China Puppet Ron Howard Attacks President Trump In Unhinged Screed – Mike Cernovich Puts Him In His Place

(Gateway Pundit) – The Hollywood elites opened their year lashing out at President Trump, the most successful economic president in a century.

Ron Howard bashed the US President in an unhinged screed on Twitter.

In the entertainment industry many who have known/worked w/ Trump think that while his reality show was fun and ran a long time, he’s a self-serving, dishonest,morally bankrupt ego maniac who doesn’t care about anything or anyone but his Fame & bank account & is hustling the US.

Ron’s attack on the president would be more effective if any of it made sense or was even a tiny bit truthful.

Mike Cernovich quickly put Ron in his place.

“You take money from Communist China.”

Featured image credit: Dick Thomas Johnson –[email protected]


  1. It’s time for the average citizen to be happy with less distractions such as Hollywood and big media in general. Can I live with out new movies, Definitely !!!!! Sports are fun to watch but lately there is growing concern of rigged manipulated outcomes for the benefit of which ever city wins. Watch closely and see the let go’s, mistakes, and general from great to inept plays from the beginning to the end !!!!!

    • I haven’t gone to a movie in at least 9 years and don’t miss it at all. They are either sophomoric or agenda-centric. All actors are overpaid and underwhelming. Most are dropouts but think they are domestic and foreign policy geniuses. In a pyramid of living beings I’d put them at the bottom!

      • I agree. Why do these overpaid, self righteous, know- it-all Hollywood actors, and don’t forget the overpaid, self righteous, know-it-all athletes think they can tell everyone else how to vote and think? Most of them have been married multiple times, involved in multiple affairs, drug users, convicted of crimes, and gone bankrupt. So, how can they talk about our President or tell me anything? They all can go to hell.

  2. Hollywood gets Their fiction based lives, mixed into reality.
    They are so use to be led in the wrong direction, they can’t hear a tree falling in the forest.
    Ron Howard can make a good movie, but doesn’t know how to react in the real world.

    • Much as I like Ron Howard’s movies, TV accompliahments, he should stick to those areas. Like most of his like minded entertainment cohorts he doesn’t doesn’t live in the real world and has not experienced life in the real world


  3. You say trump is the best economical Pres we ever had. Not true. He has nothing to do with the stock market, or job numbers. As an economist, lawyer, and CPA, the fed reserve are the controllers. In 10 years, trump spent 10,000,000, then had to borrow from his dad. Remember the fancy pic in back of the limo, it was rented. Trump hasn’t a clue about money. But he did give the wealthy huge tax breaks. They are the ones investing in the market! You can check my facts, but they are true!

    • What we’re doing during the last 2 years of Bush and 8 years of Obama? In a coma? You’d better call BS on Obama, too, because he’s trying to take credit for it!

    • I guess our sudden energy independence and prosperity are just a coincidence, huh?

      The FED controls monetary policy but the administration controls regulatory burden on business, energy policy and trade policy.

      For all of your qualifications maybe you should go back to school

    • Clearly you are not a lawyer or CPA, and are about as much an economist as AOC. Your ability in the English language is too poor to have ever received any level of education. FYI, the investment in the market is based upon confidence, or lack thereof. Clearly Trump has generated considerable confidence, regardless of your pathetically inane observations.

      • Reggie, I’d bet you any amount of money my degrees outweigh your IQ. I suspect an economy class 101 would be in keeping for you. Trumps a con man. Trump and confidence is an oxy moron.

    • “As an economist, lawyer, and CPA, the fed reserve are the controllers.”

      The Federal Reserve is an economist, lawyer, and CPA? Really?

      “I’d bet you any amount of money my degrees outweigh your IQ.”

      Oh no, the “my degrees are longer than your degrees” line again. What sort of a self-eulogizing moron are you? Let me tell you, we have way too many economists, lawyers, and CPAs anyway, all of whom in one way or another are a drag on any economy, lawyers and accountants especially. I wouldn’t boast about being any of those if I were you.

    • “Trump has never stood up to anyone. He sends a tweet. He’s too dumb to go face to face.
      Kim made a fool of him, as did Putin. Trump is Iran’s gift that just keeps giving.
      Blind rage? Not blind and have no rage. Just sense.”

      Yeah, we get it, you don’t like him. Now how about saying something productive and meaningful instead of a meaningless barrage of puerile taunts?

      • And controls on guys like the BIDEN CLINTON criminals. I hope somebody spills the beans soon. Maybe BILLYBOY will slip up soon and punish him by making him a gurl like he wants to be in that pic on UPSTEIN WALL!!! heheheheeheheheheheehehehehheheh BILLYBOY doest have enough courage to”PULL THE PLUG”

    • Luke must not understand that virtually all Americans are invested in the stock market via 401 retirements and then some.

    • Checked…not so true! I think maybe the lefties are stuck in the ‘pre teen age, through a fit if I can’t get my own way’, it’s been shown as the teens have been voiced at how we should make policy changes, etc. all to save the planet…DO NOT put your words in with mine …. teens, and all people should have a voice ~ it’s just not one of what they’ve yet to learn, or truly live…they’re just script reading much like Hollywood actors….actors is just what they are. Me, I miss that sweet little Opie! What happen to Ron Howard, very sad ~
      It seems when Obama was in the White House, you were chastised if you simply disagreed with what he said…which is again, everyone can have a voice…but when the tables are turned and a man, not able to be bought, has a strong mind of his own and really wants what’s best for the people, for America…suddenly all the true colors are on display…evil brought to light, spoiled brats pitching a fit! That’s all this amounts to, and just like the screaming brat it’s best to close the door and let him wear himself out…it’s only then he will gain some inner growth and see the world doesn’t revolve around him…but it’s for the good of all…not just the lining of a few pretenders pockets!!! Maybe you have a few degrees…there’s allot of folks book smart but street stupid! Just saying…???

      • That’s about it. These idiots seem to think that the world began the day they were born, or perhaps when they were old enough to rant about what they wanted and weren’t getting. They all need to grow up and stop behaving like 2-year-olds (and I mean no disrespect to 2-year-olds).

  4. Opie needs to stick to what he knows best: entertainment. These Hollywood types are so divorced from reality they have no idea what’s happening outside of their make believe world.
    Does being an entertainer make them somehow qualified to pontificate on policy to the rest of us? I think not.

    • With some notable exceptions, I think one problem with these mega-wealthy entertainers is that they resent the fact that Trump is actually doing something productive for his country. Another is that he couldn’t give a stuff about what they think. Basically they’re smug, spoiled, narcissistic brats who won’t or can’t accept that their high public profile doesn’t entitle them to any special privileges when it comes to politics. They need to read the Declaration of Independence and learn something about the foundations of this great republic that has enabled them to acquire their vast levels of wealth and live as comfortably as they do.

      • Sooooo true now just pretend socialism takes over and Hollywood stars have to work for minimum wage I wonder who would be crying then it’s easy to cry that capitalism is bad when your rich but how did you become rich it sure wasn’t socialism

  5. Ron Howard needs to go back to Mayberry and learn some values. He’s nothing more than an uneducated pompous ASS. His movies stink!

  6. He Opy. Why would anyone give a (Pelosi) about the opinion of someone from Sillywood? Sillywood lives in their own little dream world, they massage each other’s egos with lavish award presentations for doing nothing worthwhile. Go find Andy and go fishing. At least that way you will be slightly useful

  7. Poor little Opie has never been exposed to reality. Movies today have no real story. The classics are much more entertaining and PBS offers an assortment of British comedy as well as drama. (Their writers are still intelligent and talented.) Check your local listings. Hollywood has become a colony of foul-mouthed losers!

  8. You know who takes money from China? The Trumps! Ivanka has taken millions in trademark deals for her clothes while serving in WH. Trumps own I’ll fitting suits his RED hats and paraphernalia all made in CHINA! And, most disgusting, the family was selling their condos in various places including NY Trump Tower to Chinese in exchange for visas to come to US!! Buy a Trump condo get papers. Lara Trump was making presentations on it. Does anyone have any problem with that? Bother to research what moronic, despicable easily corroborated hypocrisy This is all while in office.

    • How stupid. Unfortunately almost all that stuff is made in China.

      Trump is the first president to stand up to China re trade. He’s getting no support from the DemoCraps however which makes the job harder. If you were Xi, you’d just wait to see what happens in 2020 before you make concessions. If DemoCraps showed support for his trade negotiations, we’d see better results on foreign trade.

      But rabid anti trumpers like you can’t see beyond your blind rage.

      Wake up

      • Trump has never stood up to anyone. He sends a tweet. He’s too dumb to go face to face.
        Kim made a fool of him, as did Putin. Trump is Iran’s gift that just keeps giving.
        Blind rage? Not blind and have no rage. Just sense.

    • And you know this because…? Let’s see your back-up info…not just regurgitation of your favorite talking head, but, documented facts. You’re a lefty moron, led by smarter morons.

  9. without the chinese & other foreign msarkets the american film industry could not exist- recently”cats” the movie was reported to have lost over 70 mil stateside, but not to worry, world market will make up the difference— same old thing’follow the money’.

  10. really can’t add to the replies and comments already other than saying the Hollywood Celeb think they rule the world because they can act and get paid for it and we are dumb enough to contribute but to listen to them politicaly is a disaster waiting to happen they are so far in their fairy land that they don’t know what the real world is all about.

  11. Just another child who grew up in Follywood who thinks his opinions are important OR he’s missing the spotlight and trying to remain relevant which he’s not. We live in the real world, Ron, and know what a good job he’s doing despite you lefty lunatics….and I’d suggest growing up also. We don’t need Follywood’s farcical political opinions.

  12. Instead of giving opinions on subjects they know nothing about ,i’d Like to see every celebrity who make more than 10 million a year donate the rest to cancer.instead of blowing hot air, out your money where your mouth is.after you cure cancer,donate your money personally to the hungry children in AMERICA..when they wipe out hunger,make sure our troops are financially taken care of when they come home after keeping them safe from all terrorists.see? I can sound like an idealistic teenager,too!


  14. Ron Howard was just a little schitt in Mayberry. But he grew up to be a huge pile of it in Hollywood. But as the rest of the crowd, even though it sometimes burns me, his statements really show his ignorance for things he knows nothing about. I agree with a previous statement by MARY. They have lived in a make believe world so long they cannot deal with reality.

  15. When I was a kid growing up, Hollywood was filled with patriots that loved their country. Anymore, it seems to be filled with useful idiots of the communist party that hate America and want to destroy it.


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