Breaking: Jovan Pulitzer Releases Report Exposing Major Foreign Election Interference

(Right Country) – Just prior to the riot at the Capitol, things in Georgia were heating up with renowned inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer getting involved in the election fraud investigation.

The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee had given him permission to investigate the internet connectivity of the election servers as well as the actual paper ballots.

Pulitzer, along with Colonel Phil Waldron, has now concluded this investigation and released a report which, as we all expected, shows that numerous countries were involved in the interfering of the 2020 US presidential election.

Pulitzer insists that the only way to determine who the real winner of the 2020 election is would be to do a forensic audit on the ballots.

Pulitzer shared the report on Mewe, saying, “Copy of the Foreign Election interference for your review and sharing,” he added, “65 foreign countries participated in attacking 7 key states and over 600 county polling locations. This is vetted and factual.”

As you likely recall, during a meeting before the Georgia Senate in December, Pulitzer told the legislators that he had successfully hacked into Dominion voting machines at a polling place in the state.

He was able to confirm that the Georgia runoff election machines were, in fact, connected to the internet. While this should have been problematic, the show was allowed to go on in Georgia. Is it any wonder both Republicans lost?

His report includes findings of foreign election interference in not just Georgia but also Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Some of the key points of the report are that the Chinese systemically gained control over our election system which constitutes a national security emergency and the electronic voting machines have been compromised and cannot be trusted to provide accurate vote counts.

The report also suggests that the only way to restore confidence is by counting the actual paper ballots and also asserted that the hand counts that purportedly happened aren’t really hand counts and were easily subverted.

Pulitzer also exposed evidence proving the Chinese Communist Party financially controlled Dominion Voting machines via New York-based UBS Securities, LLC as well as evidence of the CCP controlling the testing for Smartmatic Software Operation on Dominion machines.

“Critical infrastructure control utilized as part of ongoing globalist/socialist operation to subvert the will of United States Voters and install a China ally,” the report states.

Pulitzer says that if all counterfeit ballots were tossed out and only paper ballots were counted, President Trump would easily win the election.

Back in December, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe himself said that there was foreign election interference by the CCP as well as Iran and Russia in the November election.

The question really is why has nothing been done about this? Why have we continued on with this fraudulent election when it has been clearly established that foreign interference took place?

Where do we go from here?

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  1. But but but this can’t possibly be a true report. The lame stream media tells us over and over and over there was absolutely NO problem with the election. Anything else is simply a right wing nut job conspiracy. So we simply need to sit down shut up and do what we are told. Or is that just roll over and accept our fate? Do I really need to add a sarc tag?

    • Roll over indeed, that is what most in the republican party are doing now, but they will pay the price in next election day. Like all elephants, we don’t forget, and like all jack asses, they are dumb as rocks, big difference.

  2. If we allow this massive election fraud to work this time, it’ll be improved, enlarged and perfected. And from now on we won’t be able to do a damn thing to stop them. They’ll get filthy rich and do anything they want and we’ll be controlled and miserable. America will be just another country and lose everything.

  3. This corruption is unbelievably deep and wide spread. How can all of these proven incidents be squashed?? For instance, voter fraud, Antifa/blm violence/murders, bogus impeachments, criminal private e-mail servers, illegal fisa warrants, Biden/jr collusion with Ukraine/China and on and on. These actions had to involve a myriad of agencies/people with amazing coordinated efforts. Think about it!! Who’s steering the ship? I pray Trump’s declassification and release of documents came in time to save our country

    • Sorry , but nothing will happen to these thugs because they are all Above the Law . No one in Obama/Biden /Hillary was even investigated for the spying on the Trump administration!

  4. FRAUD every where and nothing being done, WTF is wrong with this picture, they stole the election, and Trump is being impeached, for doing nothing. If this doesn’t start a civil war, then this country is done with, and so are the american people. We can’t except another illigitament president, named dementia,corrupt,slo,joe who is unfit for the office,and will not be accepted to lead this country. The hidenbiden cartel under investigation and all being covered up by big tech,msm,dumbocraps, to steal the election and the country,we can’t accept this, and will not accept it.

  5. In response to In response to Free, They won’t pay the price in the next election, because the next election will be just as rigged; in fact I bet a lot of blue states aren’t actually blue; But what’s the difference, there’s not real Republicans or real Democrats; it’s basically 85% of the top are self serving lyers n cowards. It’s a totalitarian govt that we are not used to yet but they’ll show themselves fully soon enough; in China, you can access necessities if your ‘score’ is low; When cash is gone, we will have our money frozen if we misbehave ( or don’t handover our guns for instance?) n starve or behave.

  6. paper ballots and nothing else allowed including only u.s. citizens with their photo I.D.s at the ballot boxes will eliminate all the election frauds.


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