Did Trump Really Win In A Landslide? High-Profile Attorney Makes Shocking Statement

(Right Country) – Lin Wood is one of the most high-profile attorneys in the United States.

You likely best know him for defending wrongly accused Atlantic Olympics security guard Richard Jewell, whose name Wood was able to clear when he was fingered as being responsible for a bombing plot that Jewell in fact had managed to foil, saving hundreds of lives.

Wood also more recently settled for millions with top mainstream media outlets on behalf of slandered Covington Catholic High School Nicholas Sandmann, who was the target of a tsunami of outrage because legacy media hacks couldn’t do their homework on a deceptively edited clip of an interaction between the teen and a Native American activist in Washington, D.C. in 2018.

Now, he is unofficially working on the Trump campaign’s legal challenge to the projected results of the 2020 election.

And he just made a stunning statement on who he believes won the presidential race in earnest.

Speaking with Mark Levin on Tuesday, Wood stated that, of all the alleged voter fraud he claims to have uncovered, he believes that POTUS, in reality, won over 400 electoral college points in the race.

This man is one of the foremost celebrity attorneys in the United States. He is putting his reputation on the line by making such a bold and definitive statement.

This is not something to take lightly.

“This election was a fraud. Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70 percent-plus landslide election in the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes,” Wood said.

“So we’re uncovering step by step the layers of the onion. And we’re going to get to the truth. And the truth is, Donald Trump has been re-elected by this country to serve as president for four more years. The truth will come out.”

Wood was firm that he remains confident the truth will out despite what he concedes was an obviously “stolen” election.

He explained that, through the course of election night, Donald Trump had won by such a large margin that they suddenly stopped the count.

Suddenly, overnight, however, things changed.

“And you’ll see in key states, they started bringing in ballots by the truckload, all of them for Biden, many of them in these mail-in ballots with little bubbles for you to circle over the person you selected all of them for bad[Biden] with perfect circles,” he continued.

Again—this is a very bold assertion coming from someone who knows what kind of lawsuits he could face if he’s not telling the truth.

“I believe upon examination you’re going to find those perfect circles were made by a computer. This election was stolen, but they got caught,” he added.

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  1. Lets pray and hope mr Wood is correct, otherwise once these socialists get a foot in the doorway its going to be more difficult to sweep them away. Our country will never be the same if they are allowed to take us into their socialistic ideology way to govern.

  2. I pray and hope Mr. Wood who is an excellent and the best lawyer in the USA will get to the bottom of this and make whomever did wrong to put them all behind bars for a life time. The crooks, corrupts and criminals plus liars should pay a hefty price and learn their lessons so they will never be able to do something as evil as this to destroy our country. I can bet that Obama is behind all this cause Biden is alike and was planted or appointed to have this position. Kamala Harris did not even make it on her campaign no one liked her nor wanted her when she was running for president. This is a criminal ploy from the Demon rats and rats steal and light matches and they will burn with their own matches and fire all over.

  3. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE I talk to, stranger or friend know this was a bogus election. Pelosi and schumer to name only 2 are at the bottom of this. If biden won fair and square then fine. BUT HE DIDN’T!!!!

  4. We also need him in NC where Dan Forest really won the governor race. NC majority did not vote Republican in every major election except for the Governor….

    • Is there a filing demanding an audit in NC? Are there citizens uniting in peaceful protest to demand an audit and recount? Or do citizens just roll over and complain amongst themselves? If you truly believe this it should be your outrage showing not complacence. Good luck! Really, best of luck to #fightback against injustice.

  5. These Dems have stolen every vote Republicans have submitted. I am so angry the left is trying to sell our country to the highest bidders. Joe has already proved his purpose in government which is to line the pockets of his family and him. Wake up these leftists what one world government!!!!

  6. November 3rd, 2020, mark this on your calendar: America became a banana republic. No longer will voting or contributing make a difference.

  7. I hope that the election results will change the current state of affairs; but even if it does, can it be done in time? Will the Democrats and their Allies of the extreme left accept it, or will they try to overthrow the government by force? I am not hopeful that we can avoid violence initiated by the extremists, communists and anarchists.

  8. Still the biggest challenge is not proving the fraud. It will be overcoming the propaganda machine of the MSM. As long as they keep pushing the claims of “no single vote proven fraudulent (when hundreds if not thousands are there)” and how Biden is the winner with no evidence of systemic fraud and such there will be large groups who sill fall for it and believe it was an honest election.
    And that the mail in and all the last second changes into how the elections were held and counted worked better than ever in mail in history for fewer discredited votes, dramatically less than even the Democrat primaries, than have ever been found in any election in history. Amazing how that could be pulled off. And that the media is so confident in that there is no evidence of fraud that they don’t even need to investigate. No worries that two Republican canvassers were threatened and force to sign off on the Detroit election results. There is nothing to be seen by a couple of Republicans refusing to verify/validate the election results that had errors in 70% of their districts in that county. Just because they were threatened with being labeled racist, having them and their families doxed and attacked. Nothing seems untoward or awkward there, they signed off after all.
    And how much more is happening that MSM is refusing to investigate and report?
    We are told this election is honest, upfront, no fraud or coercion happening at all. Trust us.

  9. The democrat party is polluted with Communists who are trying desperately trying to steal this election. We caught these low life bastards cold and now I want to see some serious jail time.


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