Breaking: Black Trump Supporter Locked Out Of His Account — Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See This

(Right Country) – Well, Facebook has clearly decided to very seriously pursue their efforts to interfere with a general election, and they’re not even trying to hide it.

One of the very inconvenient truths for the Democrats is that black voters are turning to President Donald Trump in droves—all the while their own party’s terrible record on race and decades of empty promises to the minority community are all coming out in the light.

On Saturday, hundreds of black supporters of President Donald Trump marched in the Freedom Rally in an epic, and very inconvenient, display of minority support for our legendary POTUS.

Just last weekend, Blexit organized a march which featured thousands of black, pro-police Trump supporters.

The 1776 Freedom Tour March was emceed by radio host Jamie Allman, as The Gateway Pundit reports.

Hundreds of Trump supporters showed up and marched from the National Monument to the White House, the majority of whom were black or minority.

Allman made sure to document the event widely on Facebook.

There was one video that went viral, showing Freedom Marchers passing Black Lives Matter Park.

The marchers chanted “We love Trump!” as they passed by the park named for the radical, far-left movement that preaches Marxist ideology and intersectional caste systems rather than true American freedom and equality.

In the video, most of the BLM demonstrators captured were white.


You can see why this gem went viral.

Of course, now Facebook has censored Allman as a result.

On his way home to St. Louis, Allman reportedly discovered he’d been locked out of his account “bullying and harassment.“


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  1. Black people have awakened to the fact that the Dems do NOTHING for them. President Trump has done a great job for them so far, and will continue to do much more, if he is reelected. The White people that are part of BLM, are unfortunately ignorant, and in many cases, they have NO idea WHAT they are protesting for ! The TRUTH is, if they REALLY wanted to help Black people, they would be SUPPORTING DONALD TRUMP !!

  2. Isn’t it great to see and HEAR young black Americans UNDERSTANDING what the so-called democRAT party is up to and NEVER DONE ANYTHING to HELP their Communities, except for KEEPING them on the WELFARE train….!!!!?????

  3. The black movement has awoke to truth an justice. They are tired of being stereo typed. The Democrats believe because they are black it’s an automatic vote. I applaud them for seeing thur the fake media, Hollywood scumbagj elite an bottom feeding Politicians. Our President is a man of the people all people. If the news was reported truthfully there is only one clear choice. Black community all communities please kept this movement going we will get thru this together. There is a demonic force we have to fight. GOD HELP AMERICA ,GOD BLESS AMERICA. MAGA 2020

  4. These people working for Twitter, Facebook that are working for Fascist Political organizations, and they have ; a face, a name , an address, and a need for Conservatives to meet and greet for the Purpose of aggressive negotiations. The so called Antifa (fascist) group, Black Lies Mutters, and others are the militant arm of Socialist Communists.
    The aggressive negotiations no will possibly stave off more extreme conflicts later on.

  5. You got that right. I hope they split up or shut down the big tech a’holes . Shut them down and take their ways of abusing the users .


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