Black Lives Matter Moms Have Their Children Hold These Vulgar Signs

(Right Country) – Racism and hate are not born, they’re taught and a group of women in Portland have shown the world exactly how that’s done. Several mothers paraded around their innocent young children, some of which looked to be as young as 2 or 3, while they held signs saying things like “f*** the police” and “eff Trump’s Goons,” and “f*** Ted Wheeler.” It’s hard to find that kind of world class parenting.

Black Lives Matter screams about “equality” but this is exactly the kind of hate their promoting and now parents are literally teaching their own children to blindly hate entire groups of people.

Not only did these women give their children theses signs but they filmed them on their phones and encouraged them to repeat the phrase “f*** the police” and, as reporter Andy Ngo observed, one of them was even trained to throw up the “black power” fist.

Apparently, black people can be as hateful and vulgar as they want to be without fear of repercussions or backlash. Imagine if white people gathered their children and gave them signs that said these things about a specific group of people or even a specific politician. The liberal media would jump all over it and label it a hate crime. Blacks, however, can be hateful with impunity, you know, because victim status and all.

Hundreds of teachers are arrested every year for sexual abuse yet there are no movements involving people holding signs that say “f*** teachers” or “teachers are rapists.” Yet, because of a few isolated incidents involving lethal force used by police, we’re supposed to hate all police. Apparently, these women think it’s a good idea to raise their kids to hate the police but if one of their kids were senselessly shot, who do you think these moms would be calling?

In the video, one of children’s signs says “eff Trump’s Goons,” a likely reference to President Trump making the decision to send in federal troops to protect federal property and restore order to Portland. Remember, not everyone living in Portland wants their city to be completely destroyed by a bunch of hateful, unhinged radical leftist terrorists.

With the city of Portland going on over 50 straight nights of rioting, President Trump is right to want to end the criminal activity plaguing the city especially when it has become abundantly clear that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is not interested in doing a thing to stop it.

As a matter of fact, Wheeler tried to join in and show support for the bedlam but was met with shouts for his resignation. Instead of calling for an end to the riots, Wheeler has decided to blame the unrest on the presence of the federal authorities despite the fact that this lunacy has been going on for almost two months.

The rioters don’t want Ted Wheeler’s support and if he’s still confused on just where he stands, he could just take a look at the toddlers carrying signs that convey exactly how the black community and the “peaceful protestors” feel about him.

It’s time for this anarchy to be put to an end but also, it’s really not cute or classy to use your children as props for obscene political statements.


  1. The child protective agency needs to be defunded if they have done nothing to protect these abused children. Apparently another agency that was weaponized by Obama.

    • I agree. Where is child protective services when parents do something sick like this . These wanna be parents should be arrested for child abuse . This will continue too create hate no matter if its race or the police .

  2. And BLM is not racist?? Black people are more racist than whites have ever been. These pig women using their kids is so disgusting. And the fools wonder why they run afoul of the law. These little kids stand no chance of ever having a good life-their mother’s have thrown them under the bus. These wonderful mom’s will live to see a lot of these children grow up to be gangbangers. A lot of these kids and many more like them grow up filled with hate-not because of white people-but because their “mom’s” were more into getting attention for themselves than raising their children to be decent adults. In other words “EFF” my kids-rioting is way more fun than being a good parent. I feel sorry for these kids-they have been shackled by the stupidity of their mothers. Mom’s-when you see these very same kids go to prison or end up dead in some dark alley-blame yourselves for their fate. Fools like you should not be allowed to breed.

  3. This sure shows why more black women abort their children than any other women. They seem to think their children are nothing more than props. What’s really sad is the black women who actually loved their children have lost them to BLM/Antifa violence, like the last one killed at just 10months old.

  4. Blacks everywhere are going Full Jungle because they know there are no repercussions for their crude, violent, selfish behavior.

  5. Here is why negroes are racist….from child to maturity is the way they’re growing and the way family teaches them to be….that’s their future…be a racist!!


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