Breaking — Dubai News: Iranian Missile Took Down Ukrainian Plane That Exploded After Takeoff From Tehran Airport

(Gateway Pundit) – The first footage was released of Iranian officials at the crash site of the Ukrainian plane that killed at least 170 people.

An Ukrainian Airlines plane carrying 180 passengers and crew crashed tonight just minutes ago after takeoff from Tehran, Iran!

This comes on the same night that Iran fired a dozen missiles at US bases in Iraq.

Al Hadath Dubai News reported a missile took down the Ukrainian flight.

(Tweets were translated)

Al Hadath: Preliminary images of the Ukrainian plane suspected of being hit by an Iranian missile.

Al Hadath: The speed data of the Ukrainian plane suddenly stopped which means it exploded.

Al Hadath: New footage of the Ukrainian plane crashing near Tehran airport and believed to have been hit by an Iranian missile.

Video is circulating of the Ukrainian flight before it went down.

UPDATE: Iran Refuses to Turn Over Black Box from Downed Ukrainian Plane — Airline Officials Say There Was Nothing Wrong with Plane Before Takeoff

Iran refuses to turn over the black box from the downed plane.

Via Reuters:

Iran will not give the black box of the crashed Ukrainian airliner to planemaker Boeing, the head of Tehran’s civil aviation organization was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Ali Abedzadeh also said it was not clear which country Iran would send the box to so that its data could be analyzed, semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

Ukrainian officials say the Boeing 737-800 involved in the crash is one of the best planes in the Ukrainian fleet.

And Ukraine dropped their initial reference that engine failure took down the plane.

Video: Aftermath of Ukrainian airliner crash near Tehran


  1. There was a major flash in this video, “Mehrdad Torabi First film of Ukrainian airline plane crash in #Parand #Tehran #Iran” which would most likely be a missile. Why would anyone film this particular flight. Is the person that took this video one of the terrorists that filmed it to show what his group did.

    • Wondering the same thing. There may have been the sound of an explosion, however, that caught his attention. The plane appears to have flames coming out of the right side, then burning pieces start to trail and shortly before impact a major explosion probably from the fuel igniting. A ground to air or air to air missile utilizing a heat seeking guidance system would target the heat from one of the engines so that is a real possibility but without a thorough investigation it is only speculation. If the Iranian government will not allow even a European agency to investigate then we can be fairly certain they are hiding something.


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