Biden Caves To Black Lives Matter Demands, Makes This Audacious And Disgusting Claim About Police

(Right Country) – On Wednesday, during an interview with progressive, leftist activist Ady Barkan, Presidential nominee Joe Biden shed any doubt on where he stands with the defund the police movement. During his rambling interview he emphatically agreed that the police need to be defunded, even asserting that they have become the “enemy.”

In 2016, Barkan was diagnosed with terminal amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and thus speaks through a computer voice. Barkan is extremely progressive and in favor of not just criminal justice reform but completely gutting the entire judicial system in the US.

Biden went all in and pledged full support for radical leftists like Barkan, Ilhan Omar, and AOC saying he “absolutely” supports taking away funding from police departments across the country.

“Surplus military equipment for law enforcement. They don’t need that! The last thing you need is an up-armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood just like the military invading!” Biden ranted. “They don’t know anybody! They have become the enemy — they’re supposed to be protecting these people.”

“These people?” Who exactly are “these people?” Black people in general or the ones who don’t commit crimes and break the law?

When Barkan asked if Biden had agreed to redirecting funding that goes to police departments, Biden enthusiastically replied, “Yes! Absolutely!”

In a longer YouTube clip, Barkan suggests that Rayshard Brooks would still be alive had a mental health counselor and a tow truck been sent to the Wendy’s instead of two armed police officers.

Is that what this world needs? That’s what the black community needs? Mental health counselors to show up instead of police? So, Brooks could have been taken away to what? A hotel? Where he could sleep it off and wake up the next day and realize how dangerous his behavior was and never drink and drive again? Is that what we are supposed to believe will happen?

The reality is that Brooks would still be alive today had he not made the decision to get incredibly drunk and drive himself to Wendy’s where he passed out in the drive-thru resulting in the police being called. Rayshard Brooks broke the law.

Where is the personal responsibility? Apparently, there doesn’t need to be any. Biden has endorsed defunding the police in favor of coddling criminals. What exactly is a mental health worker supposed to do when faced with a heavily intoxicated man passed out in a drive-thru?

Biden also says that no-knock warrants for drug cases are “bizarre” and that “we don’t need that” and that it “just invites trouble” citing that as the reason Breonna Taylor was killed. The truth is that Breonna Taylor had invited her own trouble by involving herself with criminals who sold drugs. When the police were attempting to make the community better by getting these drugs off the streets thru the use of a no-knock warrant, (which serves to catch suspects off guard), Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on the police.

If we want to have honest conversations about these things, then we have to first be honest!

Biden also claims that jails should be a “rehabilitation system not a punishment.” In other words, it’s OK to break the law and do bad things. Criminals don’t deserve to be “punished.” It isn’t their fault they broke the law, it’s the system’s fault, and they shouldn’t be held accountable and punished.

Biden rambles on about a lot of stuff without really, actually saying much of anything. He makes himself out to be some kind of supposed mental health advocate but doesn’t have any concrete, practical ideas on what that would look like as a replacement for the police.

Biden has lost his marbles and is in desperate need of the mental healthcare he claims to be so supportive of.


  1. What a braindead, corrupt, moronic puppet. Anyone who votes for this spineless, brainless lunatic should be referred for mental health counseling.

  2. An absolute examplebof a brainwashed sheep. This IS why they want Biden. He has no absolute idea what he is saying or even mean it. Voices in his head telling him this and telling him that. He just nods his head and repeats what he heard, without any idea what he heard or repeated.
    If the Democrats win, we will see worse than another Venezuela. We will worse than another civil war. Yes indeed, America will be transformed and not for the better.

  3. Biden didn’t bow down. The blm and antifa are the prime democratic socialist party tools to continue there push of social division.

  4. Give this video to the RNC so they can run this crap across America as a campaign ad for President Trump. This will scare the entire working class, business owners and senior citizens regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans. Now everybody has to get out and vote in November.

  5. “extremely progressive” Let’s stop using euphemisms. This gentleman is an anarchist. That’s the proper word to use here. Anyone who is “in favor of not just criminal justice reform but completely gutting the entire judicial system in the US” is an anarchist, not a “progressive.” What is progressive about dismantling the justice system? No courts, no lawyers, no police, no laws or law enforcement? What kind of progress is that? It’s a return to the Wild West where everyone arms himself to protect family and home. It’s a return to the most primitive kind of society that can be imagined. If anyone thinks this would not lead to a demand for an extreme measure of law and order that would suddenly look like the USSR, heis deluding himself.

  6. Biden, his family and all those around him to include the Deep Dark State Radicalized Far left Demoncrat Socialist Party are the Anti American Villains, Not The Police Departments across America !!! The police provide the protection along with Proper Juice Prudence in Maintaining Law and Order !!!! Without Which, We Only Have ANARCHY !!!! This is proving to be true with ANTIFA and Black Life Matters and all the unrest in America today !!!!
    Wake Up America and Be Very, Very Careful For What and Who You Vote For !!!!! Our America is in Our Hands on November 3rd, 2020 !!!!

    • They didn’t provide protection for Floyd George!
      It the president did provide protection for Michael Stone, convicted felon. I thought Trump supported law and order!

      • Bri…… There is one big blaring truth here. George Floyd was a lifelong criminal and Michael Stone was blackmailed by our supposed FBI (the best of law enforcement) ha! So no comparison here!

  7. As a lifelong Democrat, I am aghast at the selection of Joe Biden to be President of the United States. Simply stated, Joe Biden is the most unfit candidate to be the Next President of the United States in my lifetime, and that includes Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, & Bill Clinton who has the distinction of being the only Federal Felon for failing to show for military induction. He would have had that hanging over him had the Inept Jimmy Carter not pardoned him in a class of like minded scum & Billy Boy goes on to wear the mantle of Commander in Chief. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Enough said. Anyone doubts what I have said, just go to

  8. Bri, You obviously are delusional. We don’t need another Slick Willie who also likes little boys sitting on his lap. I recommend you buy a one way ticket to Venezuela if you hate it here so much! America is much better off with Trump than Biten who can’t remember which state he’s in nor recognize his own wife. CURSED ARE THEY WHO CALL EVIL GOOD AND GOOD EVIL-GOD


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