Check Out President Trump’s Approval Ratings. You Won’t Believe Where He Stands With People Of Color…

(Right Country) – Despite what the leftist media says, President Trump is doing exceedingly well and maintaining his popularity even as the Democrats have pulled all the stops to destroy our economy and cause racial tension and unrest.

Even throughout the coronavirus scamdemic President Trump is enjoying a 49% approval rating. Could it be because Americans aren’t stupid and can plainly see that it is the left being led by state governors and local mayors that have led to the economic crash and our rights being completely trampled on.

The left has endlessly blamed President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus but it has been the left who has taken the reigns and they aren’t fooling anybody.

The Gateway Pundit has the story:

President Trump’s approval ratings are in. He is enjoying a 49% approval rating – better than Obama’s at the same respective time period in his Presidency. 

Rasmussen Reports announced their results today:

Not only is President Trump recording an overall 49% approval rating but Blacks and other minorities are on the Trump Train bigly. Other minorities give President Trump a stunning 57% approval rating while Blacks match the rest of the population at 49%.  

These are terrible news for the Democrats, who bring a horrible candidate to the 2020 Presidential election. Trump’s approval rating is better than Obama’s at the respective same time in his Presidency:

What a shock that Americans don’t appreciate the left’s efforts and policies that are destroying our country. This should really come as no surprise.

Also, the blatant hypocrisy on the part of the left has not gone unnoticed in recent months. Leftist hypocrisy has always been truly profound but since George Floyd’s death liberal leaders have made no effort to be fair.

While Democrat governors insist on forcing citizens to continue to live under Draconian lockdowns and absurd new coronavirus rules (that make absolutely no logical sense) like facemask mandates, they have openly flouted their own policies in favor of supporting radical domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa who are literally burning down the very cities who support them.

While the rest of us are chastised for trying to go to a bar and have drinks without wearing a mask, Democrat governors have been out marching and taking a knee with BLM and running defense for violent rioters.

President Trump has called for the end of this madness and insisted mayors and governors take action but they continue to put opposing President Trump above anything else and refuse to end the riots that are destroying their cities and victimizing residents.

People do not want to live in bedlam and chaos but Dems put politics over the interest of their constituents and their constituents have taken note.

People are walking away from the Democratic party in droves despite what they thought was their fool-proof plan to bring down President Trump once and for all.

Like every other attempt, it has backfired in their faces and this time is has been utterly glorious. While our economy has been completely destroyed, Americans are resilient and as long as we can keep the White House out of the left’s hands, everything will be OK.


  1. I’m one of those non-white voters who use to be a Democrat, and am now a Trump Republican. President Trump was the first Republican president I ever voted for in 2016, and I will be voting for him again in 2020. #MAGA. #KAGA. #Trump2020.

  2. It is hard to believe that a major political party actually places as its most important candidate a lying, half-brain-dead career politico as Joke Biden. I am not a huge fan of President Trump, but I do believe he is a real American, and I do believe him when he says he will stand up for those of us not falling for the Communist leftist BS narrative, the garbage that passes unchecked through our propagandizing mainstream media.

    But beware, America, evil does not sleep and it takes great diligence and perseverance to defeat said evil. In all things, let the purpose of the Lord stand, despite what foolish men and women do.

  3. I hope this is true ,
    Very depressing listening to the MSM news .
    I cannot imagine any honest American who does not believe Joe has dementia .

  4. I hope y’all remember you must vote for Mr Trump’s back up also! Y’all have to make sure to elect Republican Senators and Republican Congress Reps!!! We have got to get the NUTS!! OUT!!!! Get the Crazies who want to tear America Up…..O U T!!!!!


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