Devin Nunes Nails What Trump’s Most Important Accomplishment Is…Do You Agree?

(Right Country) – Donald Trump has had a great many accomplishments during his time in office.

A booming economy, a stronger border, a re-invigorated military, and a renewed sense of American pride.

But perhaps his biggest accomplishment is breaking the shackles of the leftist dominance on culture and the free press.

He has pushed back against an elitist media complex that seeks to indoctrinate our population with globalist, anti-American ideology and is openly hostile to American values, Christianity, and conservative voters and the politicians they represent.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), one of the president’s biggest supporters in the House, explained what he believes is POTUS 45’s most noteworthy accomplishment.

“The most important thing the President has done, of all the things he’s done are very important, but he’s finally outed the media. The media in this town has been corrupt, and it took somebody like Trump to finally bring them out of their shell where now they’ll just openly go out,” Nunes said during a recent appearance on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program.

Nunes went on to highlight repellent conduct by journalists in Washington DC, alleging that they send revealing tweets late at night after they’ve been drinking.

“They’ll tweet about it late at night, they get drunk, send drunk tweets out. And they’re vicious to him and Republicans,” Nunes said.

He went on to say that Republican elected officials should not be talking to the mainstream media because they operate as “assassins.”

“I continue to try to get our Republicans to wake up on the Capitol, we should not be talking to the mainstream media. They are assassins,” Nunes said.

The Federalist adds:

During remarks given at the White House on Thursday celebrating his acquittal, Trump highlighted how Nunes endured “tremendous abuse” from the media and “the bad ones, the leakers, the liars, the dirty cops.”

“They wanted to destroy him. They tried. They got close. But he wouldn’t let it happen,” Trump said of Nunes, who took on many powerful people, including the media, to expose the truth about the Russian collusion hoax and the FBI’s FISA abuse.

Nunes is currently in a legal battle with Twitter over multiple cases of defamation and impersonation by the social media giant’s users, who were also often elevated by media figures.


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