others that what this POS is saying is right. Having taken many psychology courses and having a master’s degree I can honestly say that at the very least people like Oprah need serious analyzing if she really thinks that way.

    • How can you take something out of context when the entire ‘Context’ is there for world to see word for word!? She stated what she stated, she made her bed, she must now lay in it!

    • There is no context to her drivel. She talks like she knows what she is talking about! How would she know? She’s a talk show HOST. SHE IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST OR DOCTOR. when she said this in 2017, she should have received a pink slip. She’s not qualified to say any of her baseless comments.

      • She was molested as a girl. She knows what she’s talking about. She’s saying a child molester who “knows how to groom the child” for molesting, usually isn’t going to hurt them, or they wouldn’t go along with them.
        She wasn’t describing the kind of abuse usually when you “live” with the abuser and he’s exerting “control” over you.
        And she certainly wasn’t saying that’s what child molesters “should” be doing!

    • I am a conservative, and I never liked Oprah, she obviously has problems and 25 years of listening to Spiritual Leaders has not helped her at all. BUT, this is SCUM reporting period. Attacking someone with out trying to understand their what she was saying. Molesters don’t just attack, any more the spousal abusers just attack, ladies men attack, or below prime rate lenders and balloon mortgage lenders attack. They “work” their victims to the point that the victim welcomes getting their attentions. There are predators out there, maybe your wife, husband, son or daughter. Try to think before shouting…we have seen in Seattle and Portland how lack of thinking works.

    • I’m certainly no fan of Oprah or the New Age Malarkey she promotes. Her book clubs were exceptionally annoying when I was working in my bookstore.

      That being said, You’re right. I watched the clip and she was talking bout how a criminal who is good at covering their tracks would not be noticed and manipulate their victims so they don’t realize how bad the crime happens to be.

      Oprah’s not my favorite person, but she certainly didn’t say anything horrific when put into context.

  2. Complaints should go directly to Tim Cook and Apple’s program director to remove this show immediately. This type of perversion enhances the status of the perverts and will remove any guilt for their evil deeds because they are making children “feel good.” Of they will blame the children for their predatory assault.
    Oprah’s program is causing riots throughout the US because it blames bad black behavior on “white privledge, which is a made up media word. In Own’s world people need to be accountable including her.

    • trump bragged about grabbing pussies and is accused of raping a child

      Don’t remove this like you removed my last remark

      You can’t cover for trump’s evil and perverted ways

      • jimmy, you need to take a class in reading comprehension.President Trump said ” when you are rich, you can grab women. He NEVER said he did it, only that he could

      • You are sick. Trump has never been accused of raping a child and all women accusations have been recanted and proven unfounded. As for the locker room private conversation taped & released by Mr. Bush, I’m sure billionaire Trump has had plenty of “those you mentioned” thrown at him and you’ve probably grabbed a few yourself. What man hasn’t? Why do you hold him to a higher standard than the rest of the man population? Nevermind, I get it – you are a stupid liberal Trump-hater.

      • WTF does President Trump have to do with this? The post is about Oprah not Trump! By bringing up what Trump said ( which wasn’t pedophilia because he was talking of grown up women) you are stating that it’s ok for the first incident because of the second incident! Two wrongs do not make right, is what I’m stating if your to stupid to understand! Nuff said!

  3. Surprised to hear her say such a thing since she was a victim of child abuse when she was a young girl. It just goes to show how this evil doctrine that has come to maturity in our society has caused some people to see good in evil. People no longer know the difference between right and wrong or have any empathy for their fellow man kind.

  4. On top of being a Black Racist, I just realized that Oprah is STUPID, as well ! Maybe SHE felt that it felt good when SHE was molested, but most children do NOT feel good about it, and all they feel is SHAME, and in many cases pain, as well ! I wish that this BILLIONAIRE woman would retire some place, and keep her horrible opinions to herself, instead of expressing those ignorant opinions to the world

  5. The short time of pan and scan on the audience shows that some in the audience agree with her. Like the other liberal DEMONCRAT Billionaires she is no different. Despite her “celebrity status” and giving out free cars she made herself to be likeable to millions of sheeple. Sadly she rejected the one true GOD and sold her soul to the devil!
    They are all foretold about in ROMANS Chapter 1 verses 22-32. Basically in a nutshell calling evil good and good evil. Taking her words of context “the burgie” ? Really? I suppose when Margaret Sanger called black people “weeds” and must be wiped out that it’s being taken out of context?

  6. This type of response is indicative of the Godlessness of our nation. The more we (as a nation) ignore the Bible and exalt individual opinions, the more fractured and divided we will be and much less likely to survive as a nation.

  7. I am very much a conservative and a Christian- AND i vehemently disagree with much of Oprah’s agenda!!! But in this video clip- What a shame- Oprah is simply saying that for women and men who were molested as children- THEY DON’T know to say anythjng to another adult (is, GET HELP!) because it’s confusing – because “it feels good” to them (in a completely innocent way) – which is part of what can brings on even More shame when you are an adult- or older and you realize how “bad” that was… ;and also makes you less likely to want to “tell”!! Because you feel
    Like you must have been a “willing” participant- bc you let it happen- bc it felt good….

    I am a woman who was molested as a young child-
    It felt good- – good as in how my mom would rub my back, or brush my hair gently- Because I was so young and innocent – that’s what it felt like to me…. this is what I hear Oprah clearly saying.

    When stuff like this gets picked out and twisted and turned- we sound like the Crazy liberals- and – ah!!!!! Come on!!! I’m so disappointed with this one.

    • Unfortunately, it is true that she is a pedophile. So many of the Hollywood elite (sic), people in government, judges, teachers, preachers (the list goes on and on) are pedophiles. It is all coming out now. Do a little research and digging, and you will find out for yourself.
      It is so sickening.

  8. She absolutely sickens me, I was molested at 5 and nothing about it “felt good” it has messed me up for a lifetime feeling that I done something wrong people like Oprah have a special place of their own in HELL

  9. Opra your a very sick person! You need help and I’m thinking your one who abuses children you rotten pedophile! You disgust me to no end!


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