Black Lives Matter Is Literally Extorting Businesses In This Major American City

(Right Country) – If you thought that Black Lives Matter activists behaved like thugs, well, this is even truer than we could have imagined.

A Black Lives Matter affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky has demanded “social justice” and “black liberation” changes be made to a local restaurant, including a directive to make “donations” to organizations run by minorities.

Among the demands made to the business include certain racial quotas for staff and the owners of the suppliers they use, adjustments to their dress code, and the aforementioned “donations.”

The posters for their campaign use the acronym “BIPOC” (“black or indigenous persons of color”), Breitbart reports.

From the posters:

23% of Staff is BIPOC in Front of House

23% of inventory is from BIPOC retailer(s)

Regular donations to BIPOC organization

Dress code policy does not discriminate against BIPOC patrons of employees.

Among the demands also include an option to give 1.5 percent of their business revenues to a local “black nonprofit or organization” if they’d rather not attempt to purchase a minimum of 23 percent of the business’ inventory “black retailers,” and also mandated “diversity and inclusion training” for the staff and the display of political messages in support of “reparations.”

This is bone-chilling.

This is modern-day “activism,” bullying private businesses that have had nothing to do with creating perceived racial disparities into supporting your messages and giving business to people based solely on the color of their skin?

Breitbart notes that “The posters include a stated commitment to be publicly visible as a public service announcement pending future ‘inspections’ of restaurants and other businesses.”

Three varieties of posters with the message, “YOU CAN’T STOP THE REVOLUTION,” were directed at restaurants in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood with the grades A, C, and F according to a “NuLu Social Justice Health and Wellness Code.”

Posters with the C-grade declare, “A facility that fails two (2) consecutive regular inspections will be under administrative review.” Those with an F-grade include the following message, “[This] facility has failed to meet minimum requirements of the Nulu Social Justice Health and Wellness Code inspection. This includes [a] failure to create a safe space for black inclusion.”

The letter includes neo-Marxist assertions, decrying “gentrification” as a “process [that] has been happening to black, indigenous, and persons of color at the hands of white, heterosexual patriarchy since the inception of this nation we call home. Black folx [sic] can’t ‘have their own space’ when wealthy white folks see an opportunity to make more money.”

Some of the posters’ further demands include:

  • Reduction in Racial Index Score/bias report to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Social Media Blast: Notification, via all social media platforms, of non-compliance.
  • Boycott: Public boycott, coordinated through social media and mail announcements, of yours NuLu establishment AND any other business ventures owned by you.
  • Protest: Visible, media-covered demonstration/sit-in outside your establishment.
  • Invasive Reclamation: Placement of booths/tables outside your establishment where competing Black proprietors will offer items comparable to those offered by you.

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    • ES – weren’t their ancestors ‘kings and sh er um stuff’ – and they can’t even come up with their own extortion schemes but have to copy la cosa nostra. Any way you slice it, they are fostering criminal enterprise which is likely covered under RICO.
      Never mind that the numbers they are pushing for are NOT ‘equal’ – more evidence that they are seeking for dominance, not equality. And nothing based on merit, simply some warped quota.

      • Many people do not know that Soros has an avowed Marxist running BLM and they are taking in billions of dollars from high rollers from outside of the USA, and some from within the USA, as well!

    • Soros had practice when he changed the government in Ukraine. This POS needs to get the message that this kind of garbage will not work in the U.S.A. Furthermore, those that do try some kind of hostile takeover will be dealt with in kind.

  1. Go figure. Blm believes and has stated that 80 percent of white Americans believe in their cause. As with covid-19, those numbers dont add up. LOL

  2. This is so sad, this is exactly what the Mafia did. How can we as a country support BLM when they have become so ridiculous in their demands. This is definitely not supportive of the blacks nor any race, it is total control and Marxist.

  3. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Extortion is a criminal act and the local, state and federal government need to arrest and prosecute all the perpetrators to the full extent of the law.

  4. These people are part of the Dumbocrat Party, and the Dumbocrat leaders are not denouncing these anarchist “peaceful protests”. We can expect MORE anarchy if the Dumbocrats take over! I just cannot believe this crap is going on in our country! God help us!

  5. Folks, there is not such thing as a Terrorist. That is Left propaganda, trying to have some justification for their actions. What are now called Terrorist, are what we use to call combatants. They are warriors, who feel they are at War. We MUST wake up and realize we are being attacked. This is not a game, this is War.


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