Bombshell: Obama Planted Moles In The White House Before Leaving…This Is Huge

(Right Country) – Not that this is news, but the Obama administration installed a crooked apparatus within the federal government to thwart the incoming president.

In fact, this is the mess we’ve been seeing play out in Washington DC for the last three years.

It’s become abundantly clear that the Obama administration made sure that they could torpedo Donald Trump, first as a candidate, and then as president-elect.

They used the DNC-funded dossier to obtain illegal warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and then transition team.

As radio host Rush Limbaugh says, the Obama administration went even further than this, however, by planting “moles” within the Deep State apparatus to undermine the Trump presidency.

He noted on Tuesday that Barack Obama increased the National Security Council staff from just 100 employees to over 200.

Many of these extraneous employees remained in place after Trump took office.

WND explains:

Among Obama’s hires were the Vindman brothers, one of whom testified against Trump in the House impeachment investigation. Another was Eric Ciaramella, the reported whistleblower whose hearsay claim triggered the Democrats’ impeachment campaign. And there was Sean Misko, who was heard plotting with Ciaramella to bring down Trump just weeks after the inauguration. Misko then went to work for the lead impeachment manager, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

“And then you remember how Obama multiplied the number of federal agencies who had access to classified data? I think what this actually was… I think as Obama was leaving office, he expanded the National Security Council staff and then enlarged the number of agencies that had access to whatever classified data they did. He planted moles,” Limbaugh explained.

“This is where they planted the moles. This is where they planted the moles all over the NSC. The Vindman twins, Fiona Hill, the whistleblower, Abigail Grace (who left the NSC shortly after the Trump phone call). She went to work for Schiff. So did Sean Misko. Every one of these people is an Obama holdover. I remember asking, ‘Why in the hell are they still there? Why didn’t Trump clean house and reduce this number back down to 75 to a hundred people who are working for him?’ I don’t know the answer.

“But my guess would be that he had people advising him not to do it,” he said.

“But I think that’s where all of this came from. I think it’s where the Trump-Russia collusion and all of this came from, the FBI and that element of it, too. But the inside Trump administration moles, the turncoats, whatever you want to call ’em. They are Obama appointees that had jobs expanded as Obama was leaving office for the express purpose of protecting Obama’s achievements and sabotaging whoever was to come next — in this case, Trump,” he said.

He added that “garbage coming out of these NSC people and the leaks” could have been most likely what has been most damaging to Trump.

“Obama holdovers in the National Security Council. I mean, all roads in the effort to get rid of Trump lead right back to the top of the Obama administration. I don’t think there’s any question about it.”


  1. Well when in the hell is someone going to do something about this and bring these dregs out in the open with investigations. All I seem to hear from the republicans is a lot of double talk.

    • Tim – you are exactly right. How can all of this be brought to light yet these people are still walking the streets and enjoying the good life while our country and our president are constantly under attack by them.

  2. “The problem is clear the solution is not”
    Oh … yes …!!! …. I’m sure the WH is full of Moles …!!!
    But …!!…. if Trump would have fired everybody as
    he dam well knew he should …!!! ….. there would
    have been an explosion by the Fake Media and
    Demo-Rats ….!!!! He has already been through so
    much….. what … with the Russia – Fake Muller Report
    Fake Ukrainian Impeachment hearings etc.
    I hope he Fires Everybody ….. Now ….!!!!
    God Bless Trump …. !!!! …….. I love him…..!!!!

    • I think the solution is easy! Get rid of every single person who worked in the previous admin! Dispose of all the extra crap the previous POS had installed. Get rid of ALL the judges the POS appointed! Give each one a close inspection, and then decide whether to keep them or not when new President takes over!

  3. It’s time for a good house cleaning and these morons who started this whole sham and cost this country years and millions of dollars. This is pure evil. Just think about what the President could have accomplished if not for these traitors.

  4. Treason:

    1 the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
    2 a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
    3 the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    It’s time to grow the number of investigators in the Justice Department. It’s time to start prosecuting these treasonous SOBs. President Trump has done more for this country in his first term than any president to date. What the Deep State is doing should result in wide-spread prosecution and record numbers entering Leavenworth Federal lockup.

    • Not sure what scares me the most…How the conspiracy theory emails I just started getting from this right country are just thrown out there to see what sticks, kind of like Benghazi was just to hurt Hillary’s election chances which Kevin McCarthy admitted to on national television!!!
      OR all the fish that are eating the bait/bs from Rush, Fox News and Alex f-ing Jones “the king of verbal diarrhea” that sure as hell don’t deserve medals for profiting off of the lazy Americans who don’t look into the accusations because they are blinded by their hatred for the boogeyman created by their favorite story teller or even worse Their so called “billionaire”REALITY TV SHOW PRESIDENT!!! A real estate contractor propped up by his dad at first, not paying subcontractors or taxes second, and then Russian oligarchs later!!!
      The blind blind leading the blind blind!
      Yes sheep…their are a small percentage of bad/evil characters BUT they we possibly me don’t have to be your ENEMY just because We don’t share your feelings opinions about the national issues of the day!

      • All of you nay-sayers are blinded by hatred. Hildabeast did not win. Trump is President according to law. Get over it and work to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! ! !

  5. Every single one of these traitorous, lying, hypocritical idiots should already be in jail…if left to me, their trials would be something akin to those held in Salem, MA. so long ago…only this time, the accused are actually guilty……

  6. We knew that from when DJT was the front runner and ultimately elected. It was in the media. Why hasn’t something been done to remove all of these Deep State moles? Oh right, we had useless Sessions. AG Barr has a full plate, but he better chew faster.

  7. Trump is finally purging the leftists from his ranks. I would assume there are hidden moles that will be given a chance to be set up to find them. Spy counter spy methods are surely in place to find them.. Who do you trust bag jobs are in full affect.. Trump knows what he is up against. 5 more years to clear the deck… Sanders will not prevail. Vote the Dims out…

  8. Hey mick , go stand in line for toilet paper . Im also guessing you believe Roger Stone should serve More time then someone who commits a murder , rape or felony assault ?

  9. When Trumps re-elected he needs to do a sweeping reform. Fire any and all Obama leftovers or this same BS is going to continue into his second term. Republicans need to take the house and the senate. MaCarthy needs to become speaker of the house and Nancy Pelosi needs to fly out on the same broom she flew in on.

  10. Civil war is what needs to happen in this country, to right the wrongs that the liberal turds and Dems have done. Waiting for day Dems, I will definitely have a field day hunting feral hogs. Keep pushing us republicans, keep throwing gasoline on the fire…. and you’ll find out when we start pushing back hard, and it won’t be pretty.


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