China Slams Down The Hammer Of Oppression On Freedom-Minded Hong Kong

(Right Country) – The Chinese National People’s Congress is now gearing up to set a new law aimed at forcing the island of Hong Kong into submission, once and for all.

This move will signal to the world that Beijing will not be undermined, according to DW editor Dang Yuan.

On Friday, 2,897 representatives from across the one-party nation gathered in the Great Hall of the People for the annual Chinese National People’s Congress. You’d think that, considering what’s been going on in the world, they were there to discuss the global pandemic which originated from their nation.

Not at all.

Rather, they were there to address “national security risks in Hong Kong,” which DW notes is an unprecedented move for the “pretend” parliament, and “one that clearly showed the world that Beijing has no intention of loosening its grip on Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong’s Basic Law, a type of constitution, grants the city the right to autonomy for at least 50 years under the “one country, two systems” model, put into place when the former British colony was returned to China in July 1997. The Basic Law envisions an autonomous Hong Kong with independent, Western-style democracy based on the rule of law. But the document itself has weaknesses: for example, it doesn’t set any specific deadlines for the introduction of direct elections for city administrators or parliamentarians.

Article 23 of the document contends with the issue of national security and would require administrators in Hong Kong to use local laws to arrest and prosecute individuals for “any act of treason, secession, sedition, subversion against the Central People’s Government.”

Any links to foreign political organizations and bodies are also prohibited.

The legislation was tabled in 2003, but has yet to be implemented as each new revision has been met with widespread public resistance.

Residents of Hong Kong are concerned that Beijing seeks to undermine their “one country, two systems” promise.

They are, for very good reason, quite suspicious of the Chinese Communist Party, and feel that leaders in Beijing are determined to block direct elections. This is why activists have zeroed in on Article 23.

DW explains:

But this latest message from Beijing could not be clearer: China’s central government is losing its patience. The Communist Party is flexing its muscle and is intent on forcing Hong Kong’s 7.5 million residents to accept Beijing’s national security law. Beijing has the legal right to introduce such measures on Hong Kong’s behalf through the use of Appendix III of the Basic Law, with the People’s Congress maintaining the ultimate decision-making authority over the laws.

The “one country, two systems” principle, a balancing act between two fundamentally different forms of government and two entirely different views of the world, is a farce. There is no true balance in the compromise, and Beijing clearly has far more leverage than those in favor of democracy. Friday’s announcement unmistakably illustrates what a powerful authoritarian system is capable of: Beijing can and will continue to interfere with Hong Kong’s basic democratic order, establishing a new communist order in its place while quietly snuffing out critics’ voices.


  1. So, as a critical thinker, I would ask each of you to respond to these questions;
    1. What is the difference between the C C P- Chinese Communist Party AND Governor’s Whitmer of Michigan, Pritzker of Illinois, Brown of Oregon, Newsom of California AND the rest of the AMERI-KAN’T BLUE STATES TO INCLUDE – – – -> the Speaker of the Congressional House of Representatives – – whats her name . . . . N. Pelosi? ( worked 2 of the last 90 days) WTH – NON – ESSENTIAL?
    2. What is the difference between “A Worker – – AND An Employee?”
    3. Provide the definition of Essential and Non- Essential!
    4. Who is responsible for determining who AND what is essential? Names and contact info please.

  2. LP….you won’t get any answers from the enemy of the American people (Democrat party). However, the truth is simple…there is very little difference between American Democratic and Chinese Communists. And if the Democrats ever really get full power there will be NO DIFFERENCE.
    As far as jobs are concerned….every job is essential. The late President Nixon said in his speach before leaving the white house after a coup brought him down, that every job is important. I agree with him.

    • RD
      Thanks for using your 1st Amendment to respond. What are your thoughts on the other questions?

      AmeriKan Soviet Socialist = (ASS) mule party communists!
      T = The
      R = Reason
      U = Uniting
      M = Millions of
      P = People
      V = Void
      O = Our
      T = Treasonous
      E = Enemy

    • If the democrats ever get full power, there will surely be tragedy and misery for all Americans. The whole world will be subjugated by the Communist Chinese Empire! Be watchful and diligent in every move of ours.

  3. Before turning against China as a threat to the US, remember that China was historically an inward-looking nation. Western colonialism and the opium trade brought the richest nation in Asia to its knees, and 50 years of Mao kept it on its knees until recently. We have our Monroe Doctrine, we still have colonies, China deserves the same. We have helped bring China off its knees, but now the pendulum may have swung too far in terms of Chinese theft of intellectual property and commercial capacity. We voluntarily surrendered much of our industrial might to the chinese and need to take back what is essential. But China will be worth the investment in terms of future achievements in science, art and industry. China is not inherently our enemy – they are our peers in every respect.

  4. Benjamin….you are engaged in wishful thinking or you are delusional. China is an existential threat to the United States and is bent on global domination. Thanks to Bill Clinton they now have the weaponry to do it.


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