California Water Infected With Increasing Fecal Bacteria As Democrats Allow Homeless Crisis To Worsen

(Gateway Pundit) – It’s always entertaining to see diametrically opposing leftist movements collide with one another. Now we have the environmental groups squaring off against the homeless advocacy groups, as California’s homeless crisis is leading to mass contamination of the rivers and streams. Rather than going through sewage treatment, human waste from the homeless is ending up directly in the water ways.

California Health Line reports:

“We should all work together to clean up these hazardous waste and homeless sites before the whole city rots away,” Trump tweeted about San Francisco on Oct. 26. “Very bad and dangerous conditions, also severely impacting the Pacific Ocean and water supply.”

San Francisco officials were quick to dispute Trump’s claims. But some of California’s most prized rivers, beaches and streams are indeed contaminated with levels of fecal bacteria that exceed state limits, threatening kayakers, swimmers — and the state’s reputation as a bastion of environmental protection.

The presence of fecal bacteria in water is usually the result of problems with sewer systems and septic tanks. But water quality officials agree that the source of at least some of the fecal bacteria is California’s growing homeless population, most of whom don’t have reliable access to toilets.

“I’ve carried 5-gallon buckets that were unambiguously being used as toilets,” said David Gibson, executive officer of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, describing his experience cleaning up homeless encampments. “They were taking it to the San Diego River, dumping it there, and rinsing it out there.”

Fecal contamination of waterways is a widespread problem and becoming more urgent in states with large homeless populations. In Seattle, homeless people living in RVs are accused of dumping raw sewage straight into storm drains, which flows directly to local waterways. In Oregon, workers cleaning up homeless camps along the Willamette River in Eugene routinely find feces and needles.

The Trump administration has fixated on California’s homeless population in particular as a potent source of pollution.

In addition to Trump’s tweets, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 26 alleging that the state’s lack of urgency on homelessness threatens public health by polluting nearby water with untreated human waste. It then issued a notice to San Francisco accusing it of violating the federal Clean Water Act.

Jared Blumenfeld, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, responded by accusing the federal EPA of retreating on clean water protection, and called the administration’s focus on the environmental impact of homelessness “sensationalized” and “misguided.”

When it comes to water, scientists look for E. coli and other bacteria to determine levels of fecal contamination. While E. coli is present in both human and animal feces, human fecal contamination is particularly dangerous because it can transmit diseases that affect people, including hepatitis A and cholera.

Most people are not at risk of getting sick unless they drink the water, or if pathogens enter open cuts or sores, said Richard Ambrose, a professor in the department of environmental health sciences at UCLA. Homeless people face the highest risk because they are more likely to wash or wade in the water and have less access to toilets and showers, he said.

in Sacramento, regulators have been measuring elevated fecal bacteria levels in the lower American River for more than three years. Located near downtown Sacramento, it is a popular destination for water sports, even as hundreds of homeless people camp nearby.

Some recreational areas, including Tiscornia Beach, where families picnic, BBQ and wade in the river, had E. coli levels so high in the past year that they hit the upper limits of what the water board’s laboratories could measure — more than seven times higher than the state standard, said Adam Laputz, assistant executive officer of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Contamination from homeless camps is so easy to observe — and smell — that there is no “need to monitor to know there’s a problem,” said Thomas Mumley, executive officer of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, which stretches from Napa County to Santa Clara County.

If there are no bathrooms in or near a homeless encampment, “we can assume there’s a discharge of waste” where there shouldn’t be, he said.

This past October, the Environmental Protection Agency sent a nastygram to San Francisco officials, naming all of the regulations that the liberal utopia is in violation of.

MEANWHILE, Governor Newsom proudly proclaims California to be the most un-Trump state, while also announcing a budget to address homelessness.


  1. Interesting … They arebmorevconcerned about certain environmental issues, ie, going Green, that theyvoverlook the one main possibility that could wipe out the Western seaboard. From California to Oregon and beyond. That would make the black plague look tame.
    THIS is proof, that their talking points about going Green, is more about getting elected, than actual concern for the planet and those who live on it. If They really and truly cared, every possible effort would be made to eliminate and correct this problem.
    WAKE UP!!! They really DON’T care.

    • Well I’m not taking a vacation there anytime soon, until CA can clean up it’s act. And to be oblivious and challenge the EPA who runs chemical testing is absurd. This is when I wish America had a way to sue DIRECTLY the idiot to made the decision that all was OK!! There’s always 1 person sitting around the table that says, “everything is OK and is sky is not falling”, when the others say that’s not true. But the idiot who wins the discussion is the boss.

  2. Great Job Governor Newsom & the Progressive Liberals running the state of California !!! please stop requesting help from the Federal Government with the problems you all have created !!! PS you all want to continue your acceptance of Illegal aliens against Federal Law & shield the criminals from Federal deportation then solve your own Problems !!~!

  3. California grows 50% of the food consumed in the U.S. so is it safe
    to say that most of that food could be contaminated because of
    irrigation water to grow those crops is contaminated as well….

    • That has already happened with lettuce from Salinas and other produce from the Central Valley. Much of the produce has been recalled due to E-coli contamination. None of this matters to Newsome and his auntie Pelosi as long as they maintain their power and keep it in the family. As long as Pelosi lives behind the walls of her mansion and enjoys wine from her vineyards, she couldn’t care less about the homeless living in filth and disease and drug riddled encampments. California has become the state that the USA will become – a third world country. We also have the other Socialist/liberal imbecile, California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra waiting to be elected as governor—- when it’s his turn.

  4. Now we know why their thinking is moronic, their vision is dark clouded and they spew defecation orally – they are full of s#”=!

  5. Guess it will take a cholera outbreak before they’ll even start to believe there’s a problem. By the time they pull their collective heads from their primary orifices, who knows how many will have died, especially among elderly and children.

    • There have been a myriad of recalls of vegetables including Romaine, salads arugula, etc.. Bet that will be on the rise. How can we not buy CA grown veggies – many are frozen, as well as much is fresh? This is more than frightening.

  6. Since Mcconnel has 275 bills sitting on his desk, one being a bill to aid the homeless, maybe it starts in the Republican led Senate.

  7. Jared Blumenthol has obviously not walked the streets of San Francisco. Even in my little town of Chico, Ca, the homeless have taken over our parks and public areas and using the waterways to camp, polluting these areas with poop and needles. California, the land of do-gooders who castrate people by ‘taking care of them’. Thereby removing any self worth or ambition, because they want us ALL to be wards of the state.

    • I’m sorry, but Republicans are busy dealing with all the bullsh*t. Nancy Pelosi took money from all of us to try to impeach the President . She as well doesn’t care about any of you Californians.

  8. Pull this up on your computer: top ten dirtiest cities. Except for Miami they are run by Democrats leadership. AND THEY WANT TO RUN OUR COUNTRY????????


    State with largest drug problem? Who would guess BERNIE’S STQATE VERMONT!

  9. The politicians are to busy “saving” the world to save their cities. They are looking at the ‘Big picture” so much they can’t see the real problems right in front of them. They have 2 problems TDM and Eyes Wide Shut!

  10. The demoncrat,s in calif set this up to happen so let them live with it
    Mabey the one,s that don,t die from it will learn from it. I dont think they are smart enough. Let them all die.

    • The problem is that there are still some good people living in California. They don’t deserve what is happening to their state. There are just too few of them to vote out the environmentalists and other wackos/democrats to start correcting the problems caused by those idiots. Most are trying to move out of state.

  11. Have you ever noticed, the States run by librals or Librals are either the majority in Government, are a mess, just look at California, high taxes, they are forced to pay for illegals, drug dependent homeless people, they let them defacate anywhere.
    They let Criminals loose, and like with Boston it’s run down while the People in their districts are getting rich from Money that is suppose to clean up and make it better for its Citizens
    . Missing Money that they can’t find( I think the Smart people know where it went)
    The Right side States, are better to live in, more freedom for its people, safer to live in.
    You would think people who support these Librals would wake up and vote the other way, but guess they’re still puppets or asleep still.
    Fake news tells them what to repeat, and they obey, never questioning if it’s true or not.

  12. All of California’s representatives have already proven for decades that they have no interest in helping there constituents. What makes anyone think that they may be interested know. There needs are met that’s all there concerned about.

  13. It’s time to close all secondary roads and blockade the rest (with armed personnel if necessary) to stop the mass exodus that has already started. We don’t need them to spread their diseased ideas on “social reform”.


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