Watch What Happened To Two Cops Just Hours After Grand Jury Decision In Breonna Taylor Case Announced

(Right Country) – Being a police officer has always been a job that is fraught with danger. Cops are well aware of that when they sign up to do the job. There are criminals out there who are so desperate to continue in their criminal endeavors unhindered, they’d gladly shoot a police officer and put him or her in a pine box without hesitation.

And that’s the way the job was before the nuttiness of this past year. Can you imagine how dangerous it is to be in law enforcement now? I can’t even imagine the fear, worry, and concern that both officers and their families endure on a daily basis.

Two Louisville police officers were shot Wednesday evening just a little while after the grand jury decision on the Breonna Taylor case revealed that none of the officers involved were going to face charges.

Officers returning fire after a man standing next to Taylor shot at law enforcement first, hit the young woman in the crossfire during a drug raid.

Via The Federalist:

The Interim Louisville Chief of Police Robert Schroeder announced both officers are “stable” and a suspect was arrested, but that he is “very concerned about the safety of our officers.”

According to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a grand jury indicted one of the three officers in the shooting, Brett Hankison, with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment after he “fired through a window into [Taylor’s] apartment the night she was killed.”

Mayor of Louisville Greg Fischer issued two executive orders on Tuesday in anticipation of the announcement and the violence that might follow. One was a “state of emergency due to the potential for civil unrest, which allows him to exercise any of his emergency powers, including those to hire or contract for services, and implementing curfews and other restrictions” and another which “restricts access to five downtown parking garages and bans on-street parking in order to provide an extra layer of security for protests in and around Jefferson Square Park.”

He also issued a curfew for Jefferson County starting at 9 p.m. every night and going until to 6:30 a.m. for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These curfews, however, were lost on rioters, who smashed windows, threw projectiles at officers, and set fires at Louisville’s Hall of Justice in downtown.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshears came out and asked folks not to engage in acts of violence and instead to apply their energy toward developing future reforms. It seems this particular plea fell on deaf ears.

“Go home tonight. There will be many times over the coming days where there will be an opportunity to be heard. And so many people are listening right now,” he said in a statement video posted to Twitter. “As your governor, I promise to listen. Let’s make sure we don’t see any more violence tonight.”

The crowd’s initial reaction to the afternoon announcement indicated that violence might surge because of the ruling and a group of people began to form a march. Videos show people gathering supplies such as water, shields, and signs calling for the abolishment of police from the back of a truck that was parked on the scene.

Others reported that windows were smashed and protestors were harassing business owners and other individuals about joining the march.

Folks, it’s absolutely tragic to see this kind of mayhem break out across our great nation again. This has been a rather common sight in the months following the death of George Floyd, and radical leftists in charge of major cities where this stuff is happening have not done anything to bring this madness to an end.

It’s time for Democrats to stand up and take responsibility for the mess they have caused. It’s their narratives that spawned this chaos. Therefore, they are the ones who should be cleaning all of this up by calling on Trump to send in the National Guard. Pronto.



  1. Obviously this is a great time for violent criminals because they own the politicians who are either like minded or afraid of them. When honest law abiding citizens have mayors and/or governors who aren’t concerned about their safety, they need to take action to have them removed from office. Just because their are a few police officers who do not adhere to the rules of engagement it does not justify shooting innocent police officers who are just doing their jobs. The job of police officers is to keep the peace and to protect the people. It is evil for the criminals in our society to try to murder innocent police officers who have not committed any crimes and anyone who injures or murders a police officer should receive lengthy jail time or death sentences.

  2. A mandatory death sentence without appeal should be the ONLY penalty for the deliberate murder of a police officer.
    Anyone engaged in an ambush or assassination of a law enforcement officer has NO defense. They are not being endangered by that officer when they lay in wait to ambush and kill the officer, they are just plain murderers and should face the penalty of a plain, unrepentant murderer, being hanged in public, preferably on national television to let other like minded individuals know the penalty and that it will be carried out.

    If these animals tried to do this in most other countries, they woud be shot on sight. Let them try this in their beloved Cuba or Venezuela and see how long they live.

  3. Let them try this crap in Russia, China or North Korea and see how far it will get them. I hate to say this but the mayors and Governors have let it get this way. This is sounding like the new norm which is wearing a face mask.


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