Dem Senator Klobuchar Schooled By Amy Coney Barrett After This Absurd Accusation

(Right Country) – Amy Coney Barrett is a highly accomplished woman and judge. As a busy, working mother of seven it is incredibly impressive to see her sit in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings and handle the political line of questioning from Senate Democrats so gracefully and appropriately. This is especially true in regards to the obnoxious badgering the Democrats are partaking in over the Affordable Care Act, which the Democrats have decided lives or dies by Amy Coney Barrett.

While she has a myriad of accomplishments to back-up President Trump’s nomination of her, being a policy maker on socialized medicine for the United States or healthcare in general is not among those accomplishments. That’s because she is a judge, not a Senator, not a House Rep, but a judge and judges are supposed to be apolitical and unbiased.

As Judge Barrett herself has pointed out the Senate Democrats, policy is their job, not hers.

The Democrats act as though Judge Barrett plans to somehow usurp the full authority of the Supreme Court and use it to reverse Roe v. Wade and shut down the Affordable Care Act all by herself. Of course, neither of these things are possible and level-headed, sane Americans know that but no one’s ever accused the Democrats of being level-headed or sane.

The Democrats have leveled one attack after another against Barrett in regards to the ACA even going as far as to claim that should Barrett be confirmed, which seems highly likely, that thousands of Americans could face certain death. Specifically, the Americans pictured on their blown-up cardboard pictures lining the room at the hearings that they are using as political pawns.

Surely Americans can see right through this absurd sham.

Among the attacks leveraged against Judge Barrett is one from failed presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) who alluded that Barrett may have made some kind of deal or agreement with President Trump as part of the terms of his nominating her. This is utterly absurd and, again, most level-headed, sane Americans can see just how ridiculous the accusation is.

Nonetheless, Judge Barrett was left to defend herself and defend herself she did in the most graceful and professional of ways. When confronted with the allegation from Klobuchar, Barrett calmly shut it down.

Klobuchar’s main focus was questioning Barrett on whether or not she was aware before her nomination that one of President Trump’s campaign promises was to shut down Obamacare.

“As I said before, I’m aware that the president opposes the Affordable Care Act,” Barrett responded.

“Well, I know you are aware now,” Klobuchar said. “But were you aware back then? When you were nominated?”

“Senator Klobuchar, I think that the Republicans have kind of made that clear, it’s just been part of the book, public discourse,” Judge Barrett responded.

“Is the answer yes, then,” Klobuchar pressed on.

“Well, Senator Klobuchar, all these questions you are suggesting that I have animus or that I cut a deal with the president,” Barrett responded, adding, “And I was very clear yesterday that that isn’t what happened.”

Amy Coney Barrett can be as clear as crystal with her answers to Senate Democrats, they only hear what they want to hear. They don’t care that she poses virtually no threat whatsoever to Obamacare but it’s all they have to use against her. They figure it’s the best way to drum up public support for their opposition of her nomination since it tugs at people’s heartstrings to listen to the stories of the sick Americans they inappropriately put forth.

Anyone paying attention can plainly see these sick Americans are just pawns in their game and their focus on the Affordable Care Act is just a charade.

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  1. Amy Klobuchar is a smart & worthy opponent. She easily trumps (pardon the pun) Gropey-dopey Beijing-Ukraine Joe & Harris team.
    Harris was the 1st to drop out, Amy K clearly would have been a better choice……… for President. Saddled with Joe VanWinkle & an angry liberal from California, the Dems have no chance to beat T45.

  2. This display by the Democratic Party in this Hearing is so embarrassing that it can not be watched for any length of time. These people asking these stupid “school yard” questions is just plain disgusting. For the money these people are getting paid the American Public deserves better. This Judge should be approved unanimously and immediately.

  3. Aimless amy klobuchar, the current embarrassment to the great state of MN strikes again… Being a constituent and following her actions as a legislator and pursuit of an appointment to a judgeship, I realize that she is outraged that she has never been nominated and will NEVER be nominated for such a prestigious position and a lifetime appointment to the court… Her despise for Judge Barrett is evident each and every time she addresses the subject… The rage she exhibits just verifies the reports of what a vile and revolting individual she is… Her actions have almost assured she will never be reelected senator again… It will be the best thing to happen since the leaving of the likes of humphrey and mondale…
    May Judge Barrett have a long and distinguished career, she has earned the position by her extraordinary and unprecedented preparation and qualifications for this position in history…

    • You are the fool and I would bet, saying stupid things like this, you are a brain dead biden fan. Maybe you were part of his legal class (the bottom of course). You were probably the custodian in one of the many black institutions he attended (never). Maybe you used too many drugs with the rest of the biden family? Amy has more class and morals than all of the crappy lib senators that were proven to be the idiots we knew them to be. Which means she is way over your classless being in every aspect.

  4. I watched and listened to the endless democrat charade of mindless, stupid, asinine, lacking luster propriety and class .

    A boring show of their own inadequacy at properly doing their job and almost like they are unaware that it’s their job to pass laws nor the Honorable ACB . What a shame and disgrace to see these displays of uneducated lawmakers who where elected by their constituents to represent them . What a disgrace . The Judge in the on the other hand was impeccable in her demeanor making their bizarre behavior more pronounced .
    Those who voted for those poor excuses of lawmakers should be ashamed and should hold them accountable by not ever again voting for them specially the over senile group who embarrassed themselves their constituents and the entire country with their absurd remarks . On this hearing we the American people had seeing a truthful display of the word “Congress “ and it’s truthful meaning of nothing but a band of Orangutans – the real human orangutans we have as lawmakers .

  5. I cannot believe that dully elected officials (Senators) take the oath to uphold the Constitution behave like this. This is repulsive.

  6. Bill Ayers taught the democrats well. Hillary while at Berkely , was at Ayers feet. Then you have Klobacher, what an egregiously inane twit. If brains were dung, Amy K. would be the SMARTEST TWIT in the WORLD!!!
    The really sad part is , the democrats think this to be sentient and pressing questions!
    Does anyone on the democrat side even READ the Bill of Rights? The Constitution? Any form of LAW BOOKS? Do they even care?
    Oh! Beto O’Rourke got a jog at a “University” , “TEACHING History”!!! LOL , LOLMASO!!! HE had to apply, they didn’t call him. What a JOKE!!!


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