CNN Hosts Cuomo And Lemon Make Fun Of People Who Won’t Bow The Knee To Wearing A Mask; These Two Are Deplorable

(Right Country) – The vast majority of individuals who are employed by CNN are obnoxious left-wingers with no souls who spend all of their time like puppets with the Democratic Party’s hand up their backsides, and that’s me actually being nice.

However, hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have to be the most arrogant, obnoxious individuals that grace the airwaves each and every night. If you want proof that CNN hates the general public, look no further than the fact this network allows these two schmucks to be broadcast every single day.

The two “journalists” decided to have a good time mocking and making fun of people who refuses to buckle and give in to ridiculous mandates to wear masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, once again showcasing their absolute lack of personal character.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

The mockery occurred after Cuomo, whose own show runs during the 8:00 pm slot, reportedly ripped into Ohio state Rep. Nino Vitale for vowing to not wear a mask because of his religious beliefs and telling his constituents to “stop getting tested.”

During the brief transfer between shows that occurs at the end of the 8:00 pm slot, both Cuomo and Lemon laughed it over up over this sort of rhetoric.

“What are these people — I come on. Really?” Lemon asked as the two’s discussion began.

“That guy’s Irish. Nino Vitale. Couldn’t be more Italian than that,” Cuomo replied.

He was trying to make a joke. Vitale is clearly Italian like him, though because he feels embarrassed by the state representative’s behavior, he wishes Vitale were Irish instead.

“I’m not getting in on that thing,” Lemon replied. “How, I wonder if the people work for the pretzel companies. They should open like a pretzel business …”

“Cause they got it twisted!” Cuomo interjected.

“They got it twisted! Well, uh, it’s religion,” Lemon concurred.

“Can’t wear a mask. You don’t see one on Jesus!” Cuomo quipped, causing both men to ball over in laughter.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what the left thinks of you. Liberals don’t just hate President Trump. They despise you too. And they aren’t even shy about it. Shaming people for not wearing masks, which by the way, haven’t proven to be effective at really anything, is just a tool in the toolbag for them to try and get folks to comply with their agenda. Don’t fall for it.

“Chris, what is happening? Have you seen the videos of these people in the stores who are like, ‘Get away from me! You’re threatening me!’ I don’t have to wear a mask!’” Lemon eventually said after the duo stopped laughing.

“I want to play all of them, not even say anything and just let people see themselves. Just wear a mask. You gotta wear a shirt. You gotta wear shoes. You can’t go without pants. Come on. What’s wrong with people?”

“I’ll tell you what,” Cuomo responded, “if we have a lot more of this go on, I’m going wear a MAGA hat, because it will be true, we will have to build up our greatness again. This is the most pathetic display.”

Folks, this whole coronavirus pandemic has been very revealing. It’s demonstrated that the left really will use any sort of crisis situation, real or imagined, to try and strip away power and rights from the average people of this country.

This mask stuff isn’t really about masks. It’s about compliance with orders. When you don’t comply, you show them you are someone capable of thinking for yourself. And that, for them, is a major threat. They will do anything to get you under the thumb.

Don’t let their shaming technique get to you. Be strong.



  1. The only CNN I ever see is when Fox is using a CNN story to report their story. When ever I see Lemon (name fits him) and commie Cuomo they aren’t a mask either. Notice it’s the same for NY governor and NY mayor. The Communist News Network as usual is full of raw sewage.

  2. SURPRISED…?? Let’s go back in time so that we ALL can “understand” WHERE this behavior is coming from….It started with oblablah – the EMPTY, HOLLOW “talking” machine, just “talk” and NOTHING else, because THEY have NOTHING to say/talk about, so let’s make FUN of EVERYTHING, 5-years olds have MORE to say than THEM….!!! One example: “oblahblah told ILLEGALS to go out and VOTE because THAT will make them “legal”, just let THAT sink in for a moment, I saw the video back then and it just STUCK with me….!!!!

  3. Love concours all.
    There is no fear in love.
    God is love.
    Man made up religion
    Why would you not want to be loved?
    God is pure love.
    We get to choose to love or hate

  4. Cheetoh head, You obviously never look at yourself. The real deplorables are those like U who think that the Deathocrats are for them. They have stolen our money and given to illegal aliens.

    • I could be wrong, but I think Cheetoh Head was referring to the idiot drones Cuomo and Lemon, since the headline of the article said these two are deplorable.

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