Busted: Guess What The Fox News Heir’s Wife Just Tweeted Out As Network Hemorrhages Trump-Supporting Viewers?

(Right Country) – In July, James Murdoch resigned from the board of directors of News Corp., his father’s company that owns Fox News, over “differences in editorial content.”

Fox News has famously been the only right-leaning cable news network for years, although many conservative users have questioned the network’s true commitment to right-wing views from time to time.

The 2020 election put all suspicions to rest.

They practically rigged their coverage to try to help Biden win the election, bafflingly calling Arizona for the Democrats when they had no reason to and refusing to explain their reasoning.

Since then, they’ve been downplaying the explosive news that the Trump campaign is contesting the results of several states’ elections and acting like Joe Biden is the president-elect.

Well, James and his wife (pictured below), as it so happens, are mega liberals.

In fact, Kathryn Murdoch is celebrating the media-projected Biden presidency.

Kathryn has made her anti-Trump sentiment known over the years, once urging the network to “put country above their profits” and carry water for the anti-Trump left.

In fact, she compared Trump to a dictator earlier this week!

And on Saturday, when Fox projected that Biden was the winner of the 2020 election, she declared “We did it!”

Oh, and by the way?

She once worked for the Clinton Global Initiative, as The Gateway Pundit notes.

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    • me too,,Wallace,,Brazil,,Harf,,,etc. has ruined the network,,,used to be credible,,now just like th other 2 sick communist networks

    • They’ve lost my family as well … I’ve been watching Fox 5 since Jim Ryan was an anchor ! I view them now as criminal !

  1. I will stay with Hannity and Tucker before him and the one after, (name elude me at my age) and Levine on Sunday, but I will not watch much of anything else, if anything. They get their ratings from the cable boxes, so even just a couple minutes watching counts. So please do not go channel hopping with FOX, we have to show them the people have spoken.

    • As a 14 year Fox News veteran, I refuse to watch Fox News ever again, and that includes all of my beloved anchors (Tucker, Hannity, and Ingram). They need to defect from Traitorous Fox News, find a new home and abandon the sinking ship.
      I am convinced ABC took over Fox News just to destroy it and they are doing just that.

      • I only stay for Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, The Five and Jeanine. I hate to hurt them, but I’m also mad at FOX. The POS’s running the show destroyed it. I was mad when I got a request to donate money to a channel that is destroying itself on purpose.

  2. Just maybe ( Trump Media Network) w/Carlson,Hannity,and Ingraham ! I can only hope. Either way done with Fox News. They have been slowly moving to the left so I will be leaving to my right! Hope to see this once power house conservative network dissolved ! Never to speak the words ___ network again ! Goodbye !!!

  3. Same here, I was happy to watch them every day, but no more. I will record Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Judge Jeanine and Greg Gutfeld but that’s about it, I wish these would switch to OAN or NewsMax let Fox News go down the drain.

  4. Left it last year and missed it briefly. Replaced it with Michael Berry and Rush on radio. Finding NewsMax I find it refreshing and like Greg Kelly’s humor. The War Room is bit tough to take and glad it comes late enough to miss.

  5. These people have destroyed the integrity of Journalism.
    What these people have done willingly with no remorse or regards to the people is extremely dangerous and unforgivable.
    Reporting the facts is no longer part of Journalism.

  6. Done with FOX!
    They have destroyed this network and my support with it!
    If I record the few, the brave: Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingram, the judge, and Levin Will it count towards their viewership?
    Record and view at another time slot???
    This is very important for us to know
    Thank you!

    • yes, if you have cable it records which stations watched and which programs. Lets all go to OAN if comcast will carry it.

    • Loved watching Fox for many years. I trusted them to be fair in their reporting and their support of my President. However, that all ended on November 3rd! I have stopped watching altogether, that includes the much loved Tucker, Hannity, Baier and Ingram. I hope they ALL jump this sinking ship and leave the leftist rats to drown in their own shark infested waters.

  7. I agree with all of you, I am done with Fox, hopefully TNN will take over and Hannity and the couple others move over. Down with FOX!

  8. Only watch the fox and friends show, so to keep up with their self-righteous lies. To bad, real liked the fox channel, but since they think they are above the American people in this country, well look at what happened to those other supposed news channels. Was a fan since 1998.

  9. Yet another victim of TDS. I used to defend Fox as the only balanced network, but not any longer. The Left is a more potent virus than Covid. Hopefully OAN or Newsmax can fill the void

  10. Kathryn Murdoch, you did nothing! The press doesn’t validate elections, especially for traitors and vilefully corrupt politicians on the verge of indictment. When the Supreme Court finishes adjusting for the phony Biden ballots, President Trump will be on his way to a well-deserved second term.

  11. You can’t watch any of FOX if you’re trying to make a statement! I love Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Levine, gutfeld and Waters, but I feel if I watch them, I’m giving viewer points to FOX! Those are their most viewed shows. As far as I’m concerned, FOX played a role, especially in Arizona, in voter suppression and voter interference and that wrong! Also, since Murdoch’s resignation, they’ve added Paul Ryan to the BOD and he hates Trump!

  12. I notice that Fox news reporting on prime time is leaning more toward the left lately. I hear the same news on channels 5 and 8 which clearly are fake news. Why are they onboard with the false media-proclaimed Biden victory? There is election litigation going on and no candidate has been officially declared the winner. All this celebrating makes me nauseous. Sean, Tucker, Jeanine, Laura and Levin are the only reports I believe. Why don’t they all set up their own independent base? They do not belong with those liberals.

  13. Sick of Fox, not only presenting an opposing view, but giving a platform for leftists to spew their lies without anything question or contest. Somehow the Juans, the Brazils, the Tarloffs , the MaryAnne’s , get the last word to sit with the viewers. And Ansley….not allowing Newt to make any comments about Wallace or Trump to say anything about Soros???? Seriously??? One word: DONE!!!

  14. I have noticed the dramatic change and as a President Trump/Conservative voter I will NO longer watch Fox as well as all my family members.
    There is CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) news that is Christian based which I will continue to watch.
    Good-bye Fox News

  15. I saw Fox becoming more left in the last four years. I only watched Tucker, Hannity and Ingrahm. My favorite is still Lou Dobbs. They have lost me because they have become fake news like the rest. The media does not choose who the President is the courts do. The overwhelming election fraud by the Democrat Party will be exposed. The American people will not stand for the blatant disregard of the Constitution and the legal process. Joe Biden will not be President ! He and his son are pedophiles and Chinese operatives. The whole family are criminals. Are we to believe basement Joe beat a Populist President who drew tens of thousands of people at campaign rallies over Joe who has dementia and can’t put two sentences together. We are not stupid!

  16. They voted in a demented president and a Communist as vice president. One of two things has to be true, we have some truly stupid people voting in this country or there was rampant voter fraud. I think it was a lot of both. Congratulations to all you total morons who voted to destroy this country. I am going to laugh out loud when you fools start to feel the pain from your actions. I will also feel the pain but I am 83 years old and have lived 95% of my life in the greatest country on earth. I will truly enjoy laughing at you democrat fools anyway.

    • I listen to Hannity and Mark Levin on talk radio. I am hoping Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Levin all move to Newsmax. I am so sick of Fox News I could actually throw up!

  17. I have only watched One America News network (OANN) on AT&T Comcast for several years and now also watch NewsMax and Fox Business News with Lou Dobbs and Stewart Varney. These 3 stations are very fair to our President and have shown all of his rallies with the thousands of people cheering him on while Joe Biden has been sitting in his basement with his ambitious wife who should be arrested for elder abuse of Joe. I watched Fox News for 5 minutes on Saturday and when a woman announcer said that President Trump was speaking his “rhetoric, I knew that Fox had become another arm of the democratic party. Kathryn Murdoch wouldn’t have given her husband James a 2nd look if he wasn’t rich because of his father Rupert! Oh for the days of the like of Harry Reasoner, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. They gave the news without adding their personal feelings.

  18. We too have left Fox News – as with others still support Tucker, Hannity and Ingram, and couple late night shows. Just sick over what they’ve become. The ratings will drop drastically as I know a majority of viewers feel the same. Switching to OAN and Newsmax.

  19. I believed that Fox News was a believer in the constitution. I’ve axed them, except for Tucker and Hannity. GOD created the earth and he knows what the liberals are doing. HE is the final judge.i suggest they think about their life hereafter.

  20. Spiritually speaking, one of Satan’s favorite methods is to join an organization and rot it from the inside out. Examples of this are the government, public education, and the entertainment industry to now include Fox News. (Seems that a Senator, Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin, warned the country about this very scenario back in the 1940’s and 50’s but it was covered up then as well.) Everyone seems to want liberty and freedom, but to do what? The Christians, conservatives, and the Republican Party want the liberty to do good. Leftists, communists, and liberals (many of whom are part of the Democrat Party), want the liberty to do evil. It is impossible to unite a nation around evil and that is what Joe Biden, with the support of the media to now include Fox News, wants to do. Let’s all be praying for the hosts we love in Fox that God would provide them a new vehicle for their conservative truths. I sincerely hope that Fox comes back into the fold, but if not, I hope that God nails their hides to the wall.

  21. I totally agree with all of the above, FOX NEWS is dead to me and I will no longer watch their leftist views. It is a shame as they were once then best and most fair!
    I hope Hannity, Carlson, Ingram, Jeanine, Waters and Levin find another home!!!

  22. Rigor Mortis has set in. Prognostication abounds.The graveyard has another
    tombstone. It is not quite in place as yet. The hold up on installing the name
    is arguable. How does one array to a Headstone the death of Liberty, all the Freedoms that once shined in the heart and soul of the greatest people in the
    greatest nation that ever existed?
    The sadness of those remaining will never equal the sadness of those who founded
    and fought to preserve their great nation.
    Their tears will soon be one.

  23. The media has elected the Manchurian candidate. Soros & his minions will next put Obama up as president of the UN to usher us into the ” global community” & make us Venezuela #2.

  24. Left Fox News also During daytime Saw the difference over the last year,
    not fair and Balanced anymore, When Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Marie Harff, Jessica Tarlov always on and they got rid of Melissa Francis and a few others we lnew it was changed. We will only watch Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Jesse Waters and Judge Jeanine, Hopefully they can hang in there, But if they can’t they will find a voice on Newsmax, America News , OAAN. The Blaze First America News. Or if enough investors can start their own network would watch them there in a heartbeat.

  25. I too am done with FOX, I still support Tucker, Gutfield, waters, Laura & Judge Jennene. But will no longer watch FOX. I noticed Wallace’s anti Trump a couple years ago and did correspond that to FOX, the the down hill trend once Donna Brazil was brought on. Downward spiral for no viable reason. Let’s hope our favorites that we can count on for truth will go to another fair network. A lot of my friends share my distaste for FOX news now. Too bad!!

  26. Add my name to the list of Fox News defectors, for all of the above reasons. Tucker, Hannity, Levin, Ingraham, Gutfeld, Jesse and Jeanine are those that power the network. Chris Wallace is a sad afterthought but genetically flawed as the spawn of lefty Dad, Mike. He, at least, made an attempt at objectivity and balance and was as aggressive with the Left and he was with the Right. Still, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree and Chris showed his inclinations as host of the first debate. I find Newsmax at ch. 216 on my DISH, but they need the above list of Fox stars to fill out their schedule…..too much Elvis and Marilyn Monroe documentaries in the evening when they need to be airing hard news and commentary shows. Did I mention I worked for CBS News for nearly 40 years. I know some things.

  27. Did I also mention that I imagine the Fox All-Stars have lucrative contracts in place that may prevent them from leaving Fox en masse? They’d either have to resign or be fired for them to switch to other news outlets. I don’t think that Newsmax has the financial horsepower to match what Fox may be paying them. It seems that Fox is starting the weeding-out process with Jeanine, with others to follow, perhaps, but you can’t mess with success, and she and the others consistently deliver the ratings that equals CASH. That James Murdoch left the board of Fox and whose wife is committed lefty, I don’t know how much influence he/she still has, but it’s a step in the right direction. Stick with what you know, give conservative viewpoints an airing and re-establish yourselves as the go-to network for those on the Right, that’s my advice to Fox. Otherwise, your just another small voice in the liberal choir and you’ll lose you identity.

  28. For years, we started our days with Fox & Friends, both weekdays and weekends. We really miss them, like old friends who have moved to another country. We typically caught all or a portion of Tucker, Sean, and Laura. Hard not to see what these three are saying, but the Fox leadership has clearly signaled that it is embarrassed having non-progressives in the audience, so, when we’re not welcome, we leave.

    Chris Wallace did not do a good job at the first debate, but the on-air personalities unanimously rallied to his support. Clear sign that something was afoot. Then, in spite of pretty clear evidence that the call of the Arizona election was at least 48 hours premature, the Fox staff repeatedly defended the decision.

    Clearly, Newsmax does not have the resources to attract the Fox personalities that we want to watch, but won’t as long as they are on Fox. But there is another possibility: Trump TV, the on-air division of the coming Trump Media Conglomerate. “Making the Media Great Again”

  29. I thought I was the only one who was thinking this way. Tucker, Sean, Laura, Lou Dobbs, Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine, Steve Hilton honest reporting. The only ones I will. watch at this point.
    I like the idea of Trump TV.

  30. Haven’t watched FOX since election night. I am gone, gone, gone !! May record Tucker, Hannity, and Laura but that is it. So long FOX and the Murdoch’s. RIP !

  31. Our family has left Fox also. They have been leaning left for awhile. Our friends and neighbors are changing to newsmax so are we. We love Hannity, Tucker, The five (excluding Jaun Willaim). I was concerned when they hired Donna Brazil the one who cheated by giving Hillary the questions in a town hall. Shameful. Who can trust her. They went too far when they called Arizona so early in the night. They say they are fair and balanced and unafraid but I say they are unfair and biased and should be ashamed.

  32. Fox cut off Judge Janine as she was going to talk about illegal voting. The left is unapologetically censoring conservative speech & threatening anyone who backs Pres. Trump. Maybe we need to begin by boycotting their sponsors.

  33. well fox good bye ever since you put Little Paully on the board its been nothing but down hill from there. Hope you make it but I dont think so

  34. Fox is gone, replaced by OAN, NewsMax! Conservatives use your power by supporting conservative news stations not like the left that destroy and burn to get their way. And the power of prayer! God is good!

  35. I am also leaving Fox, going to Newsmax. Noticed lately how many more leftists are taking over Fox. I will record Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Waters, Greg G, Judge Jeannine, Levin, Steve Hilton. Tired of Wallace, Williams, Brazil, and the other leftists. If I wanted to watch them I can turn on the other left wing media. Fox get your act together or we the people will shut you down.

  36. If President Trump does not make it as our 2020 president than maybe a new news network can be put together run by Donald Trump with all the good people from Fox and non of those left wing elitist, we see enough of them on the MSM. Can you image the exploding heads to see Trump everyday and surrounded by his true followers.

  37. Tucker Carlson is the greatest news commentator in the history of television. There is absolutely no reason to dismiss him, Hannity or Laura because of what some owner’s dumb trophy commie wife yaps. The election is not over and this is not the time to abandon the ONLY news outlet that has not FULLY turned to being accomplices in the communist takeover of our land. I will watch Tucker until the commies pull him off. My television will then go dark for good as will the United States of America.


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