“If We Had An Election For Him Tomorrow, He’d Lose In A Landslide” — 3 More Kentucky GOP County Leaders Call On Mitch McConnell To Step Down

(Right Country) – Mitch McConnell really thought he was gonna be the new big man in the GOP. After he voted to acquit President Trump of the second sham impeachment charges, he went ahead and utterly lambasted Trump claiming that he should probably face criminal charges for his role in the Capitol riot.

The Capitol riot, by the way, was never investigated. No witnesses were ever heard from, no evidence ever considered. The questions concerning what McConnell and Nancy Pelosi knew prior to Jan. 6 regarding a planned event remain unanswered.

The truth is, the Capitol riot was planned and both McConnell and Pelosi know it. That’s why they’re fervently trying to save their own hides. McConnell has to play nice with the vile Democrats because he knows Pelosi knows that he had the same information prior to Jan. 6 that she did.

Trump’s just the fall guy. He was always going to be the fall guy. That was the plan from the get-go. When Pelosi and McConnell were warned that an attack of some kind was being planned, they made no effort to ramp up law enforcement or security measures.

While McConnell has been walking the party line and serving his own interests, his constituents back home in Kentucky are less than impressed. As a matter of fact, his approval rating is in the toilet at just 18%.

The Republican organizations in Kentucky aren’t just expressing their frustration and disapproval of McConnell with strongly-worded statements either. They’re taking action. County after county is writing to McConnell and demanding that he resign as a leader within the GOP.

The Nelson County Republican Party wrote McConnell on Tuesday demanding his resignation immediately from his leadership position within the Party’s caucus in the US Senate.

Nelson County Chairman Don Thrasher noted that McConnell has “complete and total disdain for the will of” his constituents and cited that as the reason for the letter. Considering his abysmal approval rating it doesn’t seem to make much sense that he should remain as a leader with the GOP.

Nelson County wasn’t alone in requesting McConnell’s resignation from his leadership role.

Things have only gotten worse for McConnell since his scathing remarks towards President Trump last Saturday and his attack piece in the Wall Street Journal aimed at smearing Trump.

McConnell is literally leading the way in seeing that Trump faces criminal charges despite the fact that the “evidence” against him that he incited the riot would never hold water in a real court of law.

In his Wall Street Journal attack piece he said, “There is no question former President Trump bears moral responsibility.” He went on to claim that his supporters stormed the Capitol after being fed “unhinged falsehoods” regarding the election.

If Trump supporters were truly responsible for some spontaneous attempt to storm the Capitol it certainly wasn’t because of “falsehoods” told by Trump.

It was because of the fraud and corruption that anyone with a working brain can plainly see occurred during the 2020 election.

It was because Americans are tired of the corruption, lies, deception, and double standards.

Mitch McConnell has no future in the GOP. It’s time for him to recognize this and go quietly into the night.

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