De Blasio’s NYC Is More Violent Than Ever…Here’s How Many People Were Shot In Just 24 Hours

(Right Country) – Today’s Democrat Party has completely given itself over to a radical agenda.

It is one that seems aimed at destroying our country from the inside, sending Democrat-run cities into lawlessness and chaos.

All in the name of “justice.”

Tell me: is it justice to let criminals rule the street? Is it justice to sit idly by while children are shot and killed? Is it justice to terrorize young families and the elderly while advocating for their protecters to be neutered?


This is the opposite of justice.

And it’s everything that New York City’s commie mayor, Bill de Blasio supports.

While he paints murals on the street and gives protesters a free pass while ordering New Yorkers to stay inside their home, the people of his city are in desperate need of justice.

Real justice.

This doesn’t include letting criminals go without bail and taking money away from the people sworn to serve, protect, and enforce the law.

In just 24 hours, sixteen shootings left 20 people injured on Sunday in the Big Apple.

The New York Post reported that there were “a total of 16 shootings involving 20 victims” on Sunday.

Sunday’s violence was followed up by seven additional shootings on Monday “with 13 victims,” according to The Post.

These came just one day after the city had reached 777 shootings for the year, surpassing the total number of shootings…for all of 2019.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice adjunct professor Joseph Giacalone was quoted responding to this grim milestone, saying “It only gets worse from here.”

He added, “As the shootings continue, so will retaliation. It’s a vicious cycle that the NYPD worked hard to mitigate, but that they are no longer able and in some cases willing to do.”

Breitbart notes:

Violence is also surging in Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago. On August 3, 2020, Breitbart News reported that 34 people were shot, nine fatally, over the weekend. Fifty-nine were shot, three fatally, the weekend prior, and at least 65 were shot, ten fatally, the weekend before that.

On August 1, 2020, Breitbart News reported Lightfoot’s Chicago witnessed a 139 percent increase in murders in July 2020, compared to July 2019. ABC7 reported there were 105 murders in July 2020, up from “the 44 reported in July 2019.”


  1. Let’s make sure that they don’t run out of bullets. Remember when they fought the drug problem by giving out hypodermic needles. Same principle. Hopefully the same results

    • DeBlasio is shooting NYC in the foot by not having bail for the criminals. They could subsidize the billion dollars he cut from the NYPD. Why in the world would any police officer want to work hard, putting their lives on the line just to have the criminals turn around and be back in the streets. DeBlasio is a fool in the eyes of those with common sense. Too late he’s going to realize things are out of control.

  2. Instead of getting the rioters out of their cities and denouncing them when they do their interviews, the dumbo rats think they can garner the votes of fair minded constituents. As usual it is doing the exact opposite, these people are out of their minds, and the righteous people see right through their bulls..t! When we go to the polls VOTE STRAIGHT republican or INDEPENDENT! Don’t let the dumbo rats ruin our republic!!!!!!

  3. NY is going to be like Chicago, Chicago is going to be like Portland, Portland is not going to exist if we don’t intervene. I don’t know why the owners of businesses and all the good people of these cities don’t get together and send the rioters, murderers, arsonists and looters packing! I’m sure they would out number the rioters and given the same arsenal of weapons could defeat them in record time! Look at Biden, what a joke, he thinks his actions are showing how strong he can be but it just makes him look weak. He tries to run into his press conferences to look like he is capable, but a few running steps don’t cut it. Watch him as he enters his briefings, he walks old, talks old and looks OLD! Don’t let his antics fool you, HEISOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what you’ll get if you vote for hidin Biden, high taxes, so you can pay for all the ILLEGALS he wants to let into the country, no protection from police because they won’t be there, no health insurance because you won’t be able to afford it! No pursuit of happiness, no drinking, no smoking, no eating at restaurants, no sports, no movies and so on and on! Are you grasping the severity of voting for these progressive demoncrats?

  4. Move over Chicago,here comes New York City! This is what you get when you have a Democrat fool like Deblasio running the show-screwing the police and kissing the thugs asses with the intention of garnering votes. This is another example of why the Democrats can’t be trusted…

  5. There is a serious contest for the dumbest Mayor in the US between `Paint BLM’ de Blasio and Haircut `the face’ Lightfoot. You could not write a story this ridiculous. Reality stranger than fiction.


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