Breaking: Protesters Rise Up Against Iranian Regime — Videos: Protesters Chant, “Death To Dictator!” And “Our Enemy Is Here, They Telling Us Lie By Saying It Is America.”

(Gateway Pundit) – Numerous videos of protests in Iran over the government shootdown of a passenger jet over Tehran that killed 176 people have been posted online Saturday. Translations posted with the video say the protesters are demanding the resignation of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. The protesters were also heard to be chanting, “Our enemy is here, they tell us lie by saying it is America.”


    • Would not matter to them. They would destroy our ability to protect our country over their hatred of President Trump. Afraid to inform them they would “LEAK” the information to the enemy and harm our embassys and armed forces.

    • Yes Betty J. The DemocRATS are revelling in the chaos they have caused in the US. One would think they are in bed with every regime that wishes harm to the US. Even they were plotting evil against POTUS before he took the Oath of Office..before he spoke one word. Such evil individuals should not have the privelege to live in the USA.
      Send them to the Middle East, or Turkey, or is where they belong.

  1. Looks like Iranians want a regime change, about TIME to get rid of the radical Muslim element that terrorizes all of their OWN SUBJECTS, as well as all others. Maybe there will be hope for Muslims if they throw out the radicals they can join civilized societies. Cynthia Farhut said that it looks like they may rejoin the rest of Humanity (my words) again.


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