Black Trump Supporter Shot Dead In Wisconsin. Where’s Black Lives Matter Now?

(Right Country) – Intolerance and hate are most certainly at all-time highs in America but it’s not coming from those who the media says it is. The left, who are supposedly so tolerant and inclusive, have become rabid in their hatred for Donald Trump and white people. Anybody who shows support for President Trump is now public enemy #1 and that is especially true for people of color.

Black people put a very high value on being black but if any black person dare think for themselves and speak out as a Trump supporter they will turn on them in lightning speed. Such is the tragic case of one black Trump support in Wisconsin who was recently shot in the head after having recently discussed his support for President Trump.

Apparently, this is how “love” wins. The Heavy has the details:

Bernell Trammell, a well-known Black supporter of Donald Trump who was a community fixture known for his publishing company and long conversations on religion and politics, often delivered from street corners while holding pro Trump and other signs, was shot to death in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trammell, 60, was gunned down on July 23 near the very spot where he gave a video interview a few hours before explaining why he supported Trump. Milwaukee police are seeking what they described as “unknown suspects.” The motive is not clear, including whether or not the slaying was tied into Trammell’s political beliefs or Trump support. Some news outlets gave the victim’s name as Bernell Tremmell, but he goes by Trammell on social media.

The Wisconsin GOP is now calling for a federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney into the shooting death because of “his well known political activism and the possibility that his murder could be politically motivated,” WISN-12 reported.

Kevan Penvose wrote on Facebook that Trammell “was a man with whom I hardly ever agreed about anything he wrote on his signs, but also, as a Rasta street preacher, he was one of the people that make my neighborhood so uniquely wonderful. Around 12:30 this afternoon I heard gunshots nearby as I was working at my dining room table. Soon after, I was reading reports on social media of a shooting around the block, at the location of this one-of-a-kind storefront that I’ve walked by a million times… Peace and light, Ras Bernell.”

Johnny Schaeffer, 45, knew Trammell for almost his entire life because his mother once dated him, and they stayed in touch over the years. “I’m devastated,” he told Heavy in a phone interview.

“I think that he was definitely misjudged,” Schaeffer said. “He had his views, you know. People were sometimes surprised not only by his thoughts but how he said it. He was bold, a big, taller man, and when he talked, people listened.”

Where’s Black Lives Matter now? Apparently, conservative black lives don’t matter. This is proof right here of the ideology behind BLM. If you still think BLM is about “justice” and “equality” here’s your wake up call.

If BLM was truly concerned with “justice” they would be outraged over Trammell’s murder. Why are there no protests or riots over his totally unfair and unwarranted death? Trammell was doing nothing but minding his own business and living a respectable, decent life. He was the perfect example of what blacks can accomplish when they work hard and live honest lives and yet he was shot to death like an animal, all because of his political beliefs and support for our President.

Yet, there is no national outrage, no protests, no riots in Trammell’s name. BLM is only interested in taking a stand for blacks who have committed crimes and are killed by the law enforcement institution BLM is hell-bent on destroying.

Trammell’s death is a tragedy and everyone in America should be outraged by it.


  1. Take a closer look at BLM…
    None of the money Hollywood & others have raised for them has gone to repair & improve any lives but the administration of BLM. Looks like they plan to rename the Democratic party for themselves with the assistance of Soros& his antifa cells.

    • Because it’s a Marxist organization founded by Marxists. Everyone should read the Marxist manual guidelines ‘Das Kapital’ to understand their modus operandi (Anarchy) for the overthrow of Capitalism and you will then understand what is going on.

  2. This is plainly to show police and other officials that the protesters are pure evil! They are intolerant of white people, freedom of speech and AMERICANS! So terrible for this American patriot . We will have a war to stop sorros and his league of demons!!! This fat low-life sorry p.o. human waste will suffer as the COWARD of the devil.

  3. I’ll be surprised if the state attorney General will do one little thing to find Trammell’s murderer. I’m sick to death of those states that have been supporting BLM, enough is enough wake up before there is a full scale war on those states allowing these riots and killings and destroying.

  4. BLM did have a guided purpose in the beginning, that is long gone. They are now OWNED by the liberal elite. The web-site is operated by the DNC and donations go directly to Act Blue. These donations are not used to improve the lives of our black neighbors, they are used for liberal candidates to enrich their campaigns. I see the % of approval for Trump among African Americans is rising, they are waking up!!

  5. Where is CNN , MSNBC, ABC, BLM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, LeBron James, Hollywood elites, Jeff Bezos, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Do you see the hypocrisy here?

  6. Is a message being sent that you better not support anyone or anything that this movement is against, is this group putting you under bondage. If you make a choice that does not agree with the movement, is your time limited? Is your co-worker, neighbor, buddy at the gym or friend spying on you. Reporting you , if you disagree or decide to support someone not on their list. Will your spouse, children, brother, sister ever get any closure when you go on the list of unsolved murders. I wonder how Mr Trammell’s family and friends are doing.

  7. blm…black LIES matter! Not the first time a black has turned on another black and won’t be the last. These black folks, and a LOT of white, Mex and Asian, are silent because of just this type of thing. They will speak their true feelings in the privacy of a voting booth tho and it WILL be TRUMP 2020

  8. RIP Bernell Trammell with the lord in all his glory. You will not be forgotten and your preaching remembered. Shine on.

  9. when the hateful evil demon lover gets caught for killing a good christian man who spoke the truth even when it wasn’t well excepted. Don’t bring him in alive for our justice system to set him free to kill again. I am tired of being calm and trying to make people understand that Trump is OUR ONLY chance of keeping America America. Look at the insanity going on now.
    My prayers and hugs go out to this mans family during there horrible loss

  10. This man is a martyr for freedom of speech !!! God bless him!!! He is the one that BLM should be marching For. This is a black whose life did matter for freedom!!!
    RIP. Prayers for his family.

  11. I am completely outraged at this ! This is premeditated murder. I have a very good idea who paid the killer or killers who did this. This man was a good citizen of the USA. His right to express who he was voting for ended his life. These are the Demons in the Dem party. Who runs all these criminal murders a damned Communist who is a multi-billionaire. He wants to run our country to the ground. He is nothing but a coward communist who pay to murder anyone who is voting for President Trump. God get him FEDS. R.I.P. Mr. Bernell Trammell …My prayers to his family May God Comfort you all and be strengthen by his love.


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