DOJ Just Smacked Gavin Newsom For Refusing To Let CA Churches Meet In Person

(Right Country) – The Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice just issued a very stern warning to Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday for discriminating against the faithful and stating that he must modify his reopening plan to allow for religious services to reopen.

Hear, hear!

Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband noted that Newsom’s plan allows for a variety of businesses to reopen in “Stage 2,” while houses of worship aren’t allowed to open until “Stage 3.” There appears to be no explanation for this discrimination.

Referencing Attorney General William Barr’s April memo in which he warned state and local governments to see that they respect First Amendment rights for religious freedom, which said “[T]he Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis.”

Dreibrand argued that while California is allowed to determine their own reopening plan, they don’t have the right to infringe on religion:

Of course we recognize the duty that you have to protect the health and safety of Californians in the face of a pandemic that is unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Laws that do not treat religious activities equally with comparable nonreligious activities are subject to heightened scrutiny under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. … Religious gatherings may not be singled out for unequal treatment compared to other nonreligious gatherings that have the same effect on the government’s public health interest, absent the most compelling reasons.

California has not shown why interactions in offices and studios of the entertainment industry, and in-person operations to facilitate nonessential ecommerce, are included on the [essential workforce] list as being allowed with social distancing where telework is not practical, while gatherings with social distancing for purposes of religious worship are forbidden, regardless of whether remote worship is practical or not.

Places of worship are not permitted to hold religious worship services until Stage 3. However, in Stage 2, schools, restaurants, factories, offices, shopping malls, swap meets, and others are permitted to operate with social distancing.

Whatever level of restrictions you adopt, these civil rights protections mandate equal treatment of persons and activities of a secular and religious nature.

Breitbart notes:

Dreiband told Breitbart News Sunday recently that the DOJ had achieved results by writing to local governments to inform them that they were infringing on religious liberty, and they had backed down from draconian restrictions.

The Los Angeles Times notes that while several California churches have already challenged the state’s stay-at-home orders, none has yet been successful. Dreiband acknowledged these decisions, but argued in his letter that the decisions do not address discrimination in the reopening plan.

Politico noted that Gov. Newsom has tried to mollify religious communities: “I want to just express my deep admiration to the faith community and the need and desire to know when their congregants can once again start coming back to the pews, coming back together,” he said Monday.


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