Czech Republic Considering Keeping Border Closed For….Years?

(Right Country) – There is one question on everyone’s lips this week: when will all this end?

The world seems to be on a coordinated lockdown as international business, travel, and daily life seems to grind to a halt in much of the world’s major nations.

It’s hard to plan for the future, simply not knowing what is going to come next, and when life can return to normal.

For one nation, the dramatic changes made to protect its citizens from the spread of the global pandemic could last for years.

Officials in the Czech Republic have said that their nation may need to keep its borders closed for two years to fight a potential second round of coronavirus infections.

Roman Prymula, the head of the Czech Crisis Staff, told local television that border controls could have to remain in place for a lengthy period to be able to restrict the flow of people from other European countries who have been harder hit by the coronavirus.

“The situation in other European countries will not be good, there it will take months and long months,” said Prymula.

Czech Minister of Health Adam Vojtech built on Prymula’s comments.

“The point is to avoid having a second or third wave of the epidemic, so that people from other countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, do not begin to flow [into the Czech Republic],” he told Czech Television.

Measures to restrict the spread of the virus have mandated the closure of restaurants and other businesses, along with wearing face coverings in public will be extended in the republic until at least April 1st.

Prymula explained that these measures have been successful and that authorities have been able to “flatten the curve” of infections and keep the rate in check.

The country has, in fact, been largely spared the worst from the virus so far, when compared to other nations in Europe.

They have reported 1,236 cases but only one death.

Meanwhile, Vit Rakusan, the leader of the opposition STAN party, said to close the border for 2 years would be draconian.

“I understand and support the ban on traveling during current culmination of the epidemic. But scaring people with two years, this must not be a decision of an epidemiologist, however prominent,” he declared.

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