Biden Tells Flat-Out Lie About Private Health Insurance

(Right Country) – Joe Biden is a complete liar. If the saying “liar, liar pants on fire,” were a thing that really happened, Joe Biden would have been severely ablaze during the last presidential debate Thursday night.

It was one lie after another and not only that Biden never discusses any policy. He just attempts to slam Trump with lies and propaganda. That’s his only strategy because all he has are lies. The debate was frustrating to watch for conservatives. Joe Biden spews lies uninterrupted and for seemingly as much time as he liked, while President Trump tries to refute his lies with factual information and is constantly interrupted and cut-off. We shouldn’t have expected anything less.

The biggest lie Biden told Thursday night was about health insurance and Obamacare. This should come as no surprise considering it was also Obama’s biggest lie. You likely recall that while President Obama said that if Americans liked their private insurance policies they could keep them. Turns out millions of Americans actually lost those insurance policies and were forced to pay astronomical premiums to boot.

Joe Biden actually had the nerve to stand on stage at the debate and claim that “not one single person” lost their healthcare plan because of Obamacare. The nerve of this guy. It’s truly mind-blowing.

Biden spewed this outright lie after President Trump explained the ways in which his administration has worked to fix Obamacare in an attempt to make it better. President Trump pointed out that Obamacare was “no good” but that his administration tried everything they could to make it work. Trump asserted that all the work his administration put into fixing the dumpster fire that is Obamacare will be out the window if Biden gets elected.

“[W]e have 180 million people out there that have great private healthcare. Far more than we’re talking about with Obamacare. Joe Biden is going to terminate all of those policies. These are people that love their healthcare,” the president said and Americans really have no reason to doubt the veracity of his claim considering Obamacare literally forced millions of Americans off of their private health insurance policies.

“People that have been successful, middle-income people, been successful. They have 180 million plans, 180 million people, families. Under what he wants to do, which will basically be socialized medicine, he won’t even have a choice, they want to terminate 180 million plans.”

In response, Biden did the only thing Biden knows how to do, he lied. He also dubbed his insurance plan for America “Bidencare” which sent shivers down the spine of many viewers no doubt. Biden claimed that under “Bidencare” no one would lose their private insurance. Of course, we know this simply is not true. Biden loves to throw around the term “public option” as if it means anything. The truth is, “Bidencare” would be even more disastrous than Obamacare and millions more would lose their private insurance.

“[T]he idea that I want to eliminate private insurance — the reason why I had such a fight with 20 candidates for the nomination was I support private insurance. That’s why,” he falsely claimed. Biden stood on the debate stage during the Democratic debates and expressed support for socialized health insurance for all, even illegals immigrants. Not only that, many of the other candidates had expressed their opposition to outright eliminating private insurance.

This is when Biden made the outrageous and false claim that “Not one single person with private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan, nor did they under Obamacare. They did not lose their insurance unless they chose they wanted to go to something else.”

What a downright lie and if Biden wants to point to Obama as a model let’s take a look at his lie also. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was passed in 2010 when then President Obama told the American people “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” He then repeated this lie two years later when he ran for re-election. Finally, in October 2013 the nightmare was finally up and running and ready to ruin people’s lives.

Shortly thereafter millions of Americans’ private insurance policies were cancelled and they were forced onto Obamacare. It became clear that Obama lied and even left-leaning PolitiFact designated it the “Lie of the Year” in 2013. Ouch.

Despite this, Biden had the nerve to lie right to the faces of the American people many of which know firsthand that it was a downright lie. Social media blew up with people blasting Biden for his lie while sharing their personal stories of how they and/or family members or friends lost their health insurance because of Obamacare.

Sadly, the only way Americans will see the truth is by tuning into social media or conservative news outlets. There is no way the mainstream lying media is going to cover this and point out the fact that Biden lied big-time. This is why it is critical that Americans dig into these issues on their own and stop trusting the propaganda being spewed by the mainstream media outlets.

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  1. This “debate “ was an absolute joke! The so called moderator ,who by the way has previous ties to the Democrat party (imagine that!), let Biden ramble on and on and then interrupted and shut down Trump whenever he countered with the truth. It’s the way of the Democrats-never let truth and the facts get in the way of their agenda.Biden’s lies and rhetoric were just so many farts in the wind, yet the media lets him get away with it. Absolutely disgusting! And this lying creep wants to be in charge of AMERICA? Just another example of why we need to vote them out…

  2. I didn’t have a job so I didn’t have any health insurance when Obamacare kicked in. I couldn’t afford the premiums for Obamacare myself but was forced to pay the IRS penalty so that other people (some illegal) could enjoy free health care. How could anyone think that this was just and fair?


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