Did China Just Threaten To Meddle In The 2020 Elections? It Appears So…

(Right Country) – The Chinese Communist Regime is enraged following lawsuits filed by US lawmakers against the one-party state for its destruction of the US economy at the hands of the Wuhan-based coronavirus.

The CCP is now considering countermeasures against the lawmakers and firms behind the lawsuits.

They’re even threatening to retaliate directly against the home states of the lawmakers involved, for example, signaling they intend to start an economic trade war with the state of Missouri over their Senator Josh Hawley’s pointed attacks on their regime.

The Global Times reports:

Impact on elections

For some US states, China’s sanctions might have a direct impact on the upcoming elections in November if local Republicans have been targeted by the Chinese government for their groundless accusation against Beijing and endless attacks that put China-US relations in a danger, analysts said.

For instance, China is the third-largest export destination for Missouri, after the UK and Canada, for goods and services in 2019 worth $1.1 billion and $775 million, respectively. Some of the top goods exported to China included oilseeds and grains, meat products, and medicine.

“While the Chinese government makes adjustments to business relations between China and states like Missouri or Mississippi, local economies would likely be under pressure, or special interests of certain officials might be affected,” Diao said.

Missouri, together with other states like Michigan, South Carolina and Texas, had taken measures to make it easier for Chinese investment to come in and boost local job growth years ago. For example, in 2013, one week before Chinese company Shuanghui purchased Smithfield Foods, the Missouri legislature amended a law clearing the way for approval.

Hong Lei, then Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, said in a speech in 2017 that Chinese companies invested more than $1.1 billion in Missouri, creating 4,500 jobs.

China could impose the countermeasures on the relevant states represented by those anti-China lawmakers, including measures targeting trade and exchanges, Yuan said. “Those officials should be held responsible for what they said. However, we need to strike a balance between punishing them and not diminishing them all,” he added.

And from the Washington Free Beacon:

China is threatening to meddle in the upcoming U.S. presidential election as retribution for a flurry of American lawsuits seeking to hold Beijing accountable for the spread of the coronavirus.

The Communist Party “won’t just strike back symbolically, but will impose countermeasures that will make them feel pain,” according to the Global Times, an outlet controlled by the regime.

The threats come as outrage grows over China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the country and the subsequent global spread of the virus.

China also is threatening to sanction several leading Republican senators, including Tom Cotton (Ark.) and Josh Hawley (Mo.), for their efforts to hold the country responsible.

“Republicans who have been groundlessly accusing China and inflaming the ‘holding China accountable’ political farce will face severe consequences, sources said, noting that the aftermath will also impact the upcoming November elections, while business and trade between Missouri and China will be further soured,” the paper reported.


  1. Seems like the meddling has already begun. When Cuomo, of NY thought he wasn’t getting enough materiel from neighboring states and the federal govt, he went straight to China and within days bragged about getting planeloads of stuff from his Chinese partners. While the common expression at the time was Chinese virus, Cuomo never used those words and guess what things became available. Hmmm


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