Bizarre Claim About Biden’s “Low” Ceilings As Elderly Candidate Goes Missing

(Right Country) – Just after promising to hold his own daily briefings on the coronavirus outbreak to delay, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden is now missing in action and no one is sure what, exactly, is going on.

Biden’s remaining rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), has quickly faded to the background of the primary following a series of key primary victories for Biden, who now appears the be incumbent President Donald Trump’s clear rival in November.

As Biden has struggled to keep up with the modern-day virtual appearances needed to remind Americans he exists as Donald Trump battles the coronavirus crisis front and center.

But the reason his campaign is giving for why Biden hasn’t been particularly successful at reaching voters is particularly bizarre.

HIs ceilings are too low…?

“[This] is the excuse being provided for why [Biden] isn’t being seen during a national emergency,” Current Affairs tweeted.

“A source with knowledge of the campaign said Biden’s team is working on scaling up that infrastructure and dealing with the realities of Biden’s Wilmington home, like the fact that there aren’t particularly high ceilings, which can make lighting a challenge,” it said.


Biden’s conspicuous absence from the public spotlight is the talk of the media this week.

“In past week @JoeBiden has only had 1 on-camera public address as COVID escalated. (He spoke for ~6 mins on Tuesday from his home.) He also hosted a tele-town hall w/voters, answered Qs on press call & video chatted w/donors,” CBS political reporter Bo Erickson tweeted Sunday.

“Everything else has been statements ripping POTUS,” Erickson added.

During a weekly conference call last week, Biden told reporters that he has big plans for his home studio, so maybe he’s got a plan to overcome his low ceilings. He’s ready to host his own briefings after consulting “experts.”

“I find myself literally on the phone with my key advisers, medical advisers and economic advisers literally four, five hours a day, going through detailed memoranda on what we should be doing,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, President Trump is enjoying stellar approval ratings as he tackles this crisis head-on.

He has been holding daily press briefings to keep the American people abreast of the latest plans to see our nation through this public health and economic disaster.


  1. What could rickety old Biden say to voters at this time? He’s not a key player in handling anything needed to get through this, and his obvious shortcomings as a viable candidate are amplified by this national emergency. Don’t know what the dimwits are gonna do….

  2. Who cares what Biden says; he’s not in charge of anything!! He can’t even read a teleprompter without making gaffs!! He belongs in a Senior Home in the Alzheimer’s Ward for his own safety! His family and handlers need to stop exploiting this poor old guy, and take care of him. Daily briefings should only for our PRESIDENT who has information from his Covid 19 TEAM, and pertinent information for everyone!!

  3. Trump is front and center with daily briefings putting out false information or waking back what he’d said the previous day. He’s completely clueless and inept at handling any of this pandemic which became the enormous problem Govs are dealing with since he was too slow to take charge of it-first saying it was a hoax for weeks l-then saying there were maybe FIVE cases and it will be zero soon! He was worried about the stock market and money so he didn’t, and still hasn’t provided desperately needed equipment and PPE to now dying Americans. He promotes unproven vaccines whose ingredients a couple, on his saying so took which happens to clean fish tanks. The husband died and wife is in hospital in critical condition. People in Queens NY (his home) are waiting on long lines for 6-7 hrs for tests but are turned away as even the swans are finite. The only people front and center should be the Drs Fauci and Birk. They count. There’s no reason Trump is standing there with his dangerous lies of an ill informed clueless oaf. He should be in his office commanding the Defense Act to take place so they can get these basic things like damn N-95 MASKS to tieless health workers-and other things they’re battling while Trump is fiddling with his red tie to be in front of a camera. Disgusting!
    Btw-Biden was on TV yesterday extremely Presidential saying about this complete failure of his getting needed hospital supplies-organized. Thirteen people died today at Elmhurst General. My home hospital and new ground zero for death. Talk in Trumps case is cheap and all lies. Go Cuomo!

    • Susan you are a complete idiot and a mind numb robot, who just listens to the media and picks and chooses what you want to hear. Trump NEVER said the virus was a hoax, you seem to set your time line different then reality. Stay home, try to keep you mouth shut and do us all a favor.

    • We probably need more money for the Kennedy Center and Planned Parenthood, that will help those without a paycheck.

    • you people in New York are so stupid. You have a governor and a Mayor who does not care about you. It is so easy to blame President Trump for everything. What has the Mayor and Governor done for you?

  4. Worst case scenario: what’s his name . . . Joe gets elected and within minutes, hours days, he resigns due to (non disclosed) medical issues/conditions and a non Vetted comrade communist is sworn into office. . .

    Go girl, keep wagging your tongue 👅 prove to the nation the mindset of the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party communist!
    Clearly obvious and obviously clear, you have missed multiple weekly “CRANIAL COLON OSCOPY procedures”! REMEMBER, stool softeners are to be taken orally! This will help your medical professionals with the difficult task ahead of them!


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