Biden Orders Disturbing Assessment Of Domestic Violent Extremists And He’s Not Talking About Antifa

(Right Country) – When President Trump was in the White House he was attacked incessantly by the left. Day-in and day-out for four whole years the left battered the president with false accusations, misinformation, smear campaigns, and propaganda.

Throughout it all, President Trump never took any action to silence them or censor them. Though the left has been spewing really dangerous rhetoric and lies for the last four years, President Trump allowed them their First Amendment right.

Now that Trump is gone and Biden is in the White House, things are changing rapidly and not for the better.

While the Democrats, led by Biden, call for “unity” and “healing” they also voice their desires to “re-educate” and “de-program” the tens of millions of Americans who voted for and support President Trump.

They are making no secret of their hate and disdain for anyone and everyone who dares stand in opposition of their anti-American radical agenda.

Throughout Biden’s inauguration address, he called for unity while also declaring war against “a rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism,” adding that “we must confront” these and “defeat” them.

Of course, we all understood him to be referring to Trump supporters and conservatives in general. They call us dangerous while they spew this kind of truly un-American and dangerous rhetoric.

Now Biden appears to be turning his comments from Inauguration Day into action.

On Friday, just his second full day in office, Biden ordered the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to conduct a “comprehensive threat assessment” on “domestic violent extremism” in cooperation with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, as Press Secretary Jen Psaki informed reporters at the White House.

Psaki comically stated that Biden wants “fact-based analysis to shape policy” as well as the building of the National Security Council’s “capacity” to counter “domestic violent extremism” and the “coordinating of relevant parts of government to accelerate and enhance” the effort.

On Thursday, former Obama CIA Director John Brennan revealed that the Biden administration was “moving in laser-light fashion” to root out and destroy an “unholy alliance” of “religious extremists” and libertarians.

Biden hasn’t come out and said that he and his administration plan to target conservatives and Trump supporters but we all know that’s who he was referring to on Inauguration Day and who radical leftists calling for “re-education” are referring to.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on Fox News Wednesday, “If you read his speech and listen to it carefully, much of it is thinly veiled innuendo, calling us white supremacists, calling us racists, calling us every name in the book.”

It’s pretty obvious that the Biden administration does not have Antifa or Black Lives Matter in mind when referring to domestic terrorism despite the fact that they are the ones responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage in cities across the US over the course of 2020.

As a matter of fact, Antifa radicals are still terrorizing Seattle and Portland but Psaki admitted that Biden hadn’t spoken with her about those particular issues. Biden is supposedly concerned about violent domestic terrorism but has no concern with actual violent domestic terrorism.

Who do these people think they’re fooling?

Psaki told White House reporters that Biden’s order is meant to “disrupt violent extremist networks and more,” just not Antifa or Black Lives Matter. They may continue unchecked and with the respect of the Democratic Party.

While there is actual violence going on in American cities that has been going on for months, Psaki says that Biden and his team are focusing on the role of social media in regards to “DVE” (an acronym for domestic violent extremism).

While Antifa continues to loot and burn down businesses, attack law enforcement, and destroy neighborhoods and entire city blocks, Joe Biden is fighting against liberals having their feelings hurt online by conservatives.

Supporting and promoting President Trump and conservative and American ideals and values on the internet is the ultimate act of violence to Democrats.

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  1. Pure evil has taken control of this country.
    Biden and Democrats cheated and lied. They were not Constitutionally elected!
    Biden has destroyed thousands of jobs and lives on his first day in office.
    Biden and the Democrats have opened our borders to thieves and robbers who want nothing more than to “rape” America.
    Biden is selling our country to the Chinese for his own personal gain!

  2. biden/harris need to be dragged from the w.h. and put in jail, tried for treason and if found guilty…punish accordingly. They are both traitors to the American People.

  3. Is it possible that Quid Pro Joe Biden is to far gone mentally to realize that he is a Communist Dictator? I do not believe that to be the truth, he knows!!!

    Enjoy your freedoms while you are still free to exercise them, wait a minute, Joe Biden is issuing Mandates designed to take your rights away and they are now a memory from the past!

  4. Its no President Joe Biden, it’s you all because Trump has fill your heads with sooo many lies unti you all wouldn’t know the truth if it was written on your face. He is the President elected by the people for the people. Get real folks.

  5. Biden supports the left and the left wants no opposition. The goal is to punish all conservative into submission. They want communism and they know they can’t have it if there is mass opposition.

  6. This is a sign of the times, people, and the only way out is a big powerful long lasting REVIVAL. Time IS short, We began this Nation under God and we must return to God for He is the only one that can heal it.



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