Creepy Chinese Propaganda Video Tries To Make Coronavirus Quarantines Look Fun

(Right Country) – As disturbing videos and testimonies circulate revealing the horrors of the communist Chinese response to the outbreak of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus, the government has apparently launched a disturbing effort to convince its populace that the forced quarantine camps are a blast.

Beijing has put out a video showing “mild” victims of the virus living in a “temporary hospital” being led in a fun little dance by workers in hazmat suits.

Looks like a veritable Club Med! Only you can’t leave and there’s a 2% death rate.

The video was published by People’s Daily, the largest newspaper in the country “ the official news organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,” as Summit News describes it.

The video depicts what we’re most likely euphemistically told are “infected patients with mild syndromes” dancing to Chinese music.

Some of the patients appear less enthusiastic than others.

It’s hard not to recall the mandatory, “telescreen”-led exercises of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984.

“Virus can’t put out the passion for life!” the tweet issued along with the video cheerfully states.

Good God.

In another clip, a medic in a hazmat suit performs “Chinese traditional Qigong outside a quarantine chamber” for the sake of conveying to the patients “Don’t worry. Things will get better.”

The two videos contrast many other videos which are being shared on social media, such as victims being chased down by authorities and being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the heavily-guarded camps.

In another video, a woman is shown falling to her death after trying to escape her quarantine camp and falling to her death.

It’s now a crime in China not to wear a mask:


  1. All I can think is those poor people. Certainly makes living in the US look even better than it already did. Keep this in mind when you start voting for socialist which is just a softer name for communist. When things go bad, they will take care of their own and vital people they need to take care of them. With already limited supplies that won’t leave much for the rest of the population to scrounge and live off of.

  2. The sad thing is that some of these people may or may not have been exposed but the authorities are taking anyone they suspect. Think about how many people are going to die from being forced to go to quarantine camps where they are exposed to the virus for the first time! I would put up a fight, too! So sad. God help them! And GOD HELP THE LEFTIST SEE THAT IF THEY VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS IR ANYONE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, THIS WILL BE OUR FATE!!!! Vote Red! Pull the Red ticket all the way! We need every Republican in every office we can get them in!

  3. Once again , Amy is Right . How can anyone in their right mind vote for dims and socialist . GOD Bless President Trump and His Family .

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