Cybersecurity Expert Drops Major Bombshell In PA Hearing On Election Systems

(Right Country) – Echoing what powerhouse attorney Sidney Powell has been saying, a retired US Army colonel and reputable cybersecurity and information warfare expert testified at a hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that the ballot machines used in the Keystone State and around the US were designed to be “manipulated.”

Phil Waldron, a veteran after serving 30 years as an operations officer in all manner of psychological and information warfare, gave his testimony before a panel of PA state lawmakers in which he asserted that since August, he and his team have been researching the “specific issues” of electronic ballot fraud.

BizPac Review reports that he also told the lawmakers that his team has been working with another electronic forensic team since 2018 to understand “significant anomalies” that were discovered in two different races. One of those being between Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his Democratic challenger, gun control zealot Beto O’Rourke. The other was a governor’s race in Kentucky.

Waldron pointed out that there are “many, many more teams” like his that are investigating voting machine irregularities and then asserted that “The voting systems in the US and Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated.”

Why on earth would someone like Waldron make up these very serious claims? There is absolutely no reason at all to believe that a man who has dedicated a good portion of his life to the security of the United States would suddenly decide to undermine our elections by falsely testifying this information.

The fact is, he is telling the truth and when judges in Pennsylvania say there is “no evidence” they are flat-out lying because they are Deep State political hacks.

He goes on to explain that these machines have been used all over the world, as recently as two weeks ago, in “stolen elections” and that the manufacturer is irrelevant because they all share “common DNA.”

“The bottom line is these machines have similar [programming] codes and similar functions,” Waldron testified.

Waldron told the panel that these “systems are not what you’ve been told” and that they are, in fact connected to the internet and to servers outside of the United States. He also pointed out that there is “no transparency” to the systems.

He testified that these systems were designed to allow virtually undetectable manipulation which includes changing votes, reassigning votes, canceling votes, and using blank ballots.

Waldron explained that an election storage facility was robbed in Philadelphia on Sept. 30 in which 30 USB drives and a laptop were stolen and he suggested they could have been used in voting machines to alter votes.

Why would anybody want to rob an election storage facility unless they were planning to rig the election?

He said that his experts and academics estimate that up to 1.2 million Pennsylvania votes could have been “altered or fraudulent.” He said the only way to know for sure if by performing a “detailed forensic analysis of the actual machines and software.”

He went on to explain that his team has been primarily focused on the “spike anomalies” in which massive votes were recorded, most of which went for Joe Biden, in the wee hours of the night, after the polls closed, in a “time period that’s not feasible or mechanically possible under normal circumstances.”

While answering questions from Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Waldron testified that the spike anomalies in PA all seemed to go one direction which amounted to 570,000 votes for Joe Biden and only around 3,200 for President Trump.

This information should anger every single American but too many have been deceived and brainwashed by the corrupt media. The mainstream media used to care about the integrity of our elections, they even reported on Dominion in the past, but that was before they had an agenda to support.

Fortunately, the Pennsylvania state legislature is working hard for the residents of the state to ensure the final election results reflect the will of the people.

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  1. I question the 2008, 2012 Obama win. We know Communist NWO supporter is involved and I recall that the voting machines were questioned. Do not believe Obama’s agenda for America was not questioned by 2012. Looking at the Votes for Republicans down ballot wins, do you really think Democrats won House in 2018, just two years ago?

  2. We should cancel this election & have another one with in person voting only in Jan. Have the National Guard do all the counting. No machines, just the Guardsman.

  3. Col. Waldron is testifying today in Arizona with the same message. Seems to me he is either the real deal and is speaking truth or else he is a masochist who is setting himself up to be tortured by the lame stream media.
    My vote is option #1. He is clear, concise and his training and experience would tend to verify his credibility.

    BTW – the comment by Rightsright may be on to something, I had a similar thought before seeing this blog. We know the dems have been routinely cheating since Kennedy/Nixon (at least) so why would we think they have changed their tactics.

  4. Shame, after a ‘foreign student’ graduated from college with a law degree in 1991, along with his partner, whose father died the same year, it only led to the disco- very of Insurance Fraud, serious enough for a US Judge ordering both licenses be turned in, or be arrested and face criminal charges, i.e disbarred, with loss of sta- tus, income, and claim of ‘social injustice’ (1993), with high probability, the foreig- ner was so enraged at the Judge, moreso the US, that he took such grievance to his own country, asking for help, wanting to avenge himself, his father, and all their Iranian / Communist people, fully intending to make America pay, ‘big time, and a whole lot more’, obviously out for revenge, and quite dangerous. When he began collecting secret (classified) information on a couple of corrupt presidents, and their wives (1994-2003), including all their ‘dirty little secrets’, scandals, and weaknesses, i.e. who could be bought, to use as an insurance policy over them, and for leverage / favors in obtaining the same high positions in government as them, within a blackmail / bribery operation; using whatever fraud necessary, while a known foreigner, to ‘assimulate’ as a US citizen, become a senator, and run for president, appearing on the Chicago scene (Bathhouse Barry) by 2004; i the smooth talking manchurian candidate manufactured by the cabal, emissary to China, foreign entity within (all records sealed to protect the cell / college friend, Gates’ deadly labwork for a NWO), expert in espionage-counter intelli- gence for a preplanned coup in overthrowing the US government, and ‘funda-mentally transform America’, the ‘One Nation Under God’, to communism; demoralizing the US, dividing citizens by gender / race, and draining its’ re- sources, while running rogue deep state out of the White House, with a VP, CIA Director and Surveillance Program targeting Americans, an Iranian Com- munist Subversive ‘obama’ Handler, and ‘national security’ Ops downplaying all scandals, deaths, hidden bills / meetings, and spying; using the ‘funding’ scam, ‘obamacare’ for covering all sex changes, ‘the Great Deceiver’ forcing citizens to sign up with huge premiums, or face hefty penalties if refused, and where all their health insurance, banking, and backgrounds went to a Chinese website, without knowledge or consent (2008-2016). When Flynn discovered the truth, was set up in a perjury trap, using a son, Trump ran on DRAINING THE SWAMP in the 2016 election, Hillary lost, and why Dems went after him for years, to destroy his presidency with spying, smears (fake paid russian dossier), obstruction, investigation/russia hoax, whistle- blower / Ukraine call hoax, impeachment, resorting only to their preplan- ned pandemic (Gates / 2015), and the unleashing of Coronavirus on the entire world! What began as ELECTION FRAUD, continues as ELECTION FRAUD. . .

  5. Since PA and AZ leaders don’t care about corruption after hearing this person speak you now know everything stinks! This info will be in front of the Supreme Court soon. You have to really be corrupt not to realize it’s not possible to have more mail in votes than the number that was mailed out 600,000 more votes come on man! The people in Pa that believe this election was not fixed in their state for Biden also believe the Eagles are going to be playing in the super bowl this season and I’m an eagles fan LOL


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