Breaking: Disturbing Hunter Biden Pictures Prove Exactly What Joe Has Been Denying

(Right Country) – Ever since the New York Post started publishing their bombshell revelations exposing the Bidens as being quite possibly one of the most corrupt crime families in modern- day America, Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement as often as possible. Despite the fact that Tony Bobulinski has come out publicly to corroborate and confirm the allegations against Hunter and Joe Biden, it has been Joe Biden’s strategy to simply deny.

First he called the reports Russian disinformation and has since refused to give them any credibility by claiming they’re just “smear” campaigns against him and his family by President Trump.

In one particularly heated exchange, Biden cut-off a reporter who dared to ask about his son. When the reporter asked about the “controversy” surrounding Hunter, Joe Biden snapped saying, “there is no controversy” and then proceeded to explain how all of it was just a big lie manufactured by the President because he “has nothing else to run on.”

Then he quickly deflected and moved on to slamming President Trump and all the supposed ways he has failed America and once again asserted that Trump “has no plan.”

The reality is, it is Joe Biden that appears to have no plan. He has no plan on how to handle the growing number of controversies surrounding him, his son, and other members of his nuclear family. Fortunately, he is Joe Biden and not President Trump and all Joe Biden has to do is deny and the media gobbles it right up, regurgitating it for their gullible, mindless audiences.

Unfortunately now there are millions of Americans who actually believe the accusations against Hunter Biden are nothing more than cook-up, right-wing propaganda when, in fact, they are very serious and very real.

The most troubling of the accusations yet involves a certain minor that Hunter is accused of being around in an inappropriate capacity. First came text messages that suggested members of the Biden family including Hunter’s parents Jill and Joe Biden as well as his uncle Jim Biden, were aware of Hunter’s problems concerning the certain minor.

They knew about it and they did nothing to report it to authorities. They allowed for this young girl to be put in danger and that is criminal. Joe Biden still denied.

Now, pictures have been released showing Hunter Biden and the certain minor in very close, inappropriate proximity.

In the first picture which has been heavily redacted, shows Hunter Biden fully naked with a robe on and the certain minor in the background in the same room on a bed. Hunter appears to be taking a selfie.

This second picture shows Hunter actually in the same bed as the minor.

How can Joe Biden continue to deny what the entire world can see with their very own eyes? Joe Biden knew about this extremely inappropriate, criminal relationship and did nothing. That’s why instead of holding events and rallies like a normal presidential candidate does, Biden is calling lids for days at a time and hiding in his basement.

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  1. If Biden wins the election – Heaven help us. The Biden’s are more corrupt than
    the Clinton’s. They got away with their crooked deals. I hope the Biden’s don’t
    get away with theirs. This is just some of the crooks up in Washington. Trump is
    doing a great job and the average American has no idea how much he has done
    for the American people. Sad.

  2. The entire Biden family is corrupt. Joe continues to lie, as it the only thing he’s good at.
    If he wins, heaven help us as he will be out in 6 months when Nancy Pelosi ‘s use of the 25 th amendment will state Joe is incompetent. Then Kamala Harris will take over, and she is the worst liberal there is, aside from Pelosi, Schumer,Shiff and the squad.
    May God Protect us all from the liberal Marxist corrupt left.

  3. Hunter Biden needs to be put in jail. He’s not only a druggie, but he’s a deviate and shouldn’t be around young females. Joe Biden is a pedophile who can’t keep his hands to himself around young girls. If this isn’t enough to throw Joe Biden out of this race, I don’t know what else needs to be brought out to the public. This story is bad enough. They have not only tapes, but now they even have pictures like the ones posted here. This family is very corrupt and Biden can’t be in politics any longer. Biden is so compromised that he isn’t fit to be dog catcher.

  4. I know I may be the only person around that has sympathy for this sick addicted guy. Even more sad to me is to have a Dad that has used him for financial gain and corruption. Dads are suppose to be role models and protect their children. With the sleaze pit Joe Biden and the whole clan must be scum, this young man never had a chance at being normal.

  5. I had to turn off Fox News today as they were covering Obama / Biden event and all I heard was hateful speech coming out of their disgusting mouths.

  6. The sad truth is that in all probability nothing will ever come of thuds! 1. The MSM is totally onboard w protecting the Biden’s 2. The DOJ, AG & Dir of FBI seem inclined to just let this gather dust in their dead file room. 3. They are not about to do anything just days away from Election Day not to mention the millions of votes already cast. It will suit the true leftists in the Dem party of Biden is connected w his son to these dealings. They want him to be replaced by Harris as soon as the opportunity presents itself! If Dems win this country is done for!!

  7. Reply to
    george w. iliffe jr.
    So if Fox says anything bad about a Biden or any democrat it’s hate speech but it’s o k for CNN or democrat reporter to crucify President Trump! That’s how it’s been the entire time that our duly elected sitting President has been in office so I’m not at all surprised.

  8. Well it looks like Creepy Joe’s affinity with young girls was handed down to his dopehead son. Maybe it runs in the family. And Biden has the nerve to claim he’s Catholic. I was raised Catholic,went to 12 years of Catholic school and believe me this is NOT how we were brought up. He had an adulterous relationship with his current wife before they were married although he denies it. And why not? The MSM lets him and his sleaze bag son skate on their crimes. But eventually both of them will have to answer to a higher authority. One way or another these evil actions and sins will catch up to them. And this dirtbag wants to be our leader. Just goes to show what a snake pit the Democrat party truly is…

  9. How is it even possible that Joe Biden can still run for President this is BS not that just his family is corrupt but you know he has the beginning of dementia . Please pray that President Donald Trump is victorious 🙏


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