Breaking: Obama/Clinton Link To Russiagate Confirmed. It’s All Over!

(Right Country) – The Russiagate hoax was the biggest political scandal of our nation’s history and the lowest point of American politics, integrity, and national security.

And now, at long last, those who perpetrated this treasonous hoax for years have finally been exposed.

It’s all over for the Clinton/Obama crime cabal now.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe just declassified a BOMBSHELL letter that reveals that the Russia hoax was Hillary Clinton’s idea, and that the Obama White House was briefed on it.

In the letter, Ratcliffe explains that Clinton’s intent with the Russia hoax was to “stir up scandal” against Donald Trump to hurt him in the election in July 2016.

And she filled in then-President Barack Obama and other senior officials in the administration, the same administration in which she’d previously served as Secretary of State and kept her notorious private email server, by the way.

Red State notes that “She was also involved in a referral to the FBI to distract from her server issue.”

This is the moment that Robby Mook first planted the seed that was to become the Russia hoax, from around that time in 2016.

Make no mistake, this is absolutely explosive.

And released the night of the first presidential debate, as well!

The next month may be the most eventful our nation has seen in a very long time, and much-needed justice is finally in store.

It’s just up to us to make sure that our lawmakers finally hold these crooks accountable!


  1. The happiest day of my life will be when Obama, Hillary, John Brennan, Ratcliffe, Susan Rice, and everyone else who participated in Russiagate, Obamagate, & Pizzagate, are handcuffed and put in Gitmo. Truly, death for treason should be the sentence. The Cabal will be destroyed! Soros should also be in jail. Then we have to get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and all the other terrible Democratic leaders down to the state level. America will finally be healed and can move forward. It’s like an exorcism.

      • That is exactly my question. Ratcliffe is the one who declassified the entire information that we are now reading. GOOD QUESTION Bondo Bob.

    • I agree!
      There is a consequence for treason! We need to use it! John Ashcroft just said that if the sentence for crime is made tough enough, that is what will decrease crime. That would work for leaders as well!!!

  2. The most corrupt & crooked administration Obama/Biden has been exposed Clinton was the one colluding with the Russians & Obama bought in on it ! Hence the Russian HOAX was hatched !!! Sleepy Uncle Joe was along for the ride !!! The Voters need to all be aware of this plot & the actions taken by the Obama Administration !!! They have effected the last 4 plus years with there deceit , lye’s & manipulated the facts to spy on the opposing campaign !!! As President Trump has stated many times this should never happen again !!! Unless these corrupt & crooked individuals are held accountable nothing will change !!!

  3. Does anybody thank that justice will happen? Riker island should be reopened and renamed it, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton corrupt island.this the place where the real deplorable people should be Hillary words. I know this is only my dream this the only way I can handle corruption now it joe turns to corrupt America

    • We all hope justice will be served on these treasonous jackoffs . Deport all of them too a third world country . That way we save taxpayer money .

  4. Not until after the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General will any of these traitors be indicted.
    Bush Boy Barr has done his job of protecting his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal.
    Mission accomplished, Mr Barr.
    You are one of them and should be arrested for complicity.

  5. Talk about thinking they are above the law, the Clinton Cartel, FBI, CIA, NSA, Obama and all his loyal bought and paid for puppets went all in to commit massive corruption throughout are government, we now have stacks of evidence to prove all of it and on going still today!


  7. SCOTUS pick must be approved. Any conviction of participants in Russiagate will undoubtedly end up being upheld on appeal to the final arbiter: The Supreme Court.
    John Durham will make it right. DOJ under William Barr will make it stick!

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