Bombshell: Even Kanye Wasn’t Safe From Election Fraud

(Right Country) – While few took it very seriously, eccentric hip hop tycoon Kanye West ran for president as well in 2020, and at least a handful of voters actually pulled the lever for him at the ballot box.

However, it would be difficult to say how many, because it appears that votes were stolen even from longshot candidate West and…you guessed it…given to Biden.

At least, this is what is claimed by some witnesses in Michigan, which, against all odds, has been declared for Biden despite Trump’s surprise victory in the state in 2016.

While West failed to fulfill ballot access requirements in several states, including Michigan, there were still voters on the state who wanted to back him.

And did.

He was unable to collect the 12,000 petition signatures in order to appear on Michigan ballots. But apparently, his write-in votes were even stolen from him.

Witnesses say that these votes were then given to Joe Biden.

Allegedly, poll workers even joked about it as they altered ballots themselves to remove votes for Kanye and given them to the Democrat.

“When the write-in is deleted and the mark is made for straight ticket, and the party is marked Democrat, all deleted write-in votes become Democrat votes, they were doing this all day,” said Robin Mifsud, a Republican Poll Challenger in Detroit who claims to have seen Kanye votes being given to Biden on Election Day.

“The Secretary of State took these people’s vote and changed it,” Mifsud claimed.

Here’s the thing:

Over the summer, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson issued rules than any “unapproved write-in” should have their votes straight canceled out.

Did this apparently translate into votes for Biden?

That is the allegation from The Gateway Pundit, who says witnesses describe thousands of votes going Biden’s way instead of poor Kanye’s.

“If someone voted straight-ticket Democrat and wrote in Kanye, since he was an ‘unapproved write-in candidate’ according to the Secretary of State, they were instructed to remove Kanye’s vote and instead give that vote to Joe Biden, a 77 year old white man,” the outlet explains.

All of the witness accounts reportedly saw this ballot tampering in Detroit.

“This shit ain’t about Trump anymore, they out here stealing from Yeezy, this ain’t right,” declared Kanye fan Chris S., in Detroit.

Kanye has already graciously conceded the race.

This doesn’t change the fact, however, that this outsider third-party candidate may have been used to give favor to Biden in a key swing state.

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  1. This is no longer socialism; it is outright communism. These people will get what they deserve. They will not be happy but it will be too late. It’s horrible that the rest of us will be condemned to the same fate. Just pray that the just will be able to survive.

  2. It’ll be WAR if they continue to try to steal this election! They should BE “VERY AFRAID!” I for one, and tens of millions LIKE ME too (I’m SURE!) “Will NOT LIVE in a country RUN BY THESE LYING, CHEATING THIEVES!” I would rather DIE (as my forefathers DID… anytime tyrany and amoral injustice “raised it’s UGLY HEAD” to TRY to take over) than submit to this Treasonous Treachery! These people (as already mentioned) MUST PAY for their CRIMES against the country and the PEOPLE! With “ALL” they’ve already DONE (& been caught doing) “what better place than HERE? & what better time THAN NOW!?”


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