Bill Maher Pushes Crazy Conspiracy Theory Over Coronavirus… He Sounds Like A Truther!

(Right Country) – Isn’t it hilarious how much the left dismisses any accusations of corruption or potentially violated rights as “conspiracy theory” when it comes from people on the other side of the aisle, but when there’s a president they don’t like in office, everything is a conspiracy?

HBO host Bill Maher, while he’s full of anti-Trump vitriol, is nonetheless not typically hysterical like his counterparts on the major cable news networks.

Sometimes he can even be halfway reasonable, and isn’t afraid to call people out on his own side for political losses or crazy rhetoric.

This time around, however, someone needs to call him out for pushing baseless, absurd conspiracy theories that he surely would have scoffed at were Barack Obama still in office.

On Friday’s episode of his program, Real Time with Bill Maher, the talk show host declared that President Donald Trump will declare martial law if the coronavirus outbreak grows more severe within the United States.

Now, the event of a widespread, deadly outbreak such as the coronavirus is probably one of the very few cases in which martial law would actually serve a purpose.

That’s why it exists.

But of course, Maher isn’t just talking about what will happen if Americans start dropping like flies from the deadly virus and chaos and mayhem break out, forcing the federal government to take such extreme measures to keep the peace and control the virus.

No, Maher thinks that Trump will do so in order to stay in power longer.



“Now since Trump, I think, is not going to leave anyway, might as well run Bernie. He’s not,” Maher said. “And by the way, when the virus gets bad, he’s going to declare martial law. Watch that.”

“That could happen. That could totally happen,” he adds.

In reality, Maher is speaking to the deepest fears of the political left: another four years of Trump.

It’s very unlikely that Trump will lose re-election in November, and the Democrats know this full well, Maher included.

If you thought the last three years were bad, just wait. They’re going to create whatever reality they can in which they can paint Trump’s acquisition of power as illegitimate because they absolutely can’t stand that he won the election legitimately in 2016, and they can’t stand that he’ll do so again in 2020.

Of course, as basically goes without saying at this point, Maher wasn’t the only leftist member of the media to try to bash Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus.

POTUS could reveal that he personally developed a universal cure and they’d criticize his method.


  1. The only martial law that should be declared should be to disband your show and censor you. This is nothing more than fear mongering. Shit like this needs to stop. Where’s the FCC.

  2. We should just put Maher, the view and all MSM on one show and let them all talk at the same time like the Democrat primary debates and that way we would get all the nonsense over at once but yet still get just as much out of the one program as we do out of the whole lot.

  3. Libtards are only saying this bc conservatives said it about Obama. These people have no original thoughts, only corrupt plagiarism.

  4. As the inevitable happens , Trump will get elected for four more. Maher will than turn to the right and become a Republican to stay in the spot light, as he is a phony moron.
    He has no reason to be on TV, because he is nothing but an agitator..and has no talent at all.

  5. Yep…he’s gone over that edge he was talking about a couple of weeks ago…oh well…not much there to lose anyway…

  6. Trump is using Israel for the cure b/c American healthcare/Big Pharma can no longer be trusted.

    Israel has already broken down the virus & expect cure in weeks.

    Big Pharma globalists aka Deep State have been hiding cures for decades & released the virus immediately following 2 events, tariff win by Trump in China & impeachment failed.

    Big Pharma globalists wanted to eliminate Trump & get power back. But I had already warned Trump last year that the virus would be their final move.

    B/c I discovered that healthcare was a fraud, hiding secondary set of muscles & not wanting to help people with muscular issues was a set up to allow chronic pain & heart attacks for purchasing pain pills & heart pills for Big Pharma. They’ve lied about everything.

    • Talk about crazy..where in the world are you getting this insane rhetoric about hiding cures and Big Pharma working against Trump. They’re the ones SUPPORTING Trump-that’s why bills to lower drugs, passed by the House, is still sitting on McConnell’s desk NOT voted on. The pharmaceutical industry’s largest trade association gave millions of dollars in grants to a number of conservative groups that pushed industry-friendly policies to the Trump administration and congressional lawmakers, new tax returns obtained by OpenSecrets reveal.

      The influential Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, which represents the most powerful drug companies in the country, is the top lobbying spender. This group extends its reach to influential conservative groups that are aligned with drugmakers AGAINST controls on drug prices.

      Among its top recipients was the American Action Network, which received $2.5 million last year. The conservative “dark money” group, which took in $10 million from PhRMA since 2016, has consistently advocated policies favored by drugmakers. Trump and the GOP get funded in their campaign and ads by these same Pharma companies and love the money they’re receiving at the expense of the public. Insulin prices have doubled in two years, for one. THE LIE is about who they’re working with to stop their pricing from going through the roof.
      Trump isn’t “working with Israel” what crap is that. Everyone is trying to find a vaccine for this virus world wide-but it might take from 18 months to over a 2 years. No one’s plotting to hide cures, That statement is so “sick” you need to get help. Can you read how this happened? The information is everywhere-how this virus came about, or are you only interested in insane conspiracy theories? Use soap and water-but maybe in your case it should be in your mouth?

  7. Oh
    Trump dies not take the $$$$$$
    He gives it to charities
    And he is the first President ever to do this ..
    He fighting the good fight for God and our civil liberties


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