Check Mate: Twitter Censors The House Judiciary Committee GOP Jim Jordan When He Shares Hunter-Burisma Story, So He Does This Instead

(Right Country) – The left is complete unscrupulous. They have no regard for opposing points of view whatsoever. Ever since President Trump won the 2016 election these groups have stepped up their attacks against conservatives and anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their twisted agenda.

By now, you have probably caught on to the fact that the left is trying to fundamentally transform the United States into a socialist country led, of course, by them. They think they have the ability to usher in an era of socialism done the “right” way despite the fact that it has failed everywhere else in the world it has ever been implemented.

Just look at Cuba and Venezuela for the most recent examples of this. Socialism will never work, ever. Leftists truly know this but it’s all about power and control for them so they lie, lie, and lie some more so that their supporters just keep following along.

Everything the left stands for is un-American and hypocritical. They try to achieve income “equality” by punishing those who are successful, they try to achieve “racial equality” by demonizing white people, and they try to “fight for our rights” while silencing and censoring anyone who disagrees with them.

This has never been as obvious as it is now.

Big Tech, the propaganda outlets, Joe Biden’s campaign, and the Democrats are all furiously scrambling to get the New York Post’s story about the email between Hunter Biden and an adviser with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma buried, suppressed, banned, and discredited as fast as possible.

If there was nothing to hide, why are they hiding it? Innocence never needs defending. In America juris prudence requires that citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty and it sure looks like Hunter and Joe Biden have long been proven to be guilty of massive corruption, quid pro quo and pay-to-play schemes, and abuse of power in Ukraine.

Social media companies have been diligently removing the New York Post’s story when they can and locking users out of their accounts for sharing the story. Now, they’ve taken things to the next level.

The House Judiciary GOP’s website posted the Post’s story in full on their website. Twitter then decided to issue a warning about the link, telling users that the link may be “unsafe.” Twitter is now issuing warnings about United States government websites.

Do you think they issue warnings on Chinese or Iranian websites? Heavens no. Twitter is censoring our own government officials. This is extremely dangerous territory, folks.

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) has posted the Post’s story in full to his own personal Congressional website and as of the time of this article it has not yet been flagged with any warnings from any social media sites but we imagine it’s only a matter of time.

The House Judiciary GOP account tweeted, along with a link to Jordan’s website: “Twitter censored our last link! So, we put the article on @Jim_Jordan‘s website. Nice try, @jack. But, we won’t stop. Click, share, and RT!”

We can’t just lay down and allow Big Tech to silence us. The act of censoring a government body of the United States by a United States company should be considered an act of treason.

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  1. It’s time to bring Twitter to the sec for such violations against Americans, the 1st amendment only seems to apply when the liberals and those committing treason use it against the American government . They everyone else silent, and locked down

  2. Yes, it is treason. How many in Washington and outside the beltway in Hollywood and Silicon Valley have been guilty of treason as well. I’m so frigging tired of hearing about all the investigations that ultimately bring no closure and hold no one accountable. Enough of the dialog, rhetoric and down right BS. Arrest and prosecute or just shut up about it. That’s all.

    • I agree, if there is no execution of consequences, then all this is just words and accusations. Pointless if they don’t pursue and loss of credibility from those that say we’r need justice. They are all lawyers so prosecute. Hope it gets done.

  3. Stop it before you can’t at all the US is changing forever if not God Help us no procrastination on this chapter or it’s done

  4. Twitter suspended my account yesterday for saying that, Obama, Hillary,Biden,comey Pelosi,Schumer,Schift and those pushed the fisa warrants through have to be imprisoned for treason and trying to overthrow the United States President!

  5. Shouldn’t the Names, Pictures, address of the people at Twitter (or any other anti-American media) be posted on Public Format ? Individual American Citizens could approach them and aggressively negotiate a fair result to convince them to be impartial. This could be done in a similar format that is currently being used by Black Lyes Mutters protestors.


  7. American Patriots need to VOTE and make sure everyone they know Votes, too-!!!
    TRUMP PENCE 2020-!!!
    GOD BLESS the USA-!!!

  8. Democraps are allied with Islam & CCP. Democraps are the party of terrorism.
    Islam is as ruthless, unscrupulous & deceitful as Chinese Communist Party. Your involvement in helping Uigars imprisoned in China or any other Muslim terrorist factions  is far better spent anywhere else. How about unprecedented Muslim enslavement & slaughter of Christians in Africa & Middle East?
    Christians are the top of the list today of those being slaughtered & it is being done by muslims, aided by Democraps.


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