Brand New DNI Ratcliffe Sworn In. Here’s Why We Can Expect Even More Declassifications….

(Right Country) – Over the last few months, acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, has been quietly waging war on the Deep State.

He has been reforming the intelligence community from within, while declassifying key documents that have exposed the extent to which the Obama intelligence communities colluded to frame General Michael Flynn.

While Grenell stepped down over the weekend, making way for the new DNI, thankfully, it doesn’t appear that declassifying is going to end any time soon.

On Tuesday, former GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe was sworn in after being confirmed by the Senate last week.

He is taking over for Grenell, who served as acting DNI while also serving as ambassador to Germany.

Ratcliffe was confirmed 49-44 by the Senate last week. While he was initially nominated for the position in 2019, he ended up withdrawing his name after criticism over his qualifications for the position emerged, Just the News reports.

Ratcliffe recently told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge: “I haven’t served in an intelligence agency. I think that bringing a different kind of experience today is really going to be vitally important. You know all of the experience in the world isn’t helpful without judgment, and I think what we’ve seen is that some of our most experienced intelligence official have gotten it wrong with respect to important issues.”

The role of Director of National Intelligence oversees the federal government’s 17 intelligence agencies.

He was confirmed by a GOP Senate that is confident in his capacity to fill the role.

“Director Ratcliffe understands this responsibility, and I am confident that he will fulfill all the roles assigned to the DNI with integrity,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Ratcliffe, who has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, assured the members of the Senate during his hearing that he would protect intelligence community whistleblowers while also delivering information free of bias.

Just the News notes:

“Grenell has made waves during his tenure by working with the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr to declassify a number of documents pertaining to the Russia investigation that had until recently been held up by Congress and a number of other factors.”


  1. Now this is exactly what the enemies of this USA have been wanting, more declassification so they can see where the intelligence community is getting and how they are getting the information so they can make sure they plug those holes. Now apparently this could all be done on a Secret level, but this President whpo wants the Pesidency to be like a Reality TV Show and has no knowledge of how this Government works and sadly could care less as long as he gets positive attention from his supporters. Now why exactly do they put classifications on documents it is not always to protect teh information in them, in many cases it is to protect what they know without the others knowing how they got the information.

    • Except the real enemies of this country work in Washington, D.C.
      They need to be exposed. The American people that provide all the money to run this country deserve nothing less. Foreign enemies to this country are enabled by many of our politicians. It’s time for this to stop. And if anyone hasn’t noticed, it isn’t our elected presidents that are the problem. They come and go.

      • Exactly! In recent years it has become evident that corrupt elements in the FBI and CIA comprise the secret coup government established behind the scenes in 1963 and now known as the Deep State. These agencies must be tamed and the DS exposed and punished. This is treason even more dangerous than any foreign adversary. It must be extirpated root and branch.

    • Your remark assumes that the authors of the documents are incompetent. If you work in the business you know that the actors have the ability to slice and dice information into separate contents that can be independently classified. Grenell is not declassifying materials that are above Top Secret. And the abuse lies in the fact that what has been facetiously misclassiied to hide a coup de’ tat. If the corruption hadnt occurred in the prior administration we wouldnt have this mess and diatribes on the illegalities for 8 years which are so evident now.

    • Don’t bother with that gibberish about national security. The idiots appointed by Obama have had little interest in protecting the United States from foreign enemies. Their primary mission has been political and facilitating the spread of globalism and the weakening of the U.S. on the world stage.

      Anyone who cannot recognize this is either a blithering idiot or a blatant promoter of leftist ideology. You pick the one.

      • If they were actually interested in protecting the US from foreign enemies, would they have covered for Biden, Clinton and Obama’s collusion with Communist China, etc al? Robert’s comments sound just like the obfuscating swamp creeps that instigated and perpetrated the fraudulent accusations again Trump etc al — using “national security” as a cover for their illegal and treasonous actions.

  2. OBAMAGATE is REAL! This is not simply “no one is above the law” quote! This is PURE EVIL! Finally – thank God – they are all being exposed! The American tax payers – “We the People”, “We the Deplorable” deserve to know the whole truth! These evil acts have, and continue to hurt this country – badly! The GOOD NEWS is: THEY CAN NOT hide from GOD! He knows all and what’s in your heart! Whether on earth or in HELL – YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for your evil acts! God bless President Trump, VP Mike Pence, AG Bill Barr, General Michael Flynn, Attorney Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton, John Solomon, Sara Carter, and many, many, many others who fight every day for TRUTH and JUSTICE!

  3. Don’t trust this guy Ratcliffe. Watched his hearing and he’s malleable to the whims of the left.
    Grenell should be appointed Attorney General, then we would see Obama and his Cabal get prosecuted. Ratcliffe and Bush Boy Barr will not prosecute anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal.


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