Black Trump Supporter Shot To Death Just Hours After Doing This

(Right Country) – Black conservatives are a dangerous thing to the left’s carefully crafted narrative on race.

While plenty of black Americans recognize how much good Trump has done for their community and our nation overall, the left would rather have them stick strictly to their narrative on race…or not exist at all.

So it is particularly tragic to learn of the horrific and sudden death of a pro-Trump black man who was ready to share some serious truth about our commander-in-chief and the black community.

BizPac Review reports:

Marxist Black Lives Matter activists are curiously silent after black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell was murdered in Milwaukee hours after he reportedly gave an interview explaining why he supports President Trump.

Police are investigating the possibility of a political motive for Trammell’s tragic killing, NewsTalk1130 reported.

“Trammell, 60, was gunned down on July 23 near the very spot where he gave a video interview a few hours before explaining why he supported Trump,” according to the Daily Callout. “The motive is not clear, including whether the slaying was tied into Trammell’s political beliefs or Trump support.”

Trammell was a Rastafarian street preacher who advocated for President Trump’s reelection both in front of Milwaukee’s City Hall and in his black-majority neighborhood.

Of course, the left is usually silent on any incident of violent that they cannot use to further their agenda.

Those who actually recognize the value of life and appreciated Trammell’s did pipe up.


  1. What a shame. A beautiful man of peace who thought for himself not group think. Those who scream and yell and demand are no longer being heard as their hate and violence is what many hear and see and move away from them.

  2. It’s amazing how we are taking the deaths of so many as just another political event….let’s face it wherever black lives matter and antifa go…death and destruction follow…if we don’t fight back they will become our quasi political power who will have the authority to control the rule of law….freedom and liberty must be fought for everyday…to allow fear and intimidation to control us only gives the left more power…

  3. Freedom is NOT free. For years it has cost the lives of many. Many died to set us free from the tyranny of England. Thus the National anthem was born.
    Many lives were taken in the fields to set slaves FREE. And now their names and statues are being sullied by those who hate this country. As long as we keep silent, freedom will no longer ring in this country. We need to hold our Mayors, Governors, Senators and all political officials responsible for allowing thugs to run our cities. They took an oath that they are refusing to keep. If they keep refusing, vote them out.

  4. Where’s the outrage? Again crickets because if you are not one of them and support their anarchy cause you are the enemy. What a bunch of hypocrites. Every day a tragedy happens that proves these anarchist want destruction of America and death to anyone who stands in their way. Wake up people. Knock Knock.

  5. If this don’t wake up the blind sheep who follow Soros and the rest of the radicals in the dem party they must be completely stupid. I feel sorry for this man that dared to use his own brain and insight. It amazes me how in the hell people can can call any of this justice. Why don’t they have a protest against the folks that are that dumb? Does his life matter? Vote for a dem if you want to be in a single government style country. (Commie that is) Maybe you want an ankle monitor next if you test positive for covid. They are already taking control of your freedoms. A single party is exactly what this country was against, or we would still be under a dictator, king , or queen. Wake up you idiots, and small the plot, for dictatorship. I can’t believe all the blind sheep, with Soros and Biden, Clintons, and Pelosi in the front of the herd. Vote for a dem. and be a real slave to all their plans to a complete takeover. VOTE TRUMP !!

  6. Hey all of you BLM hypocrites! Is your silence violence? You are all a joke and will be a footnote is history as part of the problem, not the solution. Rothrock’s commentary on you was spot on.

  7. Rest in peace , my good man!!! May those responsible for your death be found, arrested, and given the Maxium Punishment for their actions!!!!

  8. We have another Martin Luther King, Jr. who fought for equal rights for blacks against the Democrats and now Bernell Trammell another God fearing man of justice for all, was murdered fighting for justice for blacks, whites, Hispanics, Native Americans and all citizens of our great country. He truly needs to be honored and immortalized for his support of a free America and justice, a great and true American. We may never know the truth of what organization of individual did this but they do not represent the wonderful majority of Americans who love it’s people and our country.


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