Birx: ‘At This Moment,’ We Believe China’s Claim That There Are No New Cases In Wuhan

(Right Country) – We can’t trust a word the Chinese say about the coronavirus, neither the origins of the Wuhan-based disease or how it is progressing in their nation.

They’ve lied to us from the beginning.

So why does top White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborar Birx believe what they’re saying about no new cases in Wuhan?

While speaking with Fox News’ “Special Report” on Thursday, the Coronavirys Response Coordinator told host Brett Baier that, at the moment, she believes claims from Beijing that there haven’t been any new cases in the region were the virus first broke out late last year.

Birx said, according to Breitbart, “[W]e’re beginning to see real hope from South Korea and China, where it looks like they’ve moved through the worst of their epidemics.”

She was then asked by Baier, “Do you believe the Chinese report that there are no new transmissions in the Wuhan province, no local transmissions today?”

Birx replied, “You know, if you watch the trend lines over time, and if you watch them, as you line them up with South Korea, they’re very similar. So, at this point, at this moment, we would believe those data. I think everyone’s still concerned about why we weren’t alerted earlier.”

This contracts many experts who have raised the alarm about the communist regime’s lack of credibility.

On Thursday, Epoch Times reported:

Experts say the international community shouldn’t believe any numbers coming out of China due to the regime’s efforts to cover up the outbreak. Internal government documents obtained by The Epoch Times have highlighted how the regime purposefully under-reported cases of the CCP virus and censored discussions related to the outbreak, helping to fuel its spread.

“The Chinese propaganda machine is going to tell us what they want the rest of the world to hear and not necessarily what is fact,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) told The Epoch Times.

The CCP is set to expel U.S. journalists based in China who work for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

“That was an act of informing the rest of the world that they [China] have no intent upon being transparent,” Banks said. “Any statistic or anything that you read coming out of China should be readily dismissed simply because of that.”

“They don’t want the real story to be told because they know that they are culpable and they know that this coronavirus will always be associated with the current regime and the CCP leadership in China today.”


  1. I hang my hat on the Dr’s words “At the moment we believe them” and this seems to imply Ronald Reagan’s words “TRUST. BUT VARIFY”!!!! I believe THAT is what she is saying not that the medical professionals blindly believe the CCP!!!

  2. I was an intellignce analyst for over 20 years which included a significant amount of time targeting the CHICOMS (and I don’t care that calling them that isn’t PC). I was ONLY 99.99% sure that this was one of their illegal Bacterialogical Warfare (BW) experiements went awry from escaping the petri dish, and then the lab via a careless unsuspecting carrier. I never bought the BS about Chinese culinary errors. Also, a big clue was them keeping it secret for a couple months while letting it loose on the world, covering up. Mysterious deaths (bullets to the neck or head) of the whistleblowers). The Chicoms removed any doubt when they began buying our media to spread disinformation, attack Trump as a xenophobic racist,and resorting to deflection to hide the truth by claiming the U.S. Army introduced the virus into Wuhan. These are classic tactics of totalitarian regimes. And, every western government, the Russians and probably 80 % of all others know this was the result of BW research and experimentation gone sideways. Trump knows, that’s why he obliquely insists on calling it the “Chinese Virus”!

  3. I am just a “nobody” however at the first news break of the situation in Wuhan and with the disappearance of people who know something about the case, I already have the suspicion that something is wrong. My first impression was that this is like a movie depicting a communicable disease that occurred in a ship. Also, I have read articles about bio-weapon. The numbers coming out of China now is questionable together with their notion that there are 123 imported cases. What is important now is for every nation, every country close borders and, an international entity should be organized to look into this supposed cover by China.


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